Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I Have Half A Brain, And Other Stuff....

Today Morgan and I went to the ASOLO Theater to attend orientation for ballet! We were late to begin with. I spaced on the appointment, and HHH forgot to remind me about it. Really good right? Shut up....the Celiac's messes with your brain and makes your thought processes all scattered. I've seen the information. (And here you thought I was just your regular ditzy blonde.) Anywho...... we bum a ride up there from a friend and arrive in time to catch the last part of the meeting and fill out all the necessary paperwork. I waited until everyone had gone to explain about Morgan's diabetes and Celiac's to the woman who runs the program and then Morgan got her leotard. (or as she likes to call it....a "leo".) It was pink, dainty, and small. It was tiny! Yeah it'll stretch, but man..... my kid is little! We get done and catch a cab back to the house just in time to go get a few groceries at the market on the corner. We had ribs, corn and baked beans for dinner. It was tasty. Now I am so stuffed I can't move.
Did I mention the Chocolate Caramel Crumb Cake??

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Putz said...

you did this crumb cake once before on a blog...prefer choc