Friday, November 14, 2008

Because I Am A Lazy Blogger.....

I cannot Help it!

She is just soooooooooooo cute!

How can you not say, "Awww! How sweet!" when you see that smile?

I mean, I know I would get more traffic if I talked about my boobs again, or if I described the afternoon nookie HHH and I had the other day that disturbed our downstairs neighbors, but that just seems like I am whoring myself out just to get hits on my blog.... and that's just not me.

So, I am offering photos of my daughter, (kind of like the blog Miss Britt did the other day!), in her new ballet outfit. Somehow the ballet instructors gave her the wrong bag on Tuesday, and she never got her bag back so we are missing her leo and tights. This is temporary till we get her new one. I think purple suits her! And her form is lovely! And I am probably prejudiced towards thinking she is the most beautiful ballerina in the world..... right next to her big sister!
So, ladies and gentlemen, I am an admitted lazy blogger. I would rather slap up photos of my cute kid than take the time to make a real post. Hey, it's the weekend. Cut me some slack!


Karl said...

She is definitely a cutie! Sometimes being lazy works.

Putz said...

you are the most concioencious unconscience blogger i know..i love you for it and never tire of knowing about you, your kids, and yes even your gorgeous husband