Monday, September 29, 2008

Why I Love TV More Than Real Life!

Watching the news has been a disappointing endeavor lately. School bus crashes, stock market crashes, jury being deadlocked over the Norman the cat case..... I haven't been wanting to watch. Good thing Iron Man comes out tomorrow. As it is, the Clan of the W is riding on something of a high note. All my TV shows are new now. I am in heaven. I have Gary Sinese, Neil Patrick Harris, and Charlie Sheen. I have my crime shows, my medical shows, and my weird shows. Don't get down on me, I have been keeping track of what has been going on in the world, the financial crisis, the middle eastern hate mongering, the presidential campaigning........I would just rather lose myself in the make believe world for prime time TV than deal with the real life crisis's that seem to be going on. I went through enough when we were LIVING the crisis firsthand. I'd rather live in my CSI world, where they get the bad guy, and everyone gets closure, I'd rather go visit the Pie Hole and see a guy bring someone back from the dead.

Now I have done my part. I put in for my change of address so I can vote when the election comes up. I have made my decision, selected my choice and am eagerly watching the mail delivery like a kid waiting for his cereal box X-Ray Specs. Now if I can just get through the crazy pre-election crap like the debates and mud slinging commercials. He said this, she said that, they voted for bail outs, they didn't.....sheesh! I thought that kind of fighting was only in school.

This rant is becoming to distracted to make any sense. I guess what I am really trying to say is, I am glad that the Fall TV season has begun, and I am tired of listening to the worlds fuck ups. Greedy people are getting their just desserts but unfortunately they are taking down good people with them and it isn't good, and to top it off.....the two wannabes trying to become our leader are skating around the subject!



lady jaye said...

LOL. I get what you're trying to say. I'm super excited that fall tv season is here too. I got to watch Chuck and Heroes last night. I'll have 90210 tonight, Dirty Sexy Money tomorrow night and Ugly Betty and Supernatural on Thursday. (Yes, I watch WAYYYY too much tv)

Russ said...

So would the presidential campaigning be, "American Hate-mongering'?