Tuesday, September 30, 2008

School Days....

It has been a rough week or two for the walking mom's. I haven't told the walking mom's about the blog, nor about the fact that I blog at all. I am taking the advice of all of you and keeping that to myself. Let me introduce you to the ladies I walk with to the school in the afternoon. Ms. M, (walking mom #1) is a strong, divorced single mom with kids ranging from 18 to 7. All boys. Just for that fact she deserves a medal, but she is also a work from home mom as well with a candle sales business and a handbag business she runs out of her home. She also crusades for anything and everything! Think your kid has been discriminated against in class, she'll go to the principal and raise a stink. Your child isn't getting enough water at PE, Ms. M will bring it up at the next PTO meeting. You get the picture....she's empowered and she'll run the world if they give her a chance. Then there's Mrs J. (walking mom #2)She is a happily married 20-something with 3 kids one of whom goes to school right now. The two youngest are 4 and 4 months. Her husband works nights and she is the sweetest thing. Where as Ms. M will run the world, Mrs. J will comfort it. She brings her 4 year old to the school to pick up her 9 year old and he rides his bike and is just so cute you'd think he was made of spun sugar and pixie dust! We talk about everything that goes on and what we have happening with the school. Last week, Ms. M had a scare when her 7 year old son passed out in a school assembly and fell to the concrete floor and banged up his skull. Seems he had small seizures as a child and the doctor had thought he had grown out of them. Perhaps not. Then yesterday, Mrs. J had a complete conniption when her daughter showed her a wound on the palm of her hand and explained that another child in class had held her hand down and deliberately stabbed her with his pencil! WTF is that all about? Then the substitute teacher that was "supposed" to be in charge of the class told Mrs. J's daughter, "Oh it's just a little red mark....go sit down at your seat." Oh I do NOT think so. I had never seen Mrs. J get so angry. I was angry for her. that was basically assault. If I had done that to another adult, I would be sitting in the jail right now. Mrs. J called the principal today and expressed her DEEP disappointment in the sub running the classroom and the lack of discipline that even allowed such shenanigans to happen! She was assured that the child and the sub would be reprimanded, with the child being either suspended or moved. I told Mrs. J that that seemed to me like a child in need of therapy, because if he is stabbing people with a pencil at age 9, who the hell is going to intervene now so that when he is a high school student later, he doesn't show up to school with a pipe bomb?? I am wondering what class her kid is in. I haven't had any problems here so far. I mean, today I had a little drama with the fact that I am needed to go on my son's field trip next Wednesday. I am used to that, but what is different here is the fact that I had to register with the ENTIRE school system and submit to an FDLE background search. No real problem, but I don't want them getting the idea that I am available for any kind of volunteer stuff. I don't have a job specifically because if the school calls me, I have to be available at a moments notice to go to the school in case of an emergency with either Morgan or Junior. I can't be giving potty breaks at the planetarium when I need to be keeping an eye on Junior to look for signs of hyper or hypoglycemia. I guess it is a good sign that schools want to vet the people who volunteer for chaperon duty. keeps the molesters and murderers away! So I applied to be a volunteer and the screen at the end said it would take a month to be approved. A MONTH????? The field trip is next Wednesday!!!! I brought this up to the woman manning the desk and she assured me that it would only take 3 or 4 days. So I am crossing my fingers that I will be approved by the time the trip rolls along.

And hat has been it so far. My next big thing will be the field trip if we get to go. Now to try and start feeling better. I had some skeevy Chinese food for lunch today that went down great, but came back and tried to bite me in the ass! or maybe it was thoughts of my son this afternoon when he saw a little girl from his class and said, "Ooooooooo there's Marisol! I'm gonna go over and talk to Marisol Mama!"

I'm gettin' too old for this crap.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Why I Love TV More Than Real Life!

