Friday, December 26, 2008

The Break Down.... Christmas Edition.

Blogger is being an ass today!(fuckers) It is also arbitrarily changing my font. (fuckers) So, I am going to try and do the post I should have done last night..... but decided sleep was much better an option.

The Breakdown Of Christmas,

Wetherington Style....

The first photo above (that has disappeared because blogger is a complete fucker!) is Junior. He got Spiderman Underoo's for Christmas. I did not give any of my kids socks and/or underpants as gifts this year. So... zero undies!

60,000! Yes this is a photo of a guys house that has 60,000 lights on it! Holy Moley! I do not want to see his electric bill! There was a complete Bikini Bottom, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, a Twin Towers Tribute, a castle that was shooting cannonballs at a pirate ship,... I could go on and on! It was totally awesome! The kids were very impressed.
Nine. I only had nine people for dinner this time, not the twenty like at Thanksgiving. Ms. M and her children came over and we all ate ham, yams, broccoli, etc, etc... It was good. Ms. M's significant other is a fireman and he drew duty on Christmas, so we saved him a plate as well. I guess he had to keep people from burning their houses down and such.
3. We added a total of three new Wii games to our collection, and that is no small feat since some of them can cost up to $60 just for the disc!! Junior got two games for him, and Morgan got a Disney Princess game for her. Rebecca likes the games that Junior likes, so she didn't get a game.... but she also just wanted phone cards for her new cell phone anyway!
6. Six hours total spent on playing these games. It does keep the kids busy if HHH and I want to....ahem..... have some alone time...... unless HHH is the big kid PLAYING the games! (fucker)
One. One new scooter for my little man. Why he would want a scooter, I don't know... he already has a bike. I guess he just wanted something different. Either way... Mommy got him one.
Six! My kids received 6 pieces of new clothing. They were happy about it too! The photo above is Junior showing off his new duds in his "Hey Ladies" pose! Yes... my kid is a dork, but he's MY dork!
3. Three pieces came with this "Ponyville" play set! I didn't know that. I thought it was one big play set that was all attached. So when we got it out of the box, which was no small feat, (fuckers) We were very surprised. Mo was even more surprised. Instead of one toy, she had three. Happy dance ensued!!!

20. All together, there was around 20 gifts spread out amongst everyone. Unbeknownst to HHH, I took my money I made selling Yule Logs, and I took the kids shopping for gifts for him. Every year, HHH makes sure we spend the money we budget for gifts on the kids and me. I never get to buy him anything. (fucker) ........ so this year, I was going to get him something. We ended up buying him a Hex wrench set, a socket set, a new shirt, two packages of Reese's Cups, a bag of M&M's, and a box of Butterfingers! We got it all home, wrapped, and hidden under the tree and in his stocking before he came home from work on Christmas Eve, so when he was handing out gifts Christmas morning... we got to hear him say, "What the hell is this?". The kids giggled and I knew "Operation Gifts For Daddy" was a success! It was his turn. It also made the kids and I feel good!

One! We had one really great day! The kids were happy, I was happy, HHH was happy, and our friends were happy! It was a really great holiday and we all went to bed that night tired and content, except the cat.... who was trying to figure out why all those really great, brightly wrapped boxes he had been playing hide and seek in were now gone. (fucker) Oh well..... now, on to New Year's and the New Year's Day Feast I do every year. A chef's work is never done!!


metalmom said...

I love that HHH got gifts of his own. Hubs didn't get gifts until my kids were old enough to get jobs and buy them for him. It looks like you all had a great day.

Love to you all!!

Christina LMT said...

It's wonderful that you had such a special day!
Hope your New Year's is just as spectacular...:)