Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Was The Year That Was 2008.

I was going over the year in my mind, revisiting the months one at a time, and I have to say....


It's not like I'm bitter or anything like that, but the highlights of this year sound more like low lights to me. Here's a recap....

January- HHH loses his job due to a fickle bitch's complaint that he "sexually harassed" her. What he actually did was report her cat and estranged husband that were living with her illegally and weren't on the lease. You know, his job. The Complex didn't want to stand behind him, so they just fired him instead. Way to show that you care about your employees! We had one month to settle up and move out. Guess it wasn't all bad. (sarcasm)

February- Due to HHH not being able to find a job, what with the lousy economy and all, (nah.... we weren't headed to a recession!), we had to put our entire home in a 10x20 storage unit and move to Wauchula, FL and in with my BIL and his family. Our entire family lived in a 10x10 room, and were basically oppressed by my BIL's in-laws who lived there with them. Had we known they lived there at the time, we would have found anywhere else to have gone. They ran a "church" in the back of their home. Yep.... their own little Branch Davidian compound! I didn't see the allure of tithing 10% of one's income to a church that had no real philanthropy, congregation, or ordained minister. WEIRD!

March- BIL's in-laws kick us out....AFTER we had given BIL money and merchandise to let us stay there with them. Seems BIL didn't tell us that it wasn't him that had the lease on the place, but BIL's in-laws. Fucking assholes! Oh and BIL didn't give us back any of our money or stuff we gave him. Family can be such bastards.

April- Having been kicked out of BIL's house, we moved 3 miles down the road to Bowling Green Florida, where chickens abound and banjo twangs can be heard in the distance! HHH went to work for the landlord who we later found out was as crooked as crooked can be! Things evened out for a little while. There were still problems, like electric companies that didn't record deposits, neighbors that let their chickens run wild and the foul fowls kept dying in our yard, etc.... The kids were in school, I was keeping house, HHH had semi steady work......

May- Mother's day rolled around and we went to Universal a few times. Things started looking up. HHH was steadily putting out resumes' trying to find a better job so we could move out of hickville.

June- It was Anniversary time! HHH and I celebrated 4 years of marriage and 8 years of being together! There was no celebration or gifts to exchange, but we were just glad we were still together! I also started doing cakes again. The kids passed school with flying colors and we started the summer in style!

July- It was my birthday! And to top it all off... HHH got a real job in Sarasota! It was with a temporary agency, but it was a job for $14 and hour! On a bad note... the crooked landlord decided to get pissed off that HHH was no longer under his thumb and started trying to screw us for rent and money for a car we were trying to buy through his car lot. We had stopped paying rent until he fixed things that were wrong with the house we were renting, like termites, holes in the floor, ant infestation, and faulty plumbing. Crooked Landlord wasn't fixing anything.

August- HHH was hired on permanently at the job he had been working for! To make that even better, we found out the complex wanted us to come and live at their place for free! FREE! We packed up and moved out at the end of the month, but not before crooked landlord came and repossessed the car we were trying to buy. Seems he took the money we had been giving him for the car and applying it to the rent we were withholding. He made it look like we hadn't paid anything for the car at all! What a Fucker! We gave him back the car and packed up and left that hell hole for good!

September- We began our new life in Sarasota. The schools were lovely! The shopping great. Everything was within walking distance for us! (Great, since we were car less again.) HHH was really liking his new job, and I even made a few friends here.

October- HHH was promoted! He is heading up maintenance at the sister property right next door! On a crappier note, BIL kept asking HHH to borrow money and HHH was soft enough to give it to him. That's $300 we'll never see again. Halloween was good as well.

November- Was the bomb! I had the best Thanksgiving ever thanks in part to friends I had made coming over. Some people might think that having a dinner party for 20 is a chore... but I love it! I am in my element cooking and serving and making sure everyone is having a good time! It was one of the few holidays I have enjoyed in a long time! I was even civil to BIL and his family when they came to eat with us.

December- Was a month I was happy to see. Christmas was good. The kids had gifts a plenty and we even got HHH something secretly when he had no idea! Ha ha, I win!!! After the year we had been having.... it was a welcome sight to see the end of the year approaching. It was a hard year. Living in Bowling Green and Wauchula was just awful. The small towns and the inbred insanity that comes with them wasn't my cup of tea. The bugs, animals, crappy people, and shitty houses we had to live in totally sucked. The fact that it took HHH 7 months to find a real job in his field sucked major ass as well. Now that the future is looking up for us, I am hopeful that Lady Karma will still keep us in her sights and allow us to prosper in the new year. It is my firmest wish that 2009 be a good year for all my readers and blog friends as well. Through all our problems this year past, the kind words, encouragement, and great comments have kept me going. When I say "kept me going" I really mean that, because there were a few times where I thought the family could do without me.

So, here's to 2009! May your light shine brightly as you arrive hand in hand with Lady Karma. Bring us all good fortune and better times. We could all use them!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Youth Of America Are Going Down The Crapper!


What in the world makes a parent think it is perfectly OK to dump their kids outside in this day and age? At night? Till 11 PM or later??

Look, I know that it's still Winter Break, I know the natives are restless, and I know kids will be kids, but damn it! What passes for parenting around here is just not up to par! My kids are inside at 5pm for dinner. My kids are not allowed outside when it is dark. My kids have been taught to speak to adults in a courteous, polite manner or face the possibility of not sitting down for a day or two. The children who live here in this complex and the friends they have visit them are nothing of the sort. You all remember what happened a few weeks ago with the Tree Peepers right? There was more mischief tonight.

