Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hey! That's Not An iPod!!

I have a new toy!
And I love it, love it, LOVE IT! It's a digital thermometer! My old standby had gotten way out of calibration and it was time to move up on the evolutionary scale on thermometers. Besides, the cooking season is about to go into full swing!

It sort of looks like an iPod. I thought this was funny. The probe can go in the oven while the meats are cooking, and the long cord goes out in between the door and the oven to the digital readout and it will TELL me when my food is done to a precise degree!! OMG! I am in heaven!!! Now granted, this little gadget has a long list of instructions to read and thank you God they are all in English...... I am going to read up on those later, but I think this will be a welcome addition to my happy little kitchen. HHH is the best. He bought me that, and some Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract! I love that stuff too! When I lived and worked in Memphis, I'd make fresh hot cinnamon rolls on frigid, frosty mornings and I'd make home make fresh homemade icing to go on top of them! After mixing in a little Madagascar vanilla extract in the icing, I'd then mix in a little REAL bourbon just to give it a nice flavor. I always wondered if maybe I was a little too heavy with the bourbon..... but since no one ever staggered out of the restaurant, I figured it was a good ratio! I am going to start making my yummy cinnamon rolls, cookies, cakes, and pastries to get in practice for this holiday season. Too bad you all aren't here to help dispose of my practice goods!!


Nicole said...

I'll swing by with some coffee on Thursday morning for 1 Cin- A -Yum muffin plz :)


seriously though we still need to go to Starbucks!!

Bluepaintred said...

lets see, If I start walking right now, I can be there right around mid-January...2030

Russ said...

I have one of those things, and they are awesome!