Saturday, October 4, 2008

...But The Princess Is In Another Castle!

Today, HHH put some cash on our Wii Points account and we decided to visit our youth and got Super Mario Bros. You may ask why, with all the newer, more exciting and graphically superior games that are available for the Wii system we decided to purchase a game that came into being in 1985? Well, let me explain.....

Super Mario Bros. teaches about family. Mario and Luigi are brothers. Mario and Luigi fight together. Mario and Luigi kick major ass together. TOGETHER is the word you should be noticing. Most people now a days are only looking out for #1 and screw anyone who happens to get in the way. Not Mario and Luigi. Those two brothers kick butt, save the princess, and take out Bowser......TOGETHER. I have always tried to teach my kids that family is first.

Super Mario Bros. makes you think. Do I go in that warp pipe, or do I take my chances with the Hammer Brothers? Do I jump in the air per chance to find a secret block with a 1up or do I grab the fire flower and trash every Goomba from here to the castle? You have to think, make a strategy, and plan for what might come next. Back in the day, (OMG, did I really just say that??), when there was just Pac-Man and Dig-Dug, this was the epitome of a strategy game......

Super Mario Bros. can be addictive. Before WoW, or any of those other games that sucked in the masses, there were two brothers and their mushroom covered world that took over people's lives. There were even movies made, kids cartoon shows invented, and live action people posing as them. If you weren't careful, you'd lose an entire day to the damn game! It made you have to learn restraint, and self control. Everyone could use a little more self control in this day and age.

So, you see, this was a great game for my kids to play. No flashy graphics, no neat sound track by the latest artists, just 16 bits of pure gamesmanship.

Plus....I feel like a kid when I play it.


Nicole said...

Yeah we have this one for the Wii too - but i have to say as much as I like Super Mario Brohers - I LOVE playing WOW!!!!
Yup I'm a WOW mom :)

Lisa said...

I had no idea that you could get the original Super Mario Bros. I rocked that game in '88. Hell, I waited in line to get the original Nintendo back in the day.

I so want that game now so my kids can see Super Mario Bros...ol' skool.

Putz said...

rationalization for playing old games...tach that brothers can kill together for the good of the family

metalmom said...

I loved playing Super Mario Brothers. That is until Sonic the Hedgehog came along.

Char said...

Hi. I'm a new reader. We don't have a Wii, but we recently dug out the original Nintendo. I LOVE Super Mario Bros.!

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: I just never got into WoW. I couldn't wrap my mind in the second life part of it.

LISA: Not only can you get Super Mario Bros., you can get the second and third version as well! We have plans to add those on later!

PUTZ: Well, at least the deaths in this one aren't as violent as today's video mayhem!

METALMOM: I totally sucked at Sonic. Of course, when I mention Sonic to my kids, they think we are going out for a burger and a limeade.

CHAR: Welcome to the Fabulocity! I hope you enjoy! Let me tell you, we have been looking for a Wii for 2 years! It has been virtually impossible to find one here, or anywhere!! Now that we hae one, it has been refreshingly nostalgic to be able to play a few of the old games!