Monday, September 22, 2008


I love animals. Big ones, little ones, fuzzy ones, scaly name it! There for, there is no way I can fathom in my brain that someone can do what Joeseph Petcka did.

He cruelly took his anger out on Norman, Petcka's girlfriend's cat. Quite literally beat Norman to death! All of it was because Petcka was angry and fighting with his girlfriend. Alcohol was also involved. It seems that Norman had bitten Petcka, and when he had awakened his girlfriend to complain, she didn't think it was anything, so he accused her of loving Norman more than himself. The ass is actually trying to use self defense to get out of the animal cruelty charges! I hope the jury doesn't let this jerk walk with a slap on the wrist and a fine. I really want him to get some jail time for this, like Michael Vick did. How can you take an innocent animal and beat it to death....for something that the poor thing has nothing to do with?? I love my fuzzies! I love them very much. I can't imagine being without them. Toby was our little dog lost. HHH found him in the dead of winter in Memphis. Toby was the victim of pet dumping. HHH thought that Toby was a squirrel and almost hit him with the car. Lucky for Toby, HHH stopped, got out, and looked to see just what was that tiny ball of fluff and leaves. We searched for an owner for 30 days with no luck. So,we took Toby in, fattened him up, and he became a member of our family! Now I can't imagine life without him!

And then there is Fluffy. He came from my MIL in Memphis as well. She was the kind of pet owner who LOOOOOOVED puppies and kittens, but when the animal began to grow up.....the party was over and she neglected them to the point of ill health. I saw her do this with 4 dogs, and countless cats. I was living on her charity at the time, (we had gone up there to help her while she was ill, but we had to live with her at the time.), so turning her in was out of the question. I would spend extra money buying food, taking them outside, playing with them, you know..... She already had 2 cats, both boys, when she had the GREAT idea to get a girl cat and see if she could breed! Oh yeah, you don't take care of what you got...let's breed a few more! (sarcasm!) Long story short, the female got pregnant, she had 5 kittens, and we had more cats! Fluffy was one of those kittens. I found a lady who fixed 4 of the kittens when they were teenagers, the only female of the litter died somehow(possibly hit by car.), and the adults were lost when we had to move to a new house(MIL couldn't be bothered with getting a carrier to transport them in.). The same woman who fixed the kittys took 2 of the boys, I had the others with me. I taught them manners, kept them groomed, and socialized them really well. It was inevitable that the one I called Tigger would leave me though, he fell in love with a little girl two buildings down from us and I let him go, but Fluffy would stay with us. Now my two little companions are always with me, checking on me, keeping an eye on me, and playing with me! They are such an integral part of my life I cannot imagine being without them. That's what makes what Petcka did so unimaginable to me! I love my babies. When it looked like I was going to have to give them up when we were homeless, I cried and cried! I fought to keep my babies with me, and I kept them too! I fought to keep them with me, I even share my food and bed with them. When I was so sick last month, my fuzzies were my constant companions, at my side, snuggling up to me until I felt better. People who abuse animals are creeps and assholes! I think that people who abuse animals should have the exact same thing done to them that they did to their animals. Maybe after being starved, chained, beaten, and starved they'll develop a new sense of empathy and stop being such complete jerks!

Petcka deserves to do jail time for what he did. Norman deserved better.


Christina LMT said...

I agree 100%, Blondie!

I can't believe he can claim self-defense with a straight face.

I love my pups, and even though they've completely trashed my apartment and ruined many, many of my belongings (they're champion chewers), I can't imagine life without them.

lady jaye said...

It's just unreal what idiotic measure some people will take to excuse their horrendous behavior. I just hate reading that kind of stuff. It breaks my heart.

Putz said...

my life really revolves arond sandy, sadie, duke, speeding jaspher bell,

metalmom said...

I am sickened when I hear about that stuff. My first iguana was a rescue. He had been fed Xanax because he was a "snapper". Of course you would be too if you were a foot long and kept in a small fish tank!

Blondefabulous said...

CHRISTINA LMT: The sad part for me is, for every Petcka they can catch, there are 50 more like him out there doing the same thing and not getting caught. Poor Norman!

LADY JAYE: I know. My heart was breaking when I saw the picture of Norman and read about the laundry list of injuries that monster Petcka did to him! Let's get a UFC guy to beat, kick, and punch Petcka around and see how he feels after that!

PUTZ: As mine revolves around Fluffy and Toby!

METALMOM: I have said I will always get my pets from rescues. I was fortunate enough to be able to rescue my pets. Karma has a great sense of right!