Monday, October 6, 2008

What's New Pussycat?

Whoooooooa whooooooa whooooooooooa....

Yeah I am still sick. Yes I am still taking a weird cocktail medicine to feel better. My animals are hovering around me like mother hens. The cat is especially worried. So much so that he decided to sleep in my clean laundry! Yep, he thought it would be helpful to sprawl out on the bed where I had just put the laundry after the girls had folded it. And to top it off, he gives me this look of "See Mom, I iz hepful! Rub my bellah!" as I go by the bed. It's hard to not give him a skritching when he gives me his cutie pie face. Toby just looks at him like he's crazy!
Sorry this isn't much of a post.... Like I said, I'm still sick and the laptop batteries are about to die. HHH has been getting call after call all night tonight, and where that gives us extra money when the paycheck rolls around, it also means I am a lonely lady when he has to go. And poor HHH has been trying to make dinner for me for the last two nights, but just as he goes to put steak or chops to the grill, his damn pager goes off with someone's a/c problem, or dishwasher problem, or leaky pipe problem! Don't these people know I am sick and need my HHH?? To make that even more fun....the last apartment he went to was occupied by a man who called down to the office after HHH left to inquire about the "cute" maintenance guy who just left and "Is he available??" HA! Sorry dude, HHH is M-I-N-E!
Someone else will have to come over and fix that guy's pipes!


Nicole said...

see and HHH thought he was gonna lose that cause he turned 30!?!? LOL

Lady Jaye said...

I'm sorry you're still sick. I finally have managed to shake whatever funk I've had the last few days.

Putz said...

it wass 25 degrees last night so my tom has finnaly decided to come in for the winter, won't sleep on a heated pad we bought for him at a 100 degree temp., but would rather be in the big double king bed with me sandy and karma

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: HHH said " Ha, ha, ha."

LADY JAYE: I'm sure this will pass. I just find it funny that I got sick right before Junior's field trip.

PUTZ: Smart cat.