Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shut Yer Piehole!

I love this show. It caught my eye last year as I was flipping the channels and I haven't been able to stop watching since. Something about the narration keeps your attention, then the utter absurdity of some of it just makes it good clean fun. Usually I am flipping back and forth between "Pushing Daisies" and "Bones", but thanks to the baseball playoffs, "Bones" was put off for the week. BTW.....GO TAMPA BAY RAYS!!!!!!! Sorry, had to get that out. Right now, the girls and I are in my bedroom watching our show while HHH and Junior are in the living room watching "Knight Rider". I tried to watch the new "Knight Rider", but it just wasn't the same without the Hoff. Plus, most of it was utter drivel. If it wasn't for the car, it would probably have bombed altogether. Still, "Pushing Daisies" is a favorite. While flipping the channels, I saw a program called, "17 kids, and counting", and thought to myself, "WTF??" 17 kids.....and the bitch is preggo again?!? Oh Hell No! It's a vagina, not a clown car, lady! Oh and on that BIL, you know, the one who let his in-laws throw us out after we had given him money to stay with them.....yeah him. Well, he had a vasectomy today. Yep, he got clipped and snipped. Here's hoping that it will take and he'll stop pumping out kids like he's trying to populate a sports team or something. I mean, 4 kids under the age of 6 by the time he's 22? Once again, with feeling...... OH HELL NO!!! As it is, we had called him the other day to ask when he would have the money for the washer and dryer we gave to him and his wife, and he ended up asking HHH for money! How do you like that?? We call asking him to pay a debt, and he ends up asking us for more money. I don't know...... I am supposed to be a bigger person, and HHH said he would give him some money if he drove out here and got it, but e have bills coming up too. I'm not really seeing him ride all the way out here on sore nuts. HHH said that BIL had called him after the deed was done and there was a wrinkle. The kind of wrinkle that is only caused by the doc starting the procedure before the local has fully kicked in and BIL is left a screaming, squirming mess. Lucky for the doc, the office had BIL sign the "I Will Not Sue" waiver before he went in. Hearing that made HHH sooooo thankful that my Tyson farm fresh egg factory is shutting down for the duration. He doesn't have to worry about that anymore. Now if BIL will just make sure to follow through with the after care so as not to make me any more nieces or nephews. (he's not that smart....really.)

Alright, enough relative smashing. I gotta take the advice of my lovely readers and OD on some cold medicine now, right after "Parking Wars". G'nite all! :-)


cozysoul said...

You have a writing gift. Had an entertaining time reading your blog update. lmao

lady jaye said...

i'm glad to know i'm not the only one that has "relative" issues. I'm seriously considering not going to Alabama for Thanksgiving this year even though it will mean not seeing my wonderful, sweet grandmother.

Russ said...

Did you have you BIL read my account of the procedure? Also, make sure he delivers his sample for the all clear. Mine wasn't.

The new Knight Rider is just dreadful! Sorry, but KITT will always be a Trans Am, not a Mustang.

Blondefabulous said...

COZYSOUL: Glad you like. Can't wait to read your new blog!!

LADY JAYE: We have had problems with family for a while now. BIL and his whole clan are just jerkwads sometimes.

RUSS: I don't direct BIL anywhere, but I did think of you and when he was talking to HHH, I had HHH remind him of having to give a clear sample, emptying out the "clip" before shooting, and all that.
Also, I agree.....KITT will never be a Mustang, just like Bumblebee woill never be a chevy. (Transformers)

kapgar said...

Since the Cubs certainly didn't get it done... GO RAYS!

metalmom said...

The Rays???


I'm a Phillies phan!!