Watching the news has been a disappointing endeavor lately. School bus crashes, stock market crashes, jury being deadlocked over the Norman the cat case..... I haven't been wanting to watch. Good thing Iron Man comes out tomorrow. As it is, the Clan of the W is riding on something of a high note. All my TV shows are new now. I am in heaven. I have Gary Sinese, Neil Patrick Harris, and Charlie Sheen. I have my crime shows, my medical shows, and my weird shows. Don't get down on me, I have been keeping track of what has been going on in the world, the financial crisis, the middle eastern hate mongering, the presidential campaigning........I would just rather lose myself in the make believe world for prime time TV than deal with the real life crisis's that seem to be going on. I went through enough when we were LIVING the crisis firsthand. I'd rather live in my CSI world, where they get the bad guy, and everyone gets closure, I'd rather go visit the Pie Hole and see a guy bring someone back from the dead.

Now I have done my part. I put in for my change of address so I can vote when the election comes up. I have made my decision, selected my choice and am eagerly watching the mail delivery like a kid waiting for his cereal box X-Ray Specs. Now if I can just get through the crazy pre-election crap like the debates and mud slinging commercials. He said this, she said that, they voted for bail outs, they didn't.....sheesh! I thought that kind of fighting was only in school.

This rant is becoming to distracted to make any sense. I guess what I am really trying to say is, I am glad that the Fall TV season has begun, and I am tired of listening to the worlds fuck ups. Greedy people are getting their just desserts but unfortunately they are taking down good people with them and it isn't good, and to top it off.....the two wannabes trying to become our leader are skating around the subject!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hair Cuts, Parties, & Do You Tell Your New Friends That You Blog?

Here is my baby girl! She got her hair cut and styled today! She looks so cute! She picked this out of a style book all by herself. I know it looks kind of plain, but you have to imagine that she hasn't had a real haircut in quite a while. I guess I'll get her up a little earlier on Monday morning and style it for her. Tomorrow, Morgan and Junior are going over to my friend Sherri's to her twin boys birthday party. Originally it was going to be a Boys only party, but Sherri told me one of her other friends was bringing her little girl and that Morgan should come too to play with her! So I and my two youngest munchkins will be birthday partying it up tomorrow afternoon. Photo's will follow later.
That brings me to a point I have been thinking about. No one here knows I have a blog. They have no idea that I write about everything I see, and everything I do, and to a larger extent, what my friends and neighbors do as well. I mentioned it once in passing while the walking mom's and I were heading to the school one afternoon to pick up the kids, but it obviously didn't stick. I am wondering if I should tell them about it, you know.....in case someone "accidentally" finds my blog and wonders who this "Blondefabulous" person is who is writing about what happened at the pool the other day, or the neighborhood party. I don;t know. Most of the women here only have computers for their kids, I don't think they get on the Internet very much for their own deals, so I may just keep the blog quiet from them for a while. My friends don't need to know I have a blog that is read in over 50 countries,(Thank-you Woopra for that statistic!). People tend to do the funniest things when they think they are not going to have those things go very far! Do any of you keep your blog kind of secret from others so that they don't feel like you're "watching" them for blog fodder?
Anyway, I am going to go to be soon. The Gators lost by one measly point. Pissed me off to the nth degree! The Hurricanes lost by 3 points. That pissed HHH off to his nth degree. There is no trash truck coming tomorrow to wake me up at7:30am, so I am going to sleep in and maybe in the morning......I'll make some waffles!
But not for myself or Morgan. We get 2 eggs, bacon and hash browns! Gluten-free baby!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday Dinner.

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, LOVE the Melting Pot? OMG! I am enamored of that place! They make this salad with all these mushrooms that is to DIE for! We haven't been back since I found out I had Celiac's, so I was a little worried about what I could and could not eat. No worried, our server, Sarah, had a complete run down of of what had wheat in it and what didn't. She even made the cheese fondue with milk instead of beer so I could still enjoy my favorite cheddar fondue! i was in heaven! Oh and I ordered this amazing Pomegranate Cosmo that was excellent! In fact, I got two and was properly tipsy at the table the whole evening. (I think HHH was quite amused by it.) I don't drink often ever since beer got taken out of my rotation, so these two drinks made me happy right away.

Long story short, We ate a copious amount of food, had a decent amount of alcohol, and (always being prepared...) caught a ride home with my friend Sherri. What can I say, except....