I was watching Ms. M's two older boys tonight because she had to go somewhere VERY important and couldn't take them. I had the boys over at 1:30pm and they stayed for dinner. While we were eating dinner, there was a knock at the door. It was one of the bothersome little brats from the tree peeping incident. Peeper wanted to know if Ms M's eldest, Older J, could come outside and play. Mind you, it was dark and getting darker. HHH, who had answered the door, said "No." and shut the door. HHH goes to sit down to his meal again when there is another knock at the door. Peeper wants to know WHY Older J can't come outside. HHH says "Because I am an adult, and I make the rules!", and again shuts the door.... a little more forcefully. HHH again tries to sit down to his meal when there is ANOTHER knock at the door. Peeper is being an asshole now and asks "Can he come out NOW?" a la SpongeBob Squarepants. HHH tells Peeper that if he comes to the door again, he'll make sure Peeper regrets it, courtesy of the cops being called.

Then begins the hail of stones.

Every 15 minutes a rock or other small pebble shaped object was hurled at our door. At one point, my wreath was knocked off the door number I had it hooked over. We let it go for a while... HHH was really pissed that a little kid, no more older than Morgan, would be a complete ass to an adult! Finally, after an hour or two, HHH got tired of it and called the cops. I went out and collected the rocks and other materials and we waited. I went out on the porch and looked around, then I went out front and stood on the landing of the stairs, waiting for one of the little bastards to show up. While I was out there, another kid, (who is slightly retarded, mentally) walked over and was kind enough to tell me the name of the rock thrower. Joy! Now we had a name to give to the cops when they got there!! I went back inside and we waited.

When the officer finally showed up, we went down stairs and began to tell him what had been happening. While we were doing this, Peeper walks up and begins to try and assert himself into the conversation! Little brat was a complete rude ass and went so far as to tell me, "The officer is talking to me not you so be quiet." Little fucker! It was all I could do not to reach out and smack him! The officer asked us to go upstairs to wait till he got done talking to the kids, so we did. About 5 minutes later a knock sounds at the door and it is the Officer. He has the two youths he believes are responsible for all the mischief. The Officer makes them apologize, (They didn't sound apologetic.), and says if there is any more trouble tonight, to call and he'll come back and take the offenders down town. What made me the most pissed off, was Peeper told the Officer that Older J called him on his cell phone and asked Peeper to come to the house and ask for him. We know that is a lie because Rebecca and Older J were together playing with Older J's new puppy and then eating dinner. There was NO call ever. Lying sack of crap kid. I just can't believe we had to go through that again.

So for now, it has been quiet. There have been no more rocks and the kids playing their little "man hunt" game have gone home for the night. We are trying to relax, but HHH is worked up and no longer "in the mood". Bah! Damn kids! What I want to know is, in this day and age, how can any parent just let their kids out in the dark all willy nilly? Don't they read the papers? Watch TV? Surf the internet? I am constantly seeing stories about children being snatched, raped, mutilated, and killed! Kids that have no discipline are more likely to get into the kinds of trouble that will follow them for the rest of their lives. I'm not saying you have to beat your kids every day, but give them some bounderies and some real consequences if those bounderies are broken!

I am waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Tired.... And Then Some!

I don't know what happened. I was up and cleaning. I steam cleaned the carpets, I vacuumed, I was doing laundry, I ran all sorts of errands with Ms. M today. Suddenly I am so tired I do not want to get up out of the bed! And it isn't just that I am laying in bed, I was tired on the couch, I was tired at the desk, I was tired eating dinner! WTF? Where did that come from? It wasn't as if I haven't packed all this into a day before..... I have. I wasn't tired doing it then, so what has changed now? Eh... I don't know. Maybe I'm getting old.....

So, Oscar is settling in rather well. I bought him a harness to wear when we go out. He had a collar, but my BIL has never taught Oscar to walk on a leash, so I thought a harness would work so much better than yanking little Oscar along by his neck. I know I wouldn't want to be yanked around the park by my neck. The nippy-ness has subsided almost completely as well. Every once in a while he'll go a little nuts, but the episodes are few and far between. Oscar even likes his new wardrobe! Now I have two fuzzies to dress up.

The new year is coming. This year has been a really harsh roller coaster for us as a family. Between the homelessness, the moving all over, the jobs, and the schools, we have been extremely lucky that Lady Karma has come around for us. I offer up my thanks every day that we have a nice home, a great school, HHH has a steady job, the kids have a great doctor in town, and I have made really nice friends. Real friends... not just Internet friends! I am also thankful I have gotten to meet at least one of my Internet friends this year as well. I have to say, without you all out there in the interwebz cheering me up and cheering me on.... I seriously would have given up at more than one point this year. I am thankful to you all for your good wishes this year.

I think I am going to take a hot shower and a nap........ just as soon as HHH comes home from helping a friend move so I have my Hot Hunky Hubby to snuggle up to!

SNZZNXXZXXXXZZZZZZ........(obligatory snore noise!)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Meet Oscar. Oscar came from my BIL's house. Seems BIL couldn't keep him anymore and was looking for someone to take him. I, being a dog person, cat person, animal person in general, said bring him to me. So BIL came over today and brought Oscar.

Cute little bugger, isn't he?

