Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Need A Stamp.

Hello intrepid readers! It is I, Blondefabulous here, and I wanted to ask you all a question.

Do you still send Holiday cards? By holiday cards, I mean the ones that you actually hand write sentiments in and address and send by snail mail.

That's what I am asking. I love to get Christmas/politically correct seasonal cards in the mail. It's like a little lift I get in the mail. I still send cards, but I have a dwindling amount of family I still speak to to send them out to. I have plenty of friends in the blog world, but it just doesn't seem as festive to send out e-cards. Now, what can I do about that? Well I can ask you guys if you'd like a card from me. Yeah... that sounds like a plan.


Aw c'mon! You know you would! And here's how you can get one. Just send your address to and I will send those puppies out lickity split! Also, please specify if you would like a holiday specific greeting. I am an all inclusive card giver, (just don't ask me to shove a yule log into the envelope!).

Happy Card Sending!


delmer said...

Last year I sent out *one* card. And I sent it out in January. I included a family newsletter that was full of stuff I'd made up (my children, due to their good works, were receiving and audience with the Pope).

This year I'm going to try to send more ... and in a more timely fashion. I'm still making things up though.

Putz said...

on the dog network peole send cards for their dogs, cats, gerbils, snakes,

Agent Elle said...

I've never sent many, because I don't have many friends. Sad, I know!

Hey, anyone want one from me? :D