Happy Birthday HHH, and also Happy Promotion, and Happy Raise!!!!!

Nuff said. Now to go have intoxicated naughty relations with my studly hubby!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hip, Hip Hooray for HHH!!

This is my Hot Hunky Hubby. You all know him. He is the bomb diggity! All that and a bag of chips! This has been the best week for him and I have been so proud I could pop!
First, yesterday(Wednesday) was his birthday. He turned 30. I made him a cake, roasted a bird, sang happy birthday.....all the usual stuff. He has been settling in really well at this new job. He gets his work done in a quick and timely manner, and several of the residents have called the office to compliment him. The new place has worked out great, and the neighbors are awesome and the schools are great, and I am so darn happy for our family I almost don't want to get comfy just in case the other shoe drops! But to top it off for HHH and his birthday week......HHH GOT A PROMOTION AND A RAISE ALREADY! That is a Happy Birthday if I ever heard one! He is now Head of Maintenance for the sister property that is 3 minutes from this property! Not only does he get a raise for this new job, but he also still gets his regular pay adjustment in January. He was practically tap dancing when he told me about it. I am so happy for him,.....so tomorrow, we are going out to The Melting Pot to have a celebratory dinner and toast our turn around in luck. I am so happy, the kids are so happy, HHH is so happy. Is it possibly to be so happy you bliss out? I think Karma has come around to our turn on the wheel of fortune. We just had to wait our turn I guess....... it was one hell of a wait though.
Here's to HHH. Happy birthday, hon. You deserve every bit of this success! I love you!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now, More Than Ever....

...Please be careful when you are driving. School is back in and there are kids everywhere. I walk with my munchkins every morning to the school and we are luck to be able to walk to the school by way of a linear park. You know, the city closes down a street or gets a railroad right of way and they rehab it into a long skinny park with wide sidewalks to walk down and trees to shade the way. The only time I worry about cars is when we are crossing the street to get to the school,(there's a crossing guard), and when we are going from the apartment complex to the park via the entrance to the complex. I have noticed that our complex gets quite a few "drive-thru's". People who can't be bothered to take the actual road to the place they are going, but instead want to cut through the complex's parking lot to make better time. Who cares that there are kids here, people walking dogs, taking out their trash.....no, let's turn a nice quiet parking lot into the Indy 500 every morning and evening! And these idiots are speeding through, talking or texting on their cell phones, not even paying attention to what is going on around them.....and if they are younger than 30, they have the stereo in their car turned up to ear splitting levels so even if an ambulance came by they wouldn't hear it. It's ridiculous! The other walking moms and I are worried about it. What can you do though? The complex doesn't have a "No thru vehicles" sign, so the drive by's aren't breaking any laws, it's just, I wish people in general would be more careful. Those photos above are from the bus accident in Citra yesterday, where a Tractor Trailer driver who was on his cell phone rear ended a stopped school bus. One child died, many more were injured and if it wasn't for concerned people running over when it happened, more kids would have died! How do you miss a big yellow school bus that is stopped and has all the lights and signs going?? WTF does it take for people to pay just a little more attention when they drive? When we are waiting to cross the street to the school in the mornings, there are drivers who ignore the flashing school zone signs and speed through the intersection. There are also those who ignore the light when it turns red and run it at the expense of the kids safety. Luck for us, the crossing guard is great and makes the kids wait until he gets to the middle of the intersection and then when he is sure all the cars are stopped, he waves everyone on to go ahead and cross. It kills me though that some people are so distracted, or busy that they can't think about what may happen due to their inattentiveness.

So, I will go on and go out every morning and afternoon to the school, herding my munchkins along as they ride their bikes, warning them of any approaching danger, and basically teaching them about good roadsmanship. I'll always have my eye out for the next yokel who isn't paying attention, I may even holler at the ones who are completely oblivious.......and I will be thinking of Frances Schee, and how her parents must miss her terribly.

Hug your children. Slow down. Pay attention. Hang up, and drive.