Toby and Oscar seem to get on rather well. There was only one fight where Oscar tried to bite Toby, but that was because Toby tried to steal Oscar's treat.

The cat...... well, the jury is still out on that one. We'll have to wait and see.

Of course, I went shopping for little Oscar! Ms. M is getting her puppy tomorrow night at the airport, (she ordered a pure bred.), so we piled her, me and all the kids in the van and headed out to petco! I found Oscar a bunch of cute t-shirts. They were an sale 3/$10! I also got him a harness, since he had never walked on a leash before..... but I bought it too small, so I have to go back and exchange it!

So there you go... our newest member of the family. It's been a little "freaky" at first, what with Oscar being almost the exact same colors and markings as the cat, but I'm sure we'll get past that. I do know if the little fucker chomps me on the boob again, there will be a slight malfunction in puppyville! As it is, Oscar doesn't understand my wanting to blog right now and has jumped on the lap top like 3 times already. Ha Ha Ha!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wii're Taking Over!

I was busy tonight. Rather, HHH and I were busy tonight. (Get your minds OUT of the gutter!!) We invited our friends down for dinner again and we decided to kick the kids off the Wii and the four adults started to play!

OMG! It was hilarious! We were yelling, booing, cheering, and laughing all the while the kids are trying to give us hints and help! (Most of their hints didn't help.) In the end, Ms. M won and we had a hugely good time!

HHH also volunteered me to make stuffed biscuits in the morning. He explained what they were to Mr. Bill and Mr. Bill asked if I'd make some for the fire fighters at the station. No problem! So I have 18 stuffed biscuits ready for baking tomorrow.

We are also getting a new family member tomorrow. Nothing like another mouth to feed right? No, it isn't a kid... It's my BIL's chihuahua, Oscar. Seems that BIL can't take care of him anymore, (Gee.... ya think?) So BIL is giving us his baby chihuahua and is going to get us a puppy from a friend who breeds them. All together, with a puppy and Oscar, we are going to wipe his debt to us and say to hell with it. I know we will never get the $$$ from him, so whatever... I'll take it in trade. I'm waiting for BIL to ask HHH for money when he gets here with the doggy tomorrow! LOL!

So, check back tomorrow to see our new addition.... Oscar the Chihuahua! (I bet Fluffy will be pissed that he'll be outnumbered now!)

Friday, December 26, 2008

If Toby Goes Missing....

I know where to find him. That's Ms M's son, Little J. Little J had come over with his brothers on Tuesday night so his Mom could finish the Christmas shopping with Mr. Bill. (Yeah... these are the Jewish people.... they celebrate both!) So while Little J's brothers are playing with the Wii, the Gamecube, and the DS..... Little J started to play with Toby. Now, Toby is a very good doggy. He doesn't bite... he kind of noms, so that he'll play bite but it isn't hard. Toby also likes to play the Fingers Game where you twiddle your fingers in his face and he will play nom and get all excited and basically be a cute little dog that steals your heart. Little J found this completely fascinating! Toby would practically beg Little J to wiggle his stubby little boy fingers so he could nom them! It was adorable! I, rather than let a precious moment slip by, got out my camera and after a few shots... came away with this. Pure joy on a little boy's face as he plays with a funny little dog!

I saved it and showed it to Ms. M when she got back from shopping. I thought she was going to cry. She gathered up the boys and her and Mr. Bill bid us adieu. Later as they were walking down to their place, Little J informed Ms. M that "We have to get Toby. I need him." So now, if my dog disappears.... I know where to go and look for him.

The Break Down.... Christmas Edition.

Blogger is being an ass today!(fuckers) It is also arbitrarily changing my font. (fuckers) So, I am going to try and do the post I should have done last night..... but decided sleep was much better an option.

The Breakdown Of Christmas,

Wetherington Style....

The first photo above (that has disappeared because blogger is a complete fucker!) is Junior. He got Spiderman Underoo's for Christmas. I did not give any of my kids socks and/or underpants as gifts this year. So... zero undies!

60,000! Yes this is a photo of a guys house that has 60,000 lights on it! Holy Moley! I do not want to see his electric bill! There was a complete Bikini Bottom, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, a Twin Towers Tribute, a castle that was shooting cannonballs at a pirate ship,... I could go on and on! It was totally awesome! The kids were very impressed.
Nine. I only had nine people for dinner this time, not the twenty like at Thanksgiving. Ms. M and her children came over and we all ate ham, yams, broccoli, etc, etc... It was good. Ms. M's significant other is a fireman and he drew duty on Christmas, so we saved him a plate as well. I guess he had to keep people from burning their houses down and such.
3. We added a total of three new Wii games to our collection, and that is no small feat since some of them can cost up to $60 just for the disc!! Junior got two games for him, and Morgan got a Disney Princess game for her. Rebecca likes the games that Junior likes, so she didn't get a game.... but she also just wanted phone cards for her new cell phone anyway!
6. Six hours total spent on playing these games. It does keep the kids busy if HHH and I want to....ahem..... have some alone time...... unless HHH is the big kid PLAYING the games! (fucker)
One. One new scooter for my little man. Why he would want a scooter, I don't know... he already has a bike. I guess he just wanted something different. Either way... Mommy got him one.
Six! My kids received 6 pieces of new clothing. They were happy about it too! The photo above is Junior showing off his new duds in his "Hey Ladies" pose! Yes... my kid is a dork, but he's MY dork!
3. Three pieces came with this "Ponyville" play set! I didn't know that. I thought it was one big play set that was all attached. So when we got it out of the box, which was no small feat, (fuckers) We were very surprised. Mo was even more surprised. Instead of one toy, she had three. Happy dance ensued!!!

