Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Planetarium's Are Cool, Man.

Woo hoo! We went to the Planetarium today. Junior was really excited, more because he had his mom there than to be going anywhere. I went with Junior early in the morning and after getting my approved chaperon name tag, we were off to the classroom. Now the field trip wasn't until 10:30, so I was in the position to observe Junior in his classroom. My boy is sharp as a tack! He was polite, courteous (he let others go ahead of him in line at the pencil sharpener.), quick to raise his hand to answer questions, and excited to read his books. I watched in awe as he blossomed in the classroom from my little boy to my little scholar! I was so proud!
I did get the feeling, however, that Junior's teacher wasn't happy that I was there. At the beginning of last week, she had called me and did her level best to convince me that I was not going to get approved to go on this field trip and subsequently Junior would not be able to go, but she had underestimated my tenacity, and when I wrote her a note saying I had been approved to go, all I got was a one word "OK". Then in the classroom today, she was a bit stand-offish and not very welcoming. I was at a loss of what to say. When I go along on these things, I do not make my presence felt. I blend into the classroom and make sure I am not a distraction. Either way, 10:30 finally rolled around and we were off to the planetarium.
The bus ride was a whole 'nother fun bag! The bus we were on was driven by a jovial man who looked to be in his sixties. He was kindly, but concise in his instructions to the kids that they needed to be quiet, seated, courteous. he was lucky he got what he did, which was barely under calamity and bouncing all over the place. Of course, Junior was sitting next to me, quiet and calm. I was proud all over again.....until we hit the first bump.....and it was then that I realized that the budgetary shortfalls in the school system had landed squarely in the allotment for shock absorbers. Oh my God! Every little bump, pot hole, and divot was felt 10 fold, and the kids all whooped it up as we bounced over them. Blessedly, the ride was short and we arrived at our destination, Riverview High School. I was impressed. All we had at my high school was a rodeo team. Tre' uncool. We all exited the bus, and made our way to the planetarium. It was cozy, maybe 40 seats in total. We sat and the Astronomy teacher talked about the movie the kids were going to see, "The Little Star That Could.". It was informative, and not so advanced in terminology that the kids would get lost. They oooh'd and aaaah'd at the star machine twirling the tiny points of light overhead, and after the movie, the asked questions of the Astronomy Teacher. Then it was time for everyone to go get back on the bus and make the return trip to school. During all this, I checked Junior and administered juice and crackers accordingly.
So, we get back to the school, and Junior asks me to stay and eat lunch with him. No problem. I had my money with me, and off we went to the cafeteria. It was taco day!! Yummy. We are the last in line so as we are waiting our turn, I see that there is a menu in front of the door. Taco's, burritos, or chicken Caesar salad, refried beans, rice and fruit are being offered. Junior gets up to the front of the line and gets the burrito, fruit, lettuce and tomato salad, and milk. The lunch lady then looks at me and asks me what I would like and I ask for a taco. She unceremoniously dumps some meat into the taco shell and drops it onto a tray and shoves it at me. No extras, not even cheese or lettuce and tomato. I was flabbergasted. WTF is that? I ask the cashier what else was supposed to come with this meal and she assured me that I needed to go back in and ask for the rest of my meal. When I did this the lunch lady said "It's all in these cups here, just get some.". No, it wasn't in the cups... and the cups didn't get me and beans or rice..... *sigh, perhaps she thought I was fat.
After lunch, I went back home to change out of my incredibly hot, suffocating chaperon clothes. I was sweating like a whore in church. I always wear my Super Cool, Mom on the go clothes. They look nice, but are hot and it was sweltering at 1 pm. I went home, changed, and had a coke and thought about how sweet and well behaved my son was. My son. The raging monkey. Captain Underpants. I was shocked that he was such a good boy in class. Perhaps all those morning admonishments of "Mind your Please's and Thank You's!" really took. I felt like a mother accomplished.
Now to try to kick this cold and get better. Not looking like it will be happening any time soon. Someone send over some decongestant and a bowl of soup, stat!


Christina LMT said...

Awesome! Sounds like you had a blast.
Don't worry about the teacher; way back when, my twins' second grade teacher couldn't stand me AT ALL! I could never figure out why, either.

lady jaye said...

Teacher sounds like a bitch. I'd just ignore it unless she gives you a problem. I'm glad you had fun on the field trip and that you got to see your son in a different environment.

Finn said...

You should be so proud of your little guy!

I don't know what is up with the hostility... maybe they are used to parents. At Lil' M's school, some of the mothers regularly eat lunch with their kids, and we are encouraged to volunteer for field trips.

metalmom said...

Too bad about the teacher. They tend to lose the support of a lot of parents by shitty attitudes. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip.

Have you tried snorting the chicken soup? I hear it reaches the sinuses much faster! ^.^

Blondefabulous said...

CHRISTINA LMT: It was a good trip. I enjoied it immenssly. Not sure what to make of the teacher. You'd think she would be happy that a parent was wanting to be involved.

LADY JAYE: I don't know, perhaps she had had a bad experience with a parent before and is just being cautious. I'm gonna see what progresses during the year.

FINN: I am EXTREMELY proud of my little man!

I do know that now I will bring something for me to eat from another establishment.

METALMOM: I don't know what to make of Junior's teacher being so weird. Like I said, perhaps she just had a bad experience at one time or another and is careful in her approach with parents.

I wish I could snort soup right now. I can't breathe at all out of my nose as it is.

Trukindog said...

Sorry hon I don't have any kids so It's hard for me to relate to most of this post but when it came to the blah taco you should have shoved it right back at the lunch B#^@h and said. Whats wrong with you I want a lunch NOT A SNACK! Then if necessary cross the counter and whup her ass.

Yeah...I'm just not parental material I know. :)