Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now, More Than Ever....

...Please be careful when you are driving. School is back in and there are kids everywhere. I walk with my munchkins every morning to the school and we are luck to be able to walk to the school by way of a linear park. You know, the city closes down a street or gets a railroad right of way and they rehab it into a long skinny park with wide sidewalks to walk down and trees to shade the way. The only time I worry about cars is when we are crossing the street to get to the school,(there's a crossing guard), and when we are going from the apartment complex to the park via the entrance to the complex. I have noticed that our complex gets quite a few "drive-thru's". People who can't be bothered to take the actual road to the place they are going, but instead want to cut through the complex's parking lot to make better time. Who cares that there are kids here, people walking dogs, taking out their, let's turn a nice quiet parking lot into the Indy 500 every morning and evening! And these idiots are speeding through, talking or texting on their cell phones, not even paying attention to what is going on around them.....and if they are younger than 30, they have the stereo in their car turned up to ear splitting levels so even if an ambulance came by they wouldn't hear it. It's ridiculous! The other walking moms and I are worried about it. What can you do though? The complex doesn't have a "No thru vehicles" sign, so the drive by's aren't breaking any laws, it's just, I wish people in general would be more careful. Those photos above are from the bus accident in Citra yesterday, where a Tractor Trailer driver who was on his cell phone rear ended a stopped school bus. One child died, many more were injured and if it wasn't for concerned people running over when it happened, more kids would have died! How do you miss a big yellow school bus that is stopped and has all the lights and signs going?? WTF does it take for people to pay just a little more attention when they drive? When we are waiting to cross the street to the school in the mornings, there are drivers who ignore the flashing school zone signs and speed through the intersection. There are also those who ignore the light when it turns red and run it at the expense of the kids safety. Luck for us, the crossing guard is great and makes the kids wait until he gets to the middle of the intersection and then when he is sure all the cars are stopped, he waves everyone on to go ahead and cross. It kills me though that some people are so distracted, or busy that they can't think about what may happen due to their inattentiveness.

So, I will go on and go out every morning and afternoon to the school, herding my munchkins along as they ride their bikes, warning them of any approaching danger, and basically teaching them about good roadsmanship. I'll always have my eye out for the next yokel who isn't paying attention, I may even holler at the ones who are completely oblivious.......and I will be thinking of Frances Schee, and how her parents must miss her terribly.

Hug your children. Slow down. Pay attention. Hang up, and drive.

Simple, right?


Russ said...

forget talking on the cell phone, texting while driving is the new distraction dejour.

Putz said...

except for those two kids i hit yeesterday i have been pretty good, only hit four trees, 8 post boxes, two police blonde i don't usually drive anywhere, i am out walking like you are with your kids

metalmom said...

The solution to this is to get the moms together, use video cameras and cell phones to take pictures and videos. (Post one mom at one end and another at the other end of driveways to prove they are not residents.) All the other moms should agree to take their kids while they are on "duty".
Next, take this evidence to borough council and demand the signs. Any time there are offenders after that, take pix and show the police. It WILL work. It did in a neighborhood around here.

Good Luck.

A-holes like that deserve to be caught, fined, and have their licenses taken away.

Nicole said...

People have been driving thru your complex for more than 5 years - it would take more than just a "sign" to stop them. No offense. Gates might work - like the Condos at the other end of 10th street - you know which ones i'm talking about? I don't think that they should be driving thru there - it's just I don't think a sign would do you any good. And i think that even if there was a sing Sarasota PD would tell you they were "too busy" to sit there and wait for someone to drive thru there. you would definitely have ti assimilate you own "evidence" for them to do something about it.

Blondefabulous said...

RUSS: I know....evenon commuter trains they are texting, and then everyone wonders why there are so many accidents everywhere!

PUTZ: You hit mail boxes while walking?? Time to adjust the meds!

METALMOM: We may try that with the speeders through the school zones, but I don't know if I could rally enough mom's here. Most of them work aside from the small contingent I walk with.

NICOLE: Yeah I know the condo's your talking about. I know a sign wouldn't really DO anything, but It has to start somewhere, right? And we can't even get a SPD officer to come to the Tuttle school crosswalk to get drivers to slow down for the school zone, so I know they wouldn't come to the complex to do anything here. I guess I am just saying people need to concentrate on driving safely, and quit multitasking while doing it!

Christina LMT said...

I know exactly what you mean, Blondie!

When my daughter still rode her bike to school, I made her ride on the sidewalk, even though there is a bike lane on the road most of the way to school. People in Vegas drive like maniacs! Now I drive her almost every day.

Blondefabulous said...

CHRISTINA LMT: Like I said, just hang up and drive, you know? There is a little girl who is dead now because a guy with a big tractor trailer was too busy talking and texting on his phone and totally didn't see a big yellow bus that was stopped with all its lights and signs going! Now that little girl's parents are heart broken, her classmates are devestated, and the other kids on the bus are scarred for life!


That's all I am asking, you know?