20. All together, there was around 20 gifts spread out amongst everyone. Unbeknownst to HHH, I took my money I made selling Yule Logs, and I took the kids shopping for gifts for him. Every year, HHH makes sure we spend the money we budget for gifts on the kids and me. I never get to buy him anything. (fucker) ........ so this year, I was going to get him something. We ended up buying him a Hex wrench set, a socket set, a new shirt, two packages of Reese's Cups, a bag of M&M's, and a box of Butterfingers! We got it all home, wrapped, and hidden under the tree and in his stocking before he came home from work on Christmas Eve, so when he was handing out gifts Christmas morning... we got to hear him say, "What the hell is this?". The kids giggled and I knew "Operation Gifts For Daddy" was a success! It was his turn. It also made the kids and I feel good!

One! We had one really great day! The kids were happy, I was happy, HHH was happy, and our friends were happy! It was a really great holiday and we all went to bed that night tired and content, except the cat.... who was trying to figure out why all those really great, brightly wrapped boxes he had been playing hide and seek in were now gone. (fucker) Oh well..... now, on to New Year's and the New Year's Day Feast I do every year. A chef's work is never done!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why Does Santa Have 3 Gardens?

So he can "Ho, Ho, Ho!!"

Um....... yeah. So today was a piece of....... work. (Hah! Not what you thought I'd say, huh?) Anyway, the kids were being crap heads, my last log was being a bitch, and I just wasn't having any of it! So HHH went and finished the shopping, got us some Chinese for dinner, and now we're watching Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Happy..... Joy Joy!

Hooray!!! I finally got to meet Nicole from "Up's, Down's, & Around's. She and her lovely sister came to pick up one of my truly delicious creations...... the Yule Log. I was so glad she liked it! I am also happy to report that She is also a GREAT tipper! Now I have some extra to get a few more stocking stuffers!!! I can't relax yet though, because I still have 2 more logs to go! I'll knock one out tonight and another tomorrow morning! Yay! Go me! I know this may sound like a lot of work.... but I truly enjoy making these. They look so festive when I get done and they are so pretty. I like to use it as an edible centerpiece. Yummy!

In other news, as you could tell, the weekend was a sucess! Everyone had a great time. I also have to say that, in the middle of all this... I totally forgot to mail out the last batch of cards! Oh yes.... Blondie strikes again! So, if you haven't gotten a Holiday card from me yet.... never fear! I am getting to the post office as soon as I am done baking! It may be after Christmas before you get them... but the feeling is the same!!

Well.... Yule have to excuse me.... I have work to do! (pun totally intended!)

Hot Todd-y!

Um......... yeah. I didn't blog because Ms. M came over and brought her copy of "Sweeny Todd" for HHH, her, and I to watch. Gory.... yes. Twisted.... yes. Johnny Depp still hot.......HELL YES!

That is all.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

You're A Naughty One........ Mrs. Wetherington!

Oh yes! I was!

When we were at Grinchmas, we had stopped at one of the food courts called Circus McGurkus. The line was crazy! (They had decided to put one of the stupidest people I had ever seen on the register!) So while HHH and Mr. Bill stood in line for the next 45 minutes, I decided to keep a certain promise I made to a certain little boy.

See.... I promised Junior that I would take him to the book store in Whooville, ...All The Books You Could Read! He wanted a book, but not just any book. He wanted an Official copy of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". Nothing else would do. So as his daddy was in line, and the kids were waiting at the table with Ms. M, I took Junior over to the bookstore and there he spotted it. Shiny and bright, in metallic red and green, it was the one thing that he wanted the most out of everything he could have in the park! We picked out a copy for him, took it up to the register, and made our purchases. Then, wonder of wonders...... I had an idea. A wonderful idea..... Blondefabulous had a super, amazing, wonderful idea!!!! The Grinch was coming to take photos at that very same bookstore in 10 minutes! Why not stand in line and ask the Grinch to sign Juniors new book! Oh yes! Junior was ecstatic. We got in line and were the 3rd group. Then 10 minutes later..... there he was..... the Grinch himself! The people in front of us took regular old boring photos, their kids cringed and cried at the sight of the big green furry guy. Then, it was our turn. Junior runs in with his book, looks up at the Grinch, and soon they are chatting away. The Grinch was being Grinchy, Junior was being Junior- y, and the Grinch got out a pen and signed Junior's book. Then, just because we were there, we took a photo with His Grinchiness.

As you can see above.... I decided to have some fun! The Grinch decided to tell me, "Hey Lady! Don't squeeze the charmin!" And I laughed!

So there you go. The last photo from Grinchmas, the one with my son and his prized possesion!

Grinchmas.... In Photos.

The trip was a success. We had a blast. Here are a few of the photos from the day.... I have to say that the best photo of the day will have to wait until we get home and I can scan it in. I don't take photos often, but this one was funnier than hell! And on that note......... here are the photos.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

They're Bringing Sexy Back!

