Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Voter Adventure!

Yes intrepid readers.... I did my civic duty yesterday and voted. I dropped the kids off at school and walked over to my polling place. I have to tell you, I thought it was going to be crowded.... all the TV stations were showing long lines and crowded voting precincts, but I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Precinct 3.

It was clearly marked and you couldn't miss it. I had my voter registration card with me in case I got lost.

I went around the back of the place and as I approached the door with my camera in hand, a rather dour woman blocked my way and in a heavily accented voice that sounded vaguely East German said, "Is that a camera?" I thought to myself...."No. It's a small vibrator. Wanna try it?" I didn't say that out loud though.... I just answered her question with a brisk, "Why yes it is. I wanted to document my voting experience!" She came back with a "Nyet! Nine! No cameras are allowed in the polling place. It is a law!" Gerta, as I had named her, also informed me to turn off my cell phone and was practically patting people down for any wayward electronics! OMG!!
After I got in there, I went to my line, and pulled out my voter registration card and my ID. The girl saw that my addy on my ID didn't match the addy they had and she asked me if I could verbally recite my address I had on file. I told her I had one better and pulled out my recent electrical bill. I got to thinking that, If someone were to fraudulently register people and all they had to do was recite the address they were"supposed" to live at, they could really make some trouble! I lived in Memphis during the Dead Voter Scandal. I would hate to see that happen here!

Anyway, I got my ballot, voted , and put it in the vote counting machine! I was scanned and accepted. Gerta handed me my I Voted sticker as I headed out the door. The whole process took 5 minutes! It took me longer to walk up to the poll! I was happy it wasn't crowded. They only had 8 stations to fill out your ballot.

Then I came home and made cake! I like to celebrate with cake. Cake is good.
One thing I am disappointed in is at this moment, it looks like proposition 2 is going to pass here in Florida. That just sucks. I don't know why gay and lesbian people getting married is a threat to anyone.... but apparently enough people think it is. That's so last century. I am disappointed and sad. Disappointed that Change is only good for some things, and sad because we as a society, are willing to deny citizens their rights. I guess we haven't progressed as far as I thought!


Putz said...

is that flat chested girl at the voting booth you?????

Bluepaintred said...

Your Cake makes me jealous. I want some. I want your energy! You walk to and from and fro and to school countless times a day, then you bake AND make awesome meals for your family.

So. When can I move in?

Blondefabulous said...

PUTZ: Yes that is me, but after I got home. I had the camera bbove my ta-ta's so they didn't distract from the "I Voted" sticker!

BLUEPAINTRED: Come on down! Sounds like you need a vacay what with that pneumonia, bronchitis, and all. It's also warmer here! And my chicken soup will fix you right up!

Christina LMT said...

Good for you!

Yes, it is too sad that so many people are backward regarding gay marriage. "Sanctity of Marriage" my butt! Look at the divorce rate in this country...