Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Many People Does It Take..... get a lawn mower out of the lake? Ha ha ha! Someone wasn't paying attention when they were mowing next to the pond today. I thought it was funny. As it is, I am almost done unpacking. I have two more boxes left to do and those are going to be hard to find places for since it is more dishes and cooking supplies. I am a pack rat when it comes to cooking gadgets. I have extra plates, pots, pans, utensils, name it. I have tons of it! People know that when a holiday or my birthday rolls around, some sort of kitchen thing will make me happier than a pig in slop! I'm weird that way. Diamonds are OK, and shoes will do, but get me a new Kitchenaid Mixer with the planetary motion whisk and I will love you for the rest of your life! After I find homes for the last of my dishes and things, I have to go shopping for Saturday's shin dig. I am not expecting a lot of folks to show up. The e-vites I sent out are all coming back no's. I should have gotten them out sooner, but with schetchy Internet, I was at a loss most of the time. We'll probably just have HHH's work friends. That's OK, because then HHH's boss can see my buffet handiwork. I make a nice presentation for buffet. I did my MIL's wedding way back when, (2006) and that got lots of good compliments. Maybe HHH's boss will use me for her resident parties and such. After seeing the cake HHH brought up here last month, she already said she would like me to make the company birthday cakes.
I have gotten all my children into school finally. Rebecca is going to start at Booker Middle tomorrow. She is being placed in the advanced and gifted program. The two little ones are doing OK as well. They are settling into their school and getting down to working. Speaking of the munchkins..... I have to run and go pick them up from the school. They get out later and I can just walk over there and pick them up. It's a nice walk too. There is a walking, linear park with a wide sidewalk and no cars for us to meander down. Gotta run.....and


Nicole said...

Oh how fantastic for Rebecca!!! The gifted and talanted program is THE place to be in Booker!! And maybe we can get your way on Sunday....I'll give you a heads up though if that seems to be the case!!

Christina LMT said...

Nevada<------>Florida=Too far!!!

I'd love to come otherwise, believe me.

It sounds like you guys are all settling in nicely, that's fantastic!

Rebecca is gifted, just like her Mom. :)

Putz said...

i wiilll drpo everything for you drop that is everything for you, no expense spAred......i just knew rebecca was gifted, she looks gifted, really all your kids do,,,just like her mom who excelled in BAND, and played raiders of the lost art theme in hifgh school

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: Becca is excited about starting school at Booker. Her first day is Friday. Don't worry about the house warming. I cancelled it any way. Have to actually have people come for it to be a party.

CHRISTINA LMT: I know, but I just wanted to tell people about the party. It turns out no one was going to come anyway, so I just cancelled it.
Rebecca is excited to start at Booker. The Gifted program looks like it is right up her alley.

PUTZ: Don't worry about it. No one is coming, so I just cancelled the party.I knew she was gifted too, but Hardee County didn't have anything for her to do there, so she was bored senseless. Glad she will get what she needs here in Sarasota.