Yes they are! This is, (from left to right), Don, Chris, & HHH. The photo was taken at the complex Christmas Party. I have been to many a party in the past. Parties for work, parties for school, parties for places we have lived..... and I have to say, this party was kicking! They had platter upon platter of food, drinks, a keg, and "Party Punch". There were quite a few people there from the apartments. It definitely got me out of dinner duty tonight, and I say any party that will feed my kids is a good party!! We stayed for about 2 hours and then left. The kids have that Doctor appt tomorrow and Rebecca has to get her History Fair project to school in one piece tomorrow.

Now I'm tired. Lord only knows how long the appointments will take. I was unaware that when we moved, we had moved out of our regular CMS district. I found this out two days before what I thought was our appointment date when I called to set up transportation. So, I am not sure if this is a "Hi, how ya doing?" appointment, or if it is a full workup appointment. It's a whole new Endo Doc so we'll see.

Have a wonderful evening! Only one more day till Grinchmas.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I had a whole post thought out and ready for me to put down on my laptop.....

But I have the sinus migraine from hell right now. I kid you not, I think my head is going to fall off. I think someone snuck into my house and whacked me with a tire iron.I know why I have this headache too.

I painted Rebecca's history fair project display this afternoon. I inhaled fumes. They did not make me happy. They made me hurt uncontrollably in my noggin regions.

So........... dear, intrepid readers.... I am going to finish watching the boys for Ms. M, go take a scorching shower, and go straight to bed. I am done with today. I will see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fa Who For-ay's!

..... Da who door-ay's,
Welcome Christmas,
Come this way.....

Oh yeah baby! This Saturday my family and Ms. M's family are going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure for Grinchmas! We are as excited as the kids about going. HHH is jonesing for some coasters and I want to go and get some shots of the kids having fun. It will be fun to go with Ms. M's family. Something tells me we'll be tearing it up while there.

Not much else to report. Just getting ready for that trip. Hopefully Saturday will come right quickly. As it is, Morgan and Junior have a doctor's appointment on Friday and will miss school on that day. I already have the appointment cards and am making copies of them for the teachers. I bet that's a novel thing.... getting the excuse note BEFORE the kids are absent!

So come on Saturday!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gritting My Teeth.

Hmph. (Said with a sarcastic tone.)

Karma needs to catch up with some people sooner rather than later. Namely the subjects of yesterday's blog. Yes I am bitching about BIL again. Wait..... before you click the little red X in the upper right corner, you gotta hear the latest piece of bullshit that has come from them.

HHH gets a call before lunch today. It's BIL. He is trying to sound all apologetic and says he'd like to come over this weekend because his and HHH's father is sending the kids Christmas stockings and to save on postage, he's sending them all here to our address. HHH said he was going to be busy. (We do have that little "event" planned with our friends from down the street.) So HHH tells BIL that we are going to be at Universal having a great time with the kids and our friends. OK. Phone call done. Then HHH gets another call from BIL. Seems BIL thinks he could maybe "try" and get some of the money together and meet us up in Universal to give it to us. Oh yes. He wants to blow a wad of cash he "says" he doesn't have to go to Universal because he found out that we were going.




Really? You're going to play the poor card, tell HHH you're $1500 in debt and then say you're going to meet us up in Orlando with $40 out of $300? WTF ever. I am now even more done than I was before. So HHH told BIL that if he got into Orlando to give us a jingle and we'd meet up somewhere to get what ever pittance he had to give us, but that we had made plans with Ms. M and her family and we weren't going to change that because BIL and his family just up and decided to copy us and take their kids to Grinchmas.(Using the passes WE bought them!)

Sigh........ why is family so frickin' exasperating? I promise I will write a regular post tomorrow. Like I said, I'm done with this shit. I just thought you might like a laugh at the fuckery that happened today.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yet Another Reason...

... why I wish some people would just disappear. Sigh.... yes this is about my family. This is why I said the other day we got some disappointing news. Feel free to tune it out if you need to. I'll explain....

A couple of months ago, I asked HHH if he had heard from his brother about the washer and dryer we had sold to him. We decided to sell him our washer and dryer when we moved from Bowling Green to Sarasota because a W/D came with the free apartment we were moving into. Originally we had set the price at $150 and told BIL he could pay after he got his next paycheck. Well, it had been a month and we hadn't heard anything from him, so I asked HHH to give BIL a gentle "nudge" call so we could get our money. (This was in October.) HHH got on the phone and gave his little brother a jingle and disappeared into the bedroom to talk to him while I watched a program on the TV. About 1/2 and hour later HHH comes out and tells me his bro is in a bad way and is about to have his electric turned off. (I wasn't moved.) Well, HHH had told his little bro to come out this way and he was going to loan him another $200! WHAT??? ANOTHER $200??!!?? I just wanted BIL to pay us the money he owed us! Keep in mind, these are the people who let their in laws throw us out on the street AFTER we had given them money, annual Universal tickets, and other goodies!




Now, don't get upset at HHH. He has a soft spot for his youngest brother, and it was taught to him at an early age to take care of his brothers. I was mostly upset that BIL totally blew off paying us for our appliances and then had the gall to ask for money! HHH said he set down payment guidelines and told BIL he had to have it paid back by Thanksgiving. OK. That was in a month. I could deal with that. Thanksgiving came and went and BIL "forgot" to give HHH the money he owed us when they had come for Thanksgiving dinner. ($300... HHH knocked off $50 to be nice.) Then BIL went and spent it so he couldn't even SEND the money to us. Sheesh! By this time I was getting tired of it. I have been tired of those people, but no... I have to try and be the better person. (I just want to be an evil old shrew and say "Gimmie my money back damn it!) So HHH calls BIL and says "Look. We need our money. Christmas is coming, we didn't get to shop after Thanksgiving because of all your nonsense.... I need to have at least 1/2 of the money by the 12th of December." BIL promises he will have the money to wire over to HHH on the afternoon of the 12th. The 12th comes and ...... drum roll please...........

