Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

I don't know.

That maybe I am a good mom? That maybe I set a good example for my kids? That maybe after the 1,943,876,201st time it had been said, that my son would actually listen and be careful?

Nope. Junior wasn't paying attention while riding his bicycle home from school and ran into a woman with a baby stroller. An OCCUPIED stroller! I was horrified! I was embarrassed! I was running to see if the little toddler was alright and apologizing profusely to the woman in both Spanish and English! No harm was done, and the little girl was fine, but now there was the wrath of MOM to deal with. Not two moments before this had happened, I had just admonished Junior to be careful and to look where he is going. He has a bad habit of looking behind himself while riding rather than to look where he is going. Now it has cost him.

What made me the most upset was Junior didn't want to realize that what happened was all his fault. He wasn't being careful. He wasn't looking where he was going. He was ignoring his mother's advice! Junior kept placing the blame on his bike, the other kids, the lady in the way with the stroller, and myself.....anyone but him. "It's not my fault Mom. You let me ride the bike, so you did it!" Now he is grounded from his bike for two months! I keep trying to get it through his head that carelessness will often result in pain and punishment. Pain if he hurts himself or others, and punishment if he is deliberately obtuse! Now I feel like a bad mother. I cannot even control my child for the half mile walk home.

Sigh...... Are we really a society where we just blame everyone else but ourselves when we make mistakes? I guess the current economy and the Bailout should have answered that question, but still...... what are we teaching our children? If you mess up, don't worry. Someone in the government will bail you out. If you have an accident, you can just hire lawyers to get you out of it?? Don't worry about the future, someone will fix our problems eventually before we need it??? That is not the kind of lessons I want to be teaching my kids. I want my kids to be responsible, reliable adults who will contribute to our world in a positive manner. They need to be accountable. We as a society need to be accountable. We need to hold our leaders accountable.

I can't wait for November 4th, and now Junior can't wait for two months to go by.

Live and learn.


cozysoul said...

Very good mom. You are there for your children. Just an unpredictable situation, that ended well. You are still teaching your son how to be careful. Hang in there. :)

lady jaye said...

You're a very good mom. Kids just foul up sometimes. You can teach them, you can tell them the way they're supposed to behave but they won't always listen. It doesn't mean you've lost control or that you're a bad parent. *hugs*

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Too bad more moms aren't like you!

Russ said...

You did the right thing, two months might have been light (or I'm perhaps a bit strict). Someone has to teach kids that they, and they alone, are responsible for their own actions.

Christina LMT said...

You can only do so much, you know! Junior is his own person, and everyone has to learn lessons on their own. Otherwise no one would ever make any mistakes, because we'd learn what NOT to do from our elders. And you know that never works out perfectly.

Putz said...

so is that all YOU WANT//////????????LADEEDA

metalmom said...

You're doing a great job. Tell him the next time you'll pin a reminder note on his chest to wear outside in front of all his freinds if he doesn't learn his lesson!

Someone should have sone it to all the politicians.

delmer said...

I used to have the hardest time getting one of mine to accept responsibility. Things were always the fault of one of his brothers or other external forces.

As he got older responsibility kicked in. So it does get better.