Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Reason Wii May Not Be Posting Regularly!

Oh yeah. Wii finally got one. These little buggers are harder to find than a pig to put lipstick on at a livestock sale! If I am remiss in my posting for the next few days.... I'm so sorry. We rented Mario Party 8 as soon as we got this and HHH and the kids and I have been playing ever since. Now all I need is WiiFit and I will be a-ok!


Nicole said...

Wii have a Wii fit!!!! It's awesome! And if you thought the Wii was hard to find the Wii fit is next to impossible!! so far the games I like the best are the ones that came with the Wii. I totally suggest renting before you buy- but you're smart and thats probably something you'd do anywyas.

Anonymous said...

*gasp*!!!! You found one!!!! I am soooooo jealous!!!! Aren't they awesome!!!! I have to agree with Nicole, the games that came with it are great. Still playing the brother and sister-in-law's, though.....soon, soon

kapgar said...

Wii keep wanting to but WiiFit, but Wii constantly assume that all stores are out of it and Wii just give up looking. I should try, though. The one time I did play it was a blast!

Putz said...

i cn't believe all the palin stuff i find on everybodies blog now a days, you are smart to find better entertsainment elsewhere although i have no idea o waht a wiifit is

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: I have seen a few of them on Craigslist, and GameStop seems to get them in regularly. I am hoping to get one there. As for Games, we have a rule in our home that we rent every game and DVD we may want BEFORE we buy it. It has kept us from making many a crappy purchase!

KVEGAS911: Do you KNOW how long we have been looking for one of these? 2 years! 2 YEARS!!!!! Our luck has always run that if we had the money, there were no Wii's, and if we were short on the money, there were Wii's everywhere! Now Wii have one! w00t!!!

KAPGAR: I know what you mean. Wii have been looking for one of these baby's for 2 years. It is a blast. I beat HHH on bowling last night.....Twice!

PUTZ: Eh,....I am over all that stuff. I wrote that one political post, and that was it for me. Now it just looks like the candidates are mud raking and smoke screening from the real issues, and that just depresses me. The Wii will take care of that!