No money.

Yep. Instead, we got some cock and bull story about overtime not being added to BIL's check, bills that need to be paid on his end, having to move because there's mold in their house, yadda, yadda, yadda..... I DON'T CARE! I have Christmas coming up. I have bills I need to pay. I want to take my kids to Universal. WTF?? We have given the BIL and SIL chance after chance.


I have officially invoked my Wife Clause where I am officially putting a stop to loaning of money to family. Nada! Kaput! Zilch! I am done. And the thing that gets me the most is BIL called his and HHH's father to whine to him about whatever and ask their father to call HHH and tell him that BIL didn't have the money. What? Are you kidding me? Your a 22 year old, drop out, father of 4 under 6 years old and your gonna have your daddy smooth things over for you? Oh fuck that! That is absolutely ridiculous! Be a man dammit! Better yet, when you have the money, send it along right away before you are tempted to spend it!

So, I am sitting here, hoping that I can put off the electric company till next Friday, hoping HHH gets his holiday bonus by Friday, and hoping I can give my kids a decent Christmas. After last years debacle, they deserve it.

Bah, Humbug to the family!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Taco Surprise Night.

Tonight was a fun night! HHH and I invited Ms. M and her sons down for dinner. It was Taco Night........ at the Wetherington's. Apparently, our invitation to come eat tacos couldn't have come at a more excellent time for Ms. M because she had a house full of hungry boys and still had to go shopping. So about ten minutes later, there is a knock at the door and in tumbles a herd of hungry children. HHH and I had already had the taco's prepared and we got the kids started. Boy... I was thinking that 2 pounds of meat would be enough for everyone.....I WAS WRONG!!! Those kids(including my own) ate us out of house and home! I was completely cleaned out of taco shells, flour shells, meat veggies... all of it! You would have thought a hungry hoard of vikings had come and feasted.

So, everyone gets fed, half the kids are playing Game cube in Junior's room, the other half are playing Wii in the living room. Then HHH, Ms. M, and myself look at each other and start wondering...... do we tell them? See, for the last 3 weeks we have had a trip to Universal planned. For Grinchmas. For all her family and all of ours. A total of 11 people! Yes, we are truly insane, but it is for the children. Ms. M's for Chanukah and mine for Christmas. Hey what says Happy Holidays more than spending a weekend in Orlando screaming your fool head off with people you care about? Nothing I tell you! The kids were on the happiness scale ranging from mildly amused, (the 11 & 12 year olds.) to ecstatic(the 4 and 6 year olds!)!! So now the kids have to get through another week of school completely jazzed with the idea that there will be a trip to see the Grinch at the end of the week!

Narrator: He puzzled and puzzled till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more!
Narrator: And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day. And then the true meaning of Christmas came through, and the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinches plus two.
Fa who foray's ya'll!

Friday, December 12, 2008

You Had A Question Or Two....

A couple of days ago, I asked everyone for some questions to answer. I thought that with the holidays coming, I wasn't going to have much time to think of blog posts. Boy was I wrong, but I am going to do the answers right now. Here goes.

Anonymous asked me what the hell a holiday mushroom was. I am gathering that Anony meant the mushrooms I had blogged about earlier when I was talking about making the Yule Log. Holiday mushrooms are made from meringue, but not the sticky kind you get on top of a pie. These are baked until they are dry and hold their shape.... and I made that the shape of mushroom caps and stems. After they are completely cooled, I take melted chocolate and attach the top to the bottom and Voila.... Holiday mushroom fit for a Yule Log. And let me tell you... they taste GREAT!

Nicole wanted to know when we were going to get together for Starbucks. Well, I am a lot like you, but without the college classes to get in the way. Great news about kicking ass on those finals and on the acquisition of your new computer! I say when you come down to get your Yule Log we hook up at the Bux and have a cup or two! Blog friends are the BESTEST friends.

Lady Jaye asked if Georgia and FSWho were playing each other, who would I root for. That one is really hard. I am a football girl, so I like to check out the player stats, maybe check the line over at the Mirage to see who they think is the better team at the time, and then HATE HATE HATE HATE FSU WITH A PURPLE PASSION!!! Not for the fact that they are closer in mileage to UF, or because we have that whole rivalry thing going on, but because I can no longer respect them for keeping Bobby on after all these years. FSU's football program has been going down into the toilet for years and it is the simple fact that Bobby is old, everyone has seen all his tricks, and no matter how many spiffy assistant coaches the plug in beside him, he just doesn't have that magic any more. If they were smart, FSU would have quietly sat him down at the last contract renegotiation and said a fond farewell, and then gave him a big going away weekend at the next homecoming. Well, we all see that didn't happen. In fact he is going to be there until he dies on the field. Of course, he looks like death warmed over anyway so I'll just root for Knowshon, thank you very much.

BTW Lady Jaye, I got my SEC Championship hat today!!!!!!

