Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nya, Nanny Nya Nya!

OMG! I was yelling and annoying my neighbors yesterday during the UF vs.UT game! (I think they have all decided that I am incurably insane!) All the trash talking by UT couldn't save them from their mistakes and inability to control the ball during crunch time situations! This picture is one of the most amicable ones of Coach Fulmer from the night. The rest of the evening, he looked like he was chewing nails, and rightly so after what he had to witness from his team.

This was what most of the Tennessee fans were doing all game! Hands to their head in disbelief that the UT team had squandered yet another chance to score. I was Twittering all game, cheering, rubbing it in that the Gators were doing so good, and turning the screw even tighter with every score! I'm not a poor winner.....I just want everyone to know we won is all.

It's all good. Even my high school team blew out the team they played on Saturday. Okeechobee was predicted to lose to Sebring by a large margin by Rivals....but we blew them out of the water! Go Chobee!

What can I say, I am a football girl. You were warned.

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Putz said...

byu 44, wyoming o, utah beat airforce, both unbeaten, byu 11 and going UP...penn state still unbeaten..all is well