Sunday, November 23, 2008

Freakin' Tree Peekin' Bastards!!

The other day, Avitable made a very good case for why children should not be allowed at various places, like the theater, the opera, and the airport/airplane. I defended my children, but said the shit that passes for parenting these days is why most kids run around like little heathens with no manners. Case in point.....

Last night, (Saturday), I wasn't feeling so great. Around about 6:30pm, HHH and I heard all kinds of noise, hollering, and mayhem outside. HHH goes outside and sees a gaggle of school aged kids running around the complex. They are hollering and screaming at each other, but it is beginning to get dark and cold. HHH does his duty to the complex as employees are wont to do and goes outside to tell them to be quiet and that if they would like to make noise, they would have to do it in their own apartments. Right about then, HHH notices that one of the "kids" is actually an older man walking around with a beer. CREEPY! This guy decides to get belligerent and yells at HHH about how he doesn't have to go home and he can do whatever the hell he wants, so HHH went to get the support of our courtesy officer. The courtesy officer AND one of the ladies from the office go out and tell the kids, (beer man had "magically" disappeared), it is OK to play, but screaming, yelling, climbing trees, and disturbing the other residents is NOT OK. HHH and I figure that was that, so I settle down in bed to watch TV and HHH goes over to his friends house to play the new Tomb Raider game that just came out.

I am snuggled down in the bed watching TV with Toby and I hear strange noises outside of my window. My SECOND FLOOR window! I fly up out of bed crack the blinds and see a KID LOOKING BACK AT ME!!! Holy WTF Batman! I was floored. I pounded on my window yelling at them to go home, and they all laughed like mad monkeys!


My next phone call was to the cops. I called the non-emergency line and explained that these hoodlums had already had the courtesy officer and an apartment manager talk to them, and that the kids then found it necessary to climb more trees and scare me. The dispatch sent out an officer, and she made quick work of the little crap assed morons. The kids didn't see her when she pulled up, but boy when they did they tried to scatter! She hollered at them to stay still and told them to stop disturbing the peace, disburse, and go the hell home! Finally! I got some peace and quiet. Funny thing was, the kids making the most trouble didn't even live here in my complex. They were visiting friends who live in here. All of the kids were 15 or younger and out without any parental supervision. Unacceptable! My children were at home, in their rooms, playing quietly and watching TV.

So I say again..... it all goes back to the parenting. If parents would show a little backbone, or hell, just show a little interest in the fact that they even have kids, crap like last night wouldn't have happened! I tried to defend children to Avitable on a reply to his blog, but after last night........... I think he may be on to something.


Russ said...

Time to ask maintenance to cut back the tree by the window???

Blondefabulous said...

RUSS: The trees were trimmed up at the beginning of hurricane season, so the branches aren't too terribly close, but OMG! I should not be able to se someone in them, especially since the kids had already been warned not to climb.

metalmom said...

I used to live next door to asses who used to defend their kids by saying "boys will be boys" and then walking away! So I got out an old camera (that never worked in the first place) and just stood at the window and the door and pointed it at them. I told them I made a video to show the cops if they didn't go the hell away!

They stopped being such least to me!

Christina LMT said...

My kids definitely had their obnoxious moments, but I'd yank their butts right out of wherever we were and take them home. I didn't care if we were in a restaurant, a movie, whatever.

Sounds like the police were really needed!