Finn asked me about the time when I was a chef. Where did I study, and what places did I work. Well, the chef thing happened by accident. We had just moved to Memphis Tennessee and I mostly did management when it came to the restaurant game, but I knew I didn't want to do that anymore. I was tired of being the person who got yelled at by the customers, management higher up than me, and the staff, so I interviewed for a piddly service job at a boutique/gourmet place on Mud Island that my MIL worked at already. It was small, the staff didn't number over 20 people and the clientele was affluent.... read well spoken and rich. I was there for a few days when Mercedes, the chef in residence, began to take an interest in me. I already knew how to decorate cakes and pastry, but Mercedes showed me a whole new world of savory dishes and amazing taste combinations. I learned at the feet of a master, (Mercedes has worked overseas, in Spain for a Spanish Countess, in the Philippines,you name it.) and I absorbed it all like a sponge thirsty from a decade long drought! It wasn't long before I was incorporating my family recipes into the menu and soon I was inventing new things that were both popular and delicious! One thing Mercedes told me has always stuck over time..... anyone can go to a fancy school and get a piece of high priced paper, but only working side by side with a true food lover can ever give you the education you need to cook food well. She always called herself a cook, not a chef, and she was one of the best cooks I have ever known. I went on to learn the ins and outs of catering, and when I went out on my own finally, it was a huge success. I say a prayer of thanks to Mercedes and the other "chef's" at Miss Cordelia's every time I make a soup or a food arrangement.

Lastly, Trukindog asked if the answer was really 42. Hmmmm.... that was an awesomely hilarious movie. I thought Zooey was great in it. Unfortunately, I think the only answer 42 can be is a product of 6x7, or a sum of 20+22, or some other mathmatical thing like that. Lord knows I am not 42!

Thanks to everyone for the questions. I do have to say that I received some rather disappointing news today that has made my holiday a little less jolly, but I am saving that for another day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Got A Big Fat Log!!!

Ha ha ha sicko's! It wasn't what you thought!

I am currently taking orders for the holiday season. Please email me if you live near Sarasota, FL and want one!
Now I'm tired and I am going to bed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

High Five!!

Alrighty then! Avitable sent me the five questions dealy-o and I can't wait to get started. So, without any further ado, (what ever the hell an "Ado" is...), here are my Five Questions and Answers!!!


One could say it is a matter of opinion whether being blonde is more fabulous than being another hair color,.... say a red head. Many famous women have been blonde. Marylin Monroe, Hillary Clinton, Holly, Bridget, & Kendra. All these women are fabulous in their own right, but what if they had been brunettes? (I think the first and last examples were brunettes at some point.) The point is, no matter what hair color I am, I am always going to think of myself as one of the most fabulous women on the planet! Yeah, baby! Grrrrrrr!


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...... WAIT! Wrong story. Where was I? Oh yeah, italics. I like the prettiness of the letters when they are in italic case. Plus, truth be told, I am a little crooked and slanted myself. What better way to represent that in my writing than to use crooked, slanting letters!


You are NEVER done with the house work. Never. I can clean up everything in the house, do every item of laundry, wash all the floors, and steam clean all the carpets..... but 5 minutes after everyone comes home, it's back to mess city. Basically, there is a lot of repetition and that can make a person crazy which is why I do things like cake decorating, catering, & blogging. Gotta keep the mind sharp, or at least some kind of unreasonable facsimile!


Hmmmm...... what do you think? This is from one of Elvis's concerts in Hawaii. When we lived in Memphis, I learned more about the man who was King than I thought I wanted to know. I made pilgrimages to Graceland to see the holiday light displays, ate at the very same Krispy Kreme that used to deliver to Elvis's home, and learned the words to all of his hits.(Not by choice. The restaurant I worked for played his music nonstop!) When HHH and I finally married in the same city Elvis had married in, (Vegas baby!), we knew our lives were forever more intertwined and as luck would have it.... one day we found an actual, painted Velvet Elvis. Not just a mass produced piece of crap, this was a real velvet painting, beautiful and haunting. But just in case you didn't mean the painting type of Velvet Elvis, I also have a CD of Weird Al Yankovic singing his song "Velvet Elvis". I love that too!


That would have to be a tie. I truly love Florida. I was born and raised here. I like that on New Years Day I can go wading in the surf and not freeze my ass off. Right now, Sarasota is wonderful, but coming in right along side of it is..... Mud Island in Memphis TN. Yes for all the crime, havoc, and misery we experienced in Memphis, when we lived on Mud Island it was a paradise. BTW, Mud Island wasn't just some crappy pile of dirt on the Mississippi, but it was an enclave of the rich and famous in Memphis where paddle boats named the Delta Queen abounded and you wondered if Brett Maverick was going to be having a card game around the corner in one of the mansions. I also worked at the gourmet restaurant and grocery that was in this planned community, so I basically could walk to work, I knew everyone that came in to eat, and it was a safer place to live because you had to cross a bridge to get to it, and we always knew when someone unsavory came into the neighborhood. Oh and the people were absolutely gorgeous! I met Priscilla Presley, Billy Bob Thornton, Justin Timberlake, and Samuel Jackson along with Shane Battier, John Calipari, and Pau Gasol. For the different holidays, the neighborhood association would have yard and house decorating contests, and some of these places were on the same caliber as Adam's Halloween decorations! Giant spiders looked like they were munching on mansions, while graveyards and zombies emerged from manacured lawns! For Christmachaunakwanzdwalika, the neighborhood would be practically dripping with lights! We would have Jazz Brunches at the restaurant with a live band, street parties, and fireworks! It was amazing. The only time I ever liked snow was when I was walking home from work one evening just as fat, white flakes began to spangle the landscape. It was magical. Hmmmmm...... maybe Mud Island is the winner after all.

