Saturday, September 6, 2008

Football, Family, And A Short Note To HHH.

There are going to be those who do not agree with this, and that's OK. I am just fine with people having their own opinions. It is a part of life. It happens, but let me tell you about what we believe in this family. We believe in ......FOOTBALL! Yes ladies and gentlemen, football. Since I was a little girl, I was raised on football. I was a pee wee cheerleader back in elementary school, in Junior High, I joined marching band because we got to go to all the games free and they took the band on road trips. I watched NFL, NCAA, and FHSSA games with a religious fervor! I thought weekends were made for football and football alone! Pep rallies, fight songs, and cheers give me chill bumps! I have always known every word to every school song from every school I have ever attended from Junior High on up! One could say I am a football fanatic, but that would be going too far since I am not so nutty that I can quote stats and scores off the top of my head. I am just a football fan. Not everyone can be a football fan. People who say, "Well, only soccer is true football." make me want to puke on them! Soccer is soccer, 11 guys ramming a brown, oblong ball down your throat is football. A sea of your school colors, all cheering on their favorite Alma Mater is football. Running out onto a field on a bright Autumn day and hearing a crowd of 85,000 people start screaming is football. I remember the days in college at UF. I remember marching down to the stadium, crowds following, I remember being asked for autographs. I remember players getting behind us because we were behind them 100%. We gave them our all, they gave us theirs. It was a great relationship. Now I have the chance to teach that to my children. I can teach them about good sportsmanship, supporting your team, teamwork in general, and loyalty even in the face of defeat. I can show them addition, subtraction, percentages and physics as it pertains to football. We can get together as a family and watch the games and I can show them that even though Daddy's team is going to get it's fanny beaten, Mommy won't make fun of him. (until they are out of earshot!) I can show them that there is an ebb and flow to everything in life, even football. What goes up, must come down and then, eventually, go back up again. I have waited since February for football to begin anew, and tonight is my night. Not Hell or high water, or even Direct TV screwing up my order is going to keep me off of ESPN and the couch tonight, because I am watching UF pummel the Hurricanes. They can say that Ike is coming to watch UM defeat the Gators all they like, but it ain't gonna happen!

I love you honey. You're gonna lose. Deal. With. It.

Your Gator alumni wife,


PS- Maybe I'll do something to soothe your shattered ego later. Muah!


Avitable said...

Ugh. Football? Really? Sigh.

Putz said...

go tennesse, go utha, go byu, beat mich,igan, beat notre dame, go tar heels, go giants, go denver, go utah state, go dallas,yea cowboys, go federerer, serinia, oh wait that is tennis

Blondefabulous said...

AVITABLE: Oh yes, my friend. Football. It must be one of the reasons my husband chose me, lord knows he was having second thoughts last night as my Gators were thrashing his Hurricanes!

PUTZ: I thought the BYU game was the most exciting. Close second was the UCF vs. USF game.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* a woman after my own heart!!!