Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh, The Indulgence!

Hello all! Did we have a good Thanksgiving? Lord knows I did! I think, for the first time in a really long while, I had one of the best Thanksgivings! There were no arguments, no fights, no crap. I had friends of mine over. Ms. M and her family, and all of her boys! That was a trip! Junior was having fun playing with them on the game cube, and then on the Wii! Rebecca was having fun trying to deny the fact that she didn't like Ms. M's 11 year old son(see photo) HHH's brother and his family came as well. The girls played with their cousins. Dolly's, ponies, and tea sets abounded. We also had another friend, Sherri, and her boyfriend over. She had called HHH because her heat stopped working and once we found out that they weren't doing anything for Thanksgiving, I immediately invited them over! No one should have to deal with chili and crackers for Thanksgiving!
My culinary tour de force included a roasted turkey with stuffing, a smoked ham, mashed potatoes, brown sugar yams, macaroni and cheese, broccoli, cranberry sauce, pimento cheese with garlic crostini, deviled eggs, dinner rolls and mini croissants, plus apple, pumpkin, and cherry pie! If that wasn't enough, BIL brought a pecan pie, Ms. M brought green bean casserole and challah bread, and My friend Sherri and her BF brought wine and beer! Whoo hoo! We were up and running! I had a big buffet table laid out with everything and you will just have to take my word for it, because I totally forgot to take a picture. We just started to eat, ...... and eat, and eat, and eat!
We all ate, and talked, and laughed, and played games, and watched football, and ate some more, and talked and laughed some more as well! I was amazed. What was this feeling I had? Oh I know...... happiness! I was happy that I was effortlessly running a dinner party for 20! I was elated that everyone was having a good time! I was amazed that everyone had seconds, thirds, and fourths! I was eating, drinking wine, and laughing with my friends and family. I haven't done that in a good while. Years, in fact. I was almost sad to see it end. Finally, though, everyone started shuffling off to their homes, stuffed, as it were to the gills.
I had the Best. Time. Ever.
It was my turn finally.


cozysoul said...

What a wonderful thing to have a great time, w/family, on a holiday!

metalmom said...

I love the parties when it's my turn. No one is allowed to yell at their kids. Nothing in my house is out that can't be sacrificed to gods of fun. Toys abound, alcohol flows freely and food is plentiful. I can't wait until Christmas's all mine!!

I'm glad you had such a joyous holiday. We all deserve one!

Putz said...

our thanksgiving was so wonderful, aunt jodie was caught in the bedroom with aunt janet...i got the chicken gizzards again..went to see sqanta at the mall, and he told me i was getting a stick and a coal...didn't have anything to eat because karama burned the turkey, it was all so glorious

Christina LMT said...

Glad you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Silver and I saw Quantum of Solace...Daniel Craig is teh hottie!
And I was very, very thankful that I could eat real food.