Monday, October 20, 2008


I have been trying to wrap my brain arround what went on in Las Vegas this weekend, and I still haven't been able to do it. I am speaking of the kidnapping of 6 year old Cole Puffinburger from his mother's home by fake police officers. What has me reeling is that it is Cole's very own grandfather who may have caused the whole fiasco. It has been said that the grandfather may owe great sums of money to a Mexican drug cartel and the kidnapping of Cole and ransacking of the daughter's home was a direct message to said grandfather. WTF?? Who the hell is stupid enough to steal millions of dollars from crazy ass Mexican Drug dealers? And while this was all going on, the grandfather had run off to California to hide?? Who the hell does this? And another thing, what was the mother doing during all this time? She had to know her father was not exactly doing legal things. I mean, the FBI and other such agencies say that they had been investigating the grandfather for "significant" drug trafficking in the millions of dollars!! There is no WAY that woman didn't know something hinkey was going on. What kind of a mother gets near that kind of thing, better yet, what kind of mother lets her child near that sort of thing? That had to be some sort of twisted kind of family. Lucky for Cole, the state placed him with his Dad after he was found. I bet that is going to be one man who files for sole custody with supervised visits after this!

As a Mom, there is nothing I wouldn't do for my kids. Hell I do for other people's kids if I gotta! (Remember, I am the crazy lady who jumps in front of cars speeding towards toddlers.) There is no way I would put up with someone who did business with Mexican drug dealers and then was stupid enough to steal their money and run with it, family or not! She should be ashamed of herself. In the back of my mind, I am kind of thinking that she was in on it along with her fiancee'. It was the mom's house that got broken into and ransacked by the fraudulent cops, therefore the faux coppers had to have a reason to be looking there. It was only after they couldn't locate any money that they took poor Cole. It is just shameful.

Either way, I am so glad he was found safe. I'd like to think the pressure of a nation wide Amber Alert plus Twitter/CNN/AMW and all the other networks that ran information on the case made the drug thugs think twice and release the boy. Their point had been made anyway. They could reach inside the "safe" borders of the good old US of A and snatch a 6 year old child from his home as retaliation for theft. I hope Grandpa doesn't get out of Federal custody any time soon. Something tells me if he does, he may be making a trip south of the border in some drug dealer's car trunk!


Tug said...

I don't get it either, and I think it's a good thing that we don't - we aren't part of that world. Drugs do insane things to people, and we that don't do them can't even comprehend.

I am so very happy Cole was found safe also...

Bluepaintred said...

I hadnt heard he had been returned. I read the news of his kidnapping and just assumed that he was dead.

Nice to find out he is back!

Putz said...

got to tell you a story, you know me and stories....i was sitting on a couch in the church foyer and there were four year olds in a classroom in front of me and i could hear the conversations.....they were all excited about halloween, really about everything...the teacher had a way of getting them to talk and not all at once taking turns, by pausing and then saying your turn and one boy was going to be a carrot for halloween and then when asked his favorite food said salad, and that kind of goes together doesn't it???well the point of the story...right in the middle of all this i got the distict impression that i would do anything for these kids, even my life, and i could not even see their go figurre

Christina LMT said...

Honestly, I never expected Cole to be found alive and well. I'm so relieved to be wrong!
I have to tell you, don't be so harsh on the Mom. Her Dad doesn't live in Nevada, and it's easy to lose touch, especially if you're not close to your parents. My Dad could be the biggest drug dealer/criminal and I wouldn't have a clue unless I saw something on the news.