Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Few Things....

.....For you to consider.

I have now been officially assimilated into the Walking Moms. A small group of moms who walk to the school to pick up their children. I fit in well, and we're all stay at home women.

We live in an apartment that is across from one of the dumpsters. This is good because I can send my kids out there to take out the trash, but bad because I get to hear the trash being picked up really well. It is also inevitable that, when the trash gets picked up twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday, the Tuesday pickup is at 10am, but the Saturday pick up will always be at 8am or earlier! Frickin' garbage truck!

There are recycling bins here at the apartments! This makes me happy. Everywhere else I lived recycled. Not Bowling Green though. They were bass ackwards when it came to saving the planet. Now I am able to recycle my cans, cardboard, and plastics with ease! Rebecca is excited about this as well.

I am playing the Wii at least 3 times a day. I play tennis in the morning, I play one sport of kids choice when they get home and finish their home work, and I play a game with HHH when he comes home for lunch! I am actually working up a sweat playing these games! This is awesome! Once I find a WiiFit, I'll be set! Hooray for video games that make you get up off your ass!

The dog and cat have settled in rather well. Fluffy waits until I make the bed in the morning and then plops in the middle, spread eagle and naps for about 3 hours. Toby likes going for walks in the complex. There are ducks and turtles to bark at in the lake, other dogs to sniff and be social with, and we have a screened in porch they can both go out on and enjoy some sunshine.

Today is Karl's birthday. You may know Karl, of Second Hand Tryptophan fame. Go and wish him a happy birthday. I know I will.

That's all I got for now. I took some medicine to try and get some quality sleep, but to no avail. I keep tossing and turning, flopping around in a futile attempt to get some much needed sleep. It ain't happening....Maybe this weekend. Oh, right. 8am Garbage truck wake up call.


HoosierGirl5 said...

Good morning, Ms.BlondeFab. I am so glad you have already fit into a support group. I love playing Wii with my kids, too. I want a WiiFit as well.

Have a good day,

Putz said...

i knew you would miss bowling green, i can tell even if you won't openly admit it,,,you didn't have garbage pick up problems in BW

Blondefabulous said...

HOOSIERGIRL5: I don't know if it is a support group, but it is a bunch of us mom's walking to the school and sharing what's going on. It was a wlaking mom who told me about my daughter getting all painted up in the mornings. Inside info, hee hee hee.....

PUTZ: No, I don't miss BG, not really. There is just so much more here that we can take advantage of, like more stores, closer schools and the gifted program for Rebecca. I can live with an early trash truck in exchange for all that!