Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gimme A Hand.

As we approach the Holiday Season, I am getting busier and busier. I have at least two orders for Yule logs, a trip to Universal planned, and shopping to complete. With all this on my mind, I am running out of blog posts to do. Well, not running out, mind you, but it is getting harder and harder for me to think of something to write about. I guess I could blog my 'shrooms I made today. They are yummy. Nothing like making candy mushrooms to gross people out until they find out they're made of sugar and chocolate!
I am making a test log this weekend. I like to make a test one every year and perfect my technique. The family doesn't mind being my taste testers. I also have Ms. M's family wanting to be testers too! I was making fried chicken tonight and Ms. M's boys had come over to play Wii. All of the boys were VERY disappointed that they weren't going to get to stay and eat dinner with us! Ms. M said when she came to get me so we could pick up Morgan, that they weren't impressed with her Tuna Noodle Casserole. I apologized, and we laughed about it because she said that her kids are usually such picky eaters! Hmmmm..... they never seem picky when I'm cooking. LOL!
Anyway, the whole point of this post is to ask you guys if you would like to ask me a question. Any question. More than one if you'd like. I figure that if I have a busy day, I could answer your questions in a post. Yep. I want you to give me the ol' 3rd degree. So go on and ask Blondefabulous anything you want! Don't be shy.
I won't be!


Anonymous said...

What the hell is a holiday mushroom?

Nicole said...

WE get to ask anything and ask you what a holiday mushroom is?? what a waste!!!

I wanna know when you want to get together for Starbucks??? Being that this semester is almost over and I actually have time to do my own thing :)

Lady Jaye said...

If Georgia were playing Florida State who would you root for? I figure since you hate the Dawgs and you hate the Noles this should at least provide some insight into the mind of a Gator ;-)

Finn said...

You were once a chef. What kind of places did you work in and what is your training?

Trukindog said...

Is the answer really 42 ? :)