Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm Sick.

Bah! I don't like being sick. It sucks. I am trying to drown my sorrows in dayquil, cookies, and Animation Domination. Family Guy rocks out loud.

I am now going to concentrate on getting better so I can go on Junior's field trip Wednesday. We are taking a trip to the local planetarium! Let me tell you, this kid is excited! Every day, he gets out of school and starts rattling off facts about the moon, or the solar system as we are walking to the corner crosswalk. He is so psyched to go there! I remember being excited to take a field trip in grade school, although the very first trip we took was to a local dairy, and all the kids were "eeeeeeewwww" at the smell and there was a dead calf that the rancher thought would be a good way to show the life cycle to a bunch of kindergartners. Oh yeah..... that went over well.

HHH got his hair highlighted. It looks good. I've done it for him before, but he went to my friend Sherri and had her do it. He also got it cut. A little short right now, but when it grows out, it's going to look hot! If he hadn't had it done before, I'd say he was having a "OMG I turned 30!" moment, but he has done it before so it's OK. Right now he is doing the "I feel old." thing. Poor baby. NOT!!!

The cat is sitting next to me right now, biting my arm because I am typing a blog post instead of skritching him under his chin. He does this every once and a while. Like this morning when he decided to bang on the sliding glass door at 7:15am and wake me up. Yeah, I think he did that to get me back for dressing him in the dog's Spiderman costume and taking pictures of it. Vindictive pussy, isn't he? yeah, that's our Fluffy. Don't let the cutesy name fool ya!

Well, this ended up as a bullet post, didn't it. I didn't mean for it to be, but I guess the dayquil is working with the Tylenol PM's and are making my brain run in circles! I do know I want to say a big THANK-YOU to HoosierGirl for giving me the "I Love Your Blog" award. It's my first award for blogging EVAR! I am very grateful and will pass it along just as soon as my illness fogged mind can see straight.


Christina LMT said...

Hope you feel better ASAP! Enjoy the planetarium, as well.

Russ said...

Feel better, I know your pain!

HHH frosted his hair? At least he is secure in his masculinity.

Blondefabulous said...

CHRISTINA LMT: I'm sure Junior will love the planetarium. He is VERY excited.

RUSS: Ha ha ha....very funny. Have you gone to vote for your schools band yet? Check into my Band Geeks post and click the link.....

Trukindog said...

From this whole post 3 words are now stuck in my head, Fluffy, Vindictive, Pussy...they remind me of my 1st EX.

Thanks for that really ;)