Monday, December 15, 2008

Gritting My Teeth.

Hmph. (Said with a sarcastic tone.)

Karma needs to catch up with some people sooner rather than later. Namely the subjects of yesterday's blog. Yes I am bitching about BIL again. Wait..... before you click the little red X in the upper right corner, you gotta hear the latest piece of bullshit that has come from them.

HHH gets a call before lunch today. It's BIL. He is trying to sound all apologetic and says he'd like to come over this weekend because his and HHH's father is sending the kids Christmas stockings and to save on postage, he's sending them all here to our address. HHH said he was going to be busy. (We do have that little "event" planned with our friends from down the street.) So HHH tells BIL that we are going to be at Universal having a great time with the kids and our friends. OK. Phone call done. Then HHH gets another call from BIL. Seems BIL thinks he could maybe "try" and get some of the money together and meet us up in Universal to give it to us. Oh yes. He wants to blow a wad of cash he "says" he doesn't have to go to Universal because he found out that we were going.




Really? You're going to play the poor card, tell HHH you're $1500 in debt and then say you're going to meet us up in Orlando with $40 out of $300? WTF ever. I am now even more done than I was before. So HHH told BIL that if he got into Orlando to give us a jingle and we'd meet up somewhere to get what ever pittance he had to give us, but that we had made plans with Ms. M and her family and we weren't going to change that because BIL and his family just up and decided to copy us and take their kids to Grinchmas.(Using the passes WE bought them!)

Sigh........ why is family so frickin' exasperating? I promise I will write a regular post tomorrow. Like I said, I'm done with this shit. I just thought you might like a laugh at the fuckery that happened today.


Bluepaintred said...

see, that's what gets me. if I owed someone money, family or friend, i for sure would not be going to theme parks ( food is outrageous expensive) I would not be going to movies and I would not be livin large.

and I especially would not let the person I owed money to see me fooling around with it!

time to put your foot down. get a signed piece pf paper with payment plans. make sure you get it motorized.

if he misses a payment, take him to court and ask for you money back plus court fees!

phinz said...

BIL needs to GROW UP. What a dickhead. IF they have the BASKETBALLS to show up at the park, HHH should go get the money and the rest of you go on with your day. Don't waste ANY time with that loser.