Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Would You Like Some Pie?

I was catching a ride with Ms. M from the walking Moms the other day and the talk turned to food. For some reason my conversations always turn to food. Duh..... could that be because I was a chef? Anyway, we were talking about food for the holidays. She's Jewish and was talking about making Latkas for her sons class and me being Christian, I was talking about making Yule Logs for Christmas. Then we started talking about food for the main dinners and I started going on about how I make a turkey and a ham and possibly a stuffed pork loin, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, two types of green beans, baked squash casserole, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, home made gravy, and usually 3 kinds of pie and a cake for what ever holiday it is..... Thanksgiving or Christmas. It sounds like a lot, but with this family...... it really isn't. They eat like horses, I swear! So after I got done rattling off the laundry list of stuff we eat, Ms. M was looking at me with huge eyes and she decided that my home would be the place to be for the holidays! Ha! I thought that was funny.

After Halloween is over, I go into full meal planning mode. I start mapping out my grocery purchases, my meals, cookies, snacks, tasty holiday beverages, and if someone needs a little help with their holiday meals, I am available for catering and cooking supplementation. Oh yes, if you need a perfectly stuffed turkey, baked to perfection, or a savory side dish that you can pass off as your own, I will make one for you at a discount. Heck, it's what I used to do for a living. I can make a beautiful yule log that your guests will ooh and aahh over. Your turkey will look like the centerpiece out of Good Housekeeping. Do you need help? Can I give you a hand for a little extra cash so I can buy a few extra gifts this season? Go ahead.... ask. I'll also share recipes......... maybe.

Till then, I remain the "Martha Stewart On Crack" at holiday time. MSOC for short.

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cozysoul said...

I can truly appreciate your holiday enthusiasm...and your food of luck "Martha"...