Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where's A Frickin' Ark When You Need One.

Holy frickin crap! To day was a day and a half! I started it off by cleaning the house, starting on the mountains of laundry I had waiting for me from when the washer was broken, and steam cleaning the carpets for when the relatives get here for Thanksgiving. Yep, and I even worked it hard to, mostly because HHH took Flipsie with him to work so he could listen to music. (Flipsie is our lap top. Yes I named it. I am a dork.)

Do you SEE all the water? OMG! There was an inch and a half in my bathroom! My shoes were soaked!
I was not a happy woman. The bad part was, I didn't even KNOW I had a water leak until Mr. J, from downstairs came up and knocked on my door. Yeah, just what you want to hear. Then to make matters even worse, (or perhaps comical, depends on how you see it.), I couldn't find the number to the office. Yeah, i am really good in this situation, huh? Like a wet match at a weenie roast!

So HHH and the other maint. guy Don had to come, turn off all the water, and extract the water from my bathroom floor and carpet. Yes, by the time the water was turned off, the flood had started to escape into my bedroom. I believe I said many, MANY naughty words. I was pissed as hell. Why does my toilet decide to disintegrate AFTER the carpets were steamed and almost dry? What did I do? I was trying to get the house in order for next week, but noooooooooooo. I gotta have the plumbing decide to do a Yellowstone impression. *sigh*
I'll be the soggy woman sloshing along singing, "Mooooooon Riiiiiver, Wider than a mile......."


Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Damn, that sucks!

Christina LMT said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! :(
Hope it all dries soon, m'dear.

cozysoul said...

I am no stranger to the Murphy's Laws of toilet problems. Oh yes...Have experienced that type more than once.