Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ba Ba badubidubi Yum Yum!

Oh yes, the Gummibear song is in my head still. Damn HHH for starting all this. I apologize for putting that in You all's head. I just figured that if I had to suffer, you might want to suffer along with me. You know, for moral support!

We are putting up our Halloween gear. I already had all our pumpkins, tombstones, and hanging Dracula windsock out, now HHH and I are putting up the wrought iron archway, but the wrinkle in that is it needs new lights. The ones that came with it are faded. We'll just go to big lots and get some more. The hard part about this Halloween is we don't have a yard. We are on a second floor apartment, and where that gives me a great view, everything I have that goes in the yard had to fit on the balcony! Our grill is out there already, so it is a bit crowded. Best part about the balcony though is it is screened in. No bugs!!!! We are going to extend our decorations to the front door as well.(the arch is going out there) I want to get some extra lights to light up the porch. Yeah, I am a decorating nut. You should see the place at Christmas! Anyway, last year we had the place all done up with fog machines, cobwebs, and such. That might be hard this time around. Right now I need to find something to replace the lights inside my light up pumpkins. Something inside the sockets is fubar and won't work anymore. It sucks. I'll probably have to buy something that has a light in it and then move it to my pumpkins. I'll take pictures when I'm done.
That's all I have for now. Pictures to follow when I have everything up.


Lisa said...

I'm confused. If you are on the second floor then why are your decorations on the ground floor? Or did I read it all wrong?

Blondefabulous said...

LISA: Oh sorry. That was a picture from last years halloween. I was just using it for reference.

kvegas911 said...

try the craft section at Wal Mart, they've got those little lights that are battery powered for things like that. I don't think they're expensive either.