Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh Fudge!

I did it. I'm glad I did it. I just couldn't help myself. It kind of just.......happened. I know I'm not supposed to have it. It's bad for me. It will make me ecstatically happy in the short term.....but in the long term, I will regret it and clutch at my stomach, cursing my lot in life to have a disease that makes the most delicious of foods off limits to me.

Either way, it is done now and I can't take it back.

I made Poured Fudge Icing cake. A fluffy, moist butter cake covered in hot luscious fudge. The fudge eventually cools and dries into a coating of rich yumminess. If made correctly, you can knock on it like a door and the hollow sounds that echo back tell you it is ready.

'Scuse me, I need a frosty glass of milk.


Bluepaintred said...


I need teh recipe! NOW!!!!

DutchBitch said...

OMFG that cake looks gooooooddddd and that is quite something coming from the mouth of a chick who does not have a sweet tooth a.t. a.l.l.

Recipe please!

lady jaye said...

holy crap i will pay you to come up here and make me one of those.

Putz said...


metalmom said...


*Metalmom just passed out at just the THOUGHT of such pleasure. Only the recipe can cure her.