Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hair Cuts, Parties, & Do You Tell Your New Friends That You Blog?

Here is my baby girl! She got her hair cut and styled today! She looks so cute! She picked this out of a style book all by herself. I know it looks kind of plain, but you have to imagine that she hasn't had a real haircut in quite a while. I guess I'll get her up a little earlier on Monday morning and style it for her. Tomorrow, Morgan and Junior are going over to my friend Sherri's to her twin boys birthday party. Originally it was going to be a Boys only party, but Sherri told me one of her other friends was bringing her little girl and that Morgan should come too to play with her! So I and my two youngest munchkins will be birthday partying it up tomorrow afternoon. Photo's will follow later.
That brings me to a point I have been thinking about. No one here knows I have a blog. They have no idea that I write about everything I see, and everything I do, and to a larger extent, what my friends and neighbors do as well. I mentioned it once in passing while the walking mom's and I were heading to the school one afternoon to pick up the kids, but it obviously didn't stick. I am wondering if I should tell them about it, you case someone "accidentally" finds my blog and wonders who this "Blondefabulous" person is who is writing about what happened at the pool the other day, or the neighborhood party. I don;t know. Most of the women here only have computers for their kids, I don't think they get on the Internet very much for their own deals, so I may just keep the blog quiet from them for a while. My friends don't need to know I have a blog that is read in over 50 countries,(Thank-you Woopra for that statistic!). People tend to do the funniest things when they think they are not going to have those things go very far! Do any of you keep your blog kind of secret from others so that they don't feel like you're "watching" them for blog fodder?
Anyway, I am going to go to be soon. The Gators lost by one measly point. Pissed me off to the nth degree! The Hurricanes lost by 3 points. That pissed HHH off to his nth degree. There is no trash truck coming tomorrow to wake me up at7:30am, so I am going to sleep in and maybe in the morning......I'll make some waffles!
But not for myself or Morgan. We get 2 eggs, bacon and hash browns! Gluten-free baby!


Nicole said...

i don't blog, mostly because I see my life as horribly boring and uneventful. And I also do not have the artistic vocabulary talents that you have to even make my day seem interesting.
But if I did I wouldn't like leave a bulletin posted on the community board or anything. But I would probably tell those that I'm closest to. In case they may happen to end up in said blog. That way, if they had kids that they might want names changed for or something I could oblige them.
But for those I only saw when they were taking out their trash in their hooker heals...serves em right to be blog fodder.

Christina LMT said...

She's so cute!

I talk about my blog all the time, but I only tell clients about it when I know for a fact that I WON'T be blogging about them. Otherwise it's too creepy. Since my boss knows about the blog, I can't exactly post about what a douche-bag he is, etc. It's kind of frustrating, to tell you the truth!
Don't tell the other moms! I'm afraid that'll bite you in the butt.

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

She's adorable!

Putz said...

do not DO NOT tell your new friends that you is a disease that we have...i have shirley bauman who lives 2 doors down from me and she discovered my bog and now she will tell everyone and because of my terrible dreams i won't be able to go out my door or answer my telephone...i just love your rebecca, by the dod she get so damn cute????

Blondefabulous said...

Uh.....PUTZ....That's Morgan up there!

metalmom said...

Don't tell!

Luckily, my family has leaky brain syndrome and they never pay attention to a single thing I say. My best friend knows and I hate it.Sometimes SHE is the one I want to bitch about! Plus my daughter dated her son and I couldn't even write about the 'drama' going on in my house because of it!

You will find yourself censoring. I don't know how anyone can blog when family knows about it!