Friday, September 5, 2008

I Think We May Be Settled....

..... but don't quote me on that. I have finally gotten all the kids successfully enrolled in school here. Rebecca was the last one. It took longer to get her in because Hardee JHS wouldn't copy her records so I could give them to the school here in Sarasota. I was floored at that, but the woman in the records department said that they fax school records the same day that the new school requests them.... so it wouldn't be a problem. OK. I get it. So when we showed up at Booker MS, I gave the admissions woman Rebecca's birth certificate, FCAT's, and last report card so they could fax over to HJHS and get her full record. The admissions woman here at BMS said that by law, HJHS should have given me the records when I requested them. I assured her that the records department over at HJHS would fax the needed information immediately. They didn't. The records weren't faxed until yesterday, and to top it all off....they faxed the wrong file! They faxed over a file for Jessica Howell, not Rebecca Howell. What made that even more annoying was the fact Jessica Howell is a "special needs" student. I had the admissions woman at Booker MS asking me about speech therapy, slower classes and short buses when just the day before we were discussing gifted programs and accelerated learning!! Finally we discovered the mistake and the woman said she would call over to HJHS and make them aware that my child's files were missing and they violated the privacy of another child by not paying enough attention to what they were doing. I'm sure HJHS will get it right. Lucky for them I am not a litigious person.
I also signed a form yesterday for Morgan to try out for Ballet. It seems there is a program for kids who need a confidence boost and a nudge in the self esteem department. I am hoping she gets picked. With the diabetes and now the Celiac's, she gets singled out a lot for simple things. Like when a kid in her class has a birthday and that kid's parents bring cupcakes, cookies or brownies, she can't have them. She ends up sitting at her desk looking sad. Not fun. Then, with the diabetes, she has to leave class to go check her sugar, and sometimes misses fun stuff. Once again, no fun. Then sometimes the kids make fun of her for not being able to eat candy and cake like them. This makes for a Morgan who isn't quite as outgoing as she could be. If they accepted her into this ballet program, I bet she'd come out of her shell! Plus, she is my tiny princess. It was funny, when I was registering her for school, she was standing next to her brother and since both of them are the same height, everyone in the office thought they were twins! I laughed! Twins 3 years apart is a funny thing.

Well, update on the House Warming...... it's going to be on for next Saturday. Everyone we know id busy this weekend, so I guess I am going to be relaxing on Saturday and watching my ESPN Game Plan. This is the weekend of the UF vs. UM game. I am a certified Gator, HHH is Hurricane fan. This should make for an interesting game here at the old homestead. The line is the Gators by 21.5 points. I love you, honey..... BUT YOU'RE GOING DOWN BEE-YOTCH!!!!!!



Finn said...

Do not get me started on school bullshit... please.

That being said, Go Gators!

And Hurricanes? That's a bad, bad word around here right now.

Russ said...

evidently woopra doesn't work on google chrome. I tried to link through, but I got an error.

Putz said...

don't get sued for making wedding guests sick, enroll in my super duper wedding cake class that starts friday september 5 th at the sr. citizen's center , main street ephraim

Putz said...

go byu cougars