Tuesday, September 30, 2008

School Days....

It has been a rough week or two for the walking mom's. I haven't told the walking mom's about the blog, nor about the fact that I blog at all. I am taking the advice of all of you and keeping that to myself. Let me introduce you to the ladies I walk with to the school in the afternoon. Ms. M, (walking mom #1) is a strong, divorced single mom with kids ranging from 18 to 7. All boys. Just for that fact she deserves a medal, but she is also a work from home mom as well with a candle sales business and a handbag business she runs out of her home. She also crusades for anything and everything! Think your kid has been discriminated against in class, she'll go to the principal and raise a stink. Your child isn't getting enough water at PE, Ms. M will bring it up at the next PTO meeting. You get the picture....she's empowered and she'll run the world if they give her a chance. Then there's Mrs J. (walking mom #2)She is a happily married 20-something with 3 kids one of whom goes to school right now. The two youngest are 4 and 4 months. Her husband works nights and she is the sweetest thing. Where as Ms. M will run the world, Mrs. J will comfort it. She brings her 4 year old to the school to pick up her 9 year old and he rides his bike and is just so cute you'd think he was made of spun sugar and pixie dust! We talk about everything that goes on and what we have happening with the school. Last week, Ms. M had a scare when her 7 year old son passed out in a school assembly and fell to the concrete floor and banged up his skull. Seems he had small seizures as a child and the doctor had thought he had grown out of them. Perhaps not. Then yesterday, Mrs. J had a complete conniption when her daughter showed her a wound on the palm of her hand and explained that another child in class had held her hand down and deliberately stabbed her with his pencil! WTF is that all about? Then the substitute teacher that was "supposed" to be in charge of the class told Mrs. J's daughter, "Oh it's just a little red mark....go sit down at your seat." Oh I do NOT think so. I had never seen Mrs. J get so angry. I was angry for her. that was basically assault. If I had done that to another adult, I would be sitting in the jail right now. Mrs. J called the principal today and expressed her DEEP disappointment in the sub running the classroom and the lack of discipline that even allowed such shenanigans to happen! She was assured that the child and the sub would be reprimanded, with the child being either suspended or moved. I told Mrs. J that that seemed to me like a child in need of therapy, because if he is stabbing people with a pencil at age 9, who the hell is going to intervene now so that when he is a high school student later, he doesn't show up to school with a pipe bomb?? I am wondering what class her kid is in. I haven't had any problems here so far. I mean, today I had a little drama with the fact that I am needed to go on my son's field trip next Wednesday. I am used to that, but what is different here is the fact that I had to register with the ENTIRE school system and submit to an FDLE background search. No real problem, but I don't want them getting the idea that I am available for any kind of volunteer stuff. I don't have a job specifically because if the school calls me, I have to be available at a moments notice to go to the school in case of an emergency with either Morgan or Junior. I can't be giving potty breaks at the planetarium when I need to be keeping an eye on Junior to look for signs of hyper or hypoglycemia. I guess it is a good sign that schools want to vet the people who volunteer for chaperon duty. keeps the molesters and murderers away! So I applied to be a volunteer and the screen at the end said it would take a month to be approved. A MONTH????? The field trip is next Wednesday!!!! I brought this up to the woman manning the desk and she assured me that it would only take 3 or 4 days. So I am crossing my fingers that I will be approved by the time the trip rolls along.

And hat has been it so far. My next big thing will be the field trip if we get to go. Now to try and start feeling better. I had some skeevy Chinese food for lunch today that went down great, but came back and tried to bite me in the ass! or maybe it was thoughts of my son this afternoon when he saw a little girl from his class and said, "Ooooooooo there's Marisol! I'm gonna go over and talk to Marisol Mama!"

I'm gettin' too old for this crap.


Bluepaintred said...

I often wonder if I am a horrible person because I HATE field trips and do whatever it takes to svoid having to chaperone!

Nicole said...

to Bluepainted: No that does not make you a horrible person - I so the same thing. At least if I get tired of my kids I can yell at them and tell them to shove off - someones elses little ones?? Dammit then I might really have to pay attention.
To blondefabulous:
You should get to go, no worries. It really does only take like a week.

lady jaye said...

I'm so glad you've got some friends that you get to walk to the school with. I definitely wouldn't mention the blog simply because it's nice to have some friends outside of this little world we have.

metalmom said...

I love class trips. It's the only way I get to see anything different than the inside of my house full of other people's kids!

I have yet to be profiled. I think it is an awesome idea. My kids are all too old for chaperones, but for the younger ones, it's great.

Blondefabulous said...

BLUEPAINTRED: Nah....that doesn't make you bad. I know plenty of people who think their kids are great, but can't stand anyone elses. I don't have a choice with the field trips. It's either I go, or my kids don't go.

NICOLE: I hope it goes through quickly. Junior is totally psyched to go to the planetarium.

LADY JAYE: I am too. It is funny to see how different we all are.

METALMOM: I like to go, but I usually get a lot of confusion from the teachers about my role when I am there. I am there solely for my child to safeguard his health while he is on these trips.

melpaco said...

I wish I had some moms to walk to school with, but my son is in a special PreK class in the afternoons. Not a lot of students and they mostly ride the bus. The motherly chit chat is something I think I'd like to have. I agree, don't tell them you blog, let them be themselves without worrying aobut being blog fodder. Love your blog.