So there you have it. My five questions and answers. Hope this helped you understand a little more about good ol' Blondefabulous! Later this week I'll answer the questions you all gave me. Wanna be asked 5 questions? Just follow the instructions below!

"Want to be part of it? Follow these instructions:1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me." along with your email. 2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gimme A Hand.

As we approach the Holiday Season, I am getting busier and busier. I have at least two orders for Yule logs, a trip to Universal planned, and shopping to complete. With all this on my mind, I am running out of blog posts to do. Well, not running out, mind you, but it is getting harder and harder for me to think of something to write about. I guess I could blog my 'shrooms I made today. They are yummy. Nothing like making candy mushrooms to gross people out until they find out they're made of sugar and chocolate!
I am making a test log this weekend. I like to make a test one every year and perfect my technique. The family doesn't mind being my taste testers. I also have Ms. M's family wanting to be testers too! I was making fried chicken tonight and Ms. M's boys had come over to play Wii. All of the boys were VERY disappointed that they weren't going to get to stay and eat dinner with us! Ms. M said when she came to get me so we could pick up Morgan, that they weren't impressed with her Tuna Noodle Casserole. I apologized, and we laughed about it because she said that her kids are usually such picky eaters! Hmmmm..... they never seem picky when I'm cooking. LOL!
Anyway, the whole point of this post is to ask you guys if you would like to ask me a question. Any question. More than one if you'd like. I figure that if I have a busy day, I could answer your questions in a post. Yep. I want you to give me the ol' 3rd degree. So go on and ask Blondefabulous anything you want! Don't be shy.
I won't be!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Well, Sh*t!

I tweeted the other morning how I thought that anyone who LETS their dog shit on the sidewalk and does nothing to pick it up KNOWING that the very same sidewalk is used by children going to and from school are complete douches and need to be exterminated. Now don't think that I am a snap judgement kind of person,.... this is something that I see often and increasingly. WTF kind of dog owner are you that you have an entire park to let your animal trot around in and you are so stingy with the leash that your pooch has to crap on the concrete? Even better, if you know near to a hundred kids and parents take that same corridor to school because it is a safe route that runs through a park and not by a road or street, why would you let your dog dump a coil right where everyone is going to be traveling? I think it's just that people don't care. They just don't give a rats ass about anyone but themselves. I see that very instance in the way people drive, the way they treat their servers in a restaurant, and now in the way they own their pets. Who cares that the City was nice enough to put up baggie stations at either end of the park and always keeps the stations stocked with bags to remove pet waste. Why use doggie bags when you can just leave it on the sidewalk for some unsuspecting soul to step in and track around all day! That sounds like F-U-N! {sarcasm}
I had been seeing it ever since we moved here. It's got to be the same dog every time because the piles are always the same size, but there is more and more poop everywhere, not just on the side walk. People aren't picking up after their pet in general. When the kids and I head off to the school in the morning, I am always by myself. The walking moms drive in the morning because of scheduling conflicts trying to get kids to school. I usually see the piles and other stuff, (puke, mystery spew,...) and in the afternoons when we all head back to pick the kids up I warn everyone where the "items" are so we can all avoid them. It's kind of like a little "poop report" I give them so their kids shoes stay crap free. It was a mine field of poop today, and sometimes I just want to get a poster board sign and write....


....with a little arrow pointing at the pile. Vindictive? Me? Naaaaaaah. Vindictive is when I stay out in the bushes in the early morning, in camo and paint, FIND OUT who the offender is, follow them home, and leave a flaming sack of their own dog's tasty kake on the front stoop! THAT'S vindictive! Of course, poop is why I own an animal that goes in an easily cleanable box, and another animal who craps nuggets the size of a tootsie roll. If you're not willing to do the work, don't own the animal! End of discussion.

Do "shitty" dog owners irritate you too??

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brazilians? Bikinis? I'm Bushed!

After seeing a fellow blogger write about the irritations of going commando,, and then seeing this,, I had to write about something HHH has been asking me to do for a while now. I'll explain....

Ever since it has turned cold, I have been a little lax in... um..... some personal hair removal chores. What can I say, I haven't been wearing a bathing suit, or even shorts lately, so the need to do away with any stray curly cues hasn't been a top priority. Unfortunately, HHH hasn't been amused with this. He has actually been hinting, not so subtly, that he would like a summer hair cut to happen sooner rather than later. Now, that is all well and good, but I am not quite sure he realizes what it takes for me to clean off the old fun muffin. Since I had let it go for a while... it would take trimming then shaving, and with shaving comes the inevitable bumps and in growns unless I also exfoliate and moisturize. Now, don't even try to explain this to HHH, because he mentions waxing. Oh yeah...... I'm gonna RIP the hair off my fun muffin! Uh huh.... don't see that happening any time soon. I say, when a man lays down and has all the hair ripped off of his ball sack and taint, I'll go get a wax! As it is..... it's chilly outside right now, and I do quite a bit of walking...... Fun Muffin is gonna be cold. Not because I wanted to, but because I love HHH.
So what do you think about the whole bald vs. natural thing? TMI?