Simple, right?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I am not feeling well. Real posts will be back up when my body decides to stop revolting against me. Thank you and good night.
In the mean time, please enjoy this photo from my walk with my children. I wish I had gotten it in a softer light, but that is for another day.....

Monday, September 22, 2008


I love animals. Big ones, little ones, fuzzy ones, scaly ones......you name it! There for, there is no way I can fathom in my brain that someone can do what Joeseph Petcka did.

He cruelly took his anger out on Norman, Petcka's girlfriend's cat. http://tinyurl.com/4ct4q6 Quite literally beat Norman to death! All of it was because Petcka was angry and fighting with his girlfriend. Alcohol was also involved. It seems that Norman had bitten Petcka, and when he had awakened his girlfriend to complain, she didn't think it was anything, so he accused her of loving Norman more than himself. The ass is actually trying to use self defense to get out of the animal cruelty charges! I hope the jury doesn't let this jerk walk with a slap on the wrist and a fine. I really want him to get some jail time for this, like Michael Vick did. How can you take an innocent animal and beat it to death....for something that the poor thing has nothing to do with?? I love my fuzzies! I love them very much. I can't imagine being without them. Toby was our little dog lost. HHH found him in the dead of winter in Memphis. Toby was the victim of pet dumping. HHH thought that Toby was a squirrel and almost hit him with the car. Lucky for Toby, HHH stopped, got out, and looked to see just what was that tiny ball of fluff and leaves. We searched for an owner for 30 days with no luck. So,we took Toby in, fattened him up, and he became a member of our family! Now I can't imagine life without him!

And then there is Fluffy. He came from my MIL in Memphis as well. She was the kind of pet owner who LOOOOOOVED puppies and kittens, but when the animal began to grow up.....the party was over and she neglected them to the point of ill health. I saw her do this with 4 dogs, and countless cats. I was living on her charity at the time, (we had gone up there to help her while she was ill, but we had to live with her at the time.), so turning her in was out of the question. I would spend extra money buying food, taking them outside, playing with them, you know..... She already had 2 cats, both boys, when she had the GREAT idea to get a girl cat and see if she could breed! Oh yeah, you don't take care of what you got...let's breed a few more! (sarcasm!) Long story short, the female got pregnant, she had 5 kittens, and we had more cats! Fluffy was one of those kittens. I found a lady who fixed 4 of the kittens when they were teenagers, the only female of the litter died somehow(possibly hit by car.), and the adults were lost when we had to move to a new house(MIL couldn't be bothered with getting a carrier to transport them in.). The same woman who fixed the kittys took 2 of the boys, I had the others with me. I taught them manners, kept them groomed, and socialized them really well. It was inevitable that the one I called Tigger would leave me though, he fell in love with a little girl two buildings down from us and I let him go, but Fluffy would stay with us. Now my two little companions are always with me, checking on me, keeping an eye on me, and playing with me! They are such an integral part of my life I cannot imagine being without them. That's what makes what Petcka did so unimaginable to me! I love my babies. When it looked like I was going to have to give them up when we were homeless, I cried and cried! I fought to keep my babies with me, and I kept them too! I fought to keep them with me, I even share my food and bed with them. When I was so sick last month, my fuzzies were my constant companions, at my side, snuggling up to me until I felt better. People who abuse animals are creeps and assholes! I think that people who abuse animals should have the exact same thing done to them that they did to their animals. Maybe after being starved, chained, beaten, and starved they'll develop a new sense of empathy and stop being such complete jerks!

Petcka deserves to do jail time for what he did. Norman deserved better.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

She Blinded Me With Science!!!

Science Fair season is here again. It seems to come a little earlier here on the west coast. Rebecca has chosen, "How much starch is contained in different types of bread?" Sounds easy enough, right? Well it is. We just jaunt down to the CVS and get some iodine, some bread, and dribble the iodine on the bread and graph the color results. Not too terribly difficult, but I am not so sure we can get a good project out of it. The project seems so simple that there isn't a lot of wow factor in it. It's not her fault though. She was asked to pick a science fair project the second day she was at school. Usually we research the different topics online, check out how intricate it could be, and make the decision from there. I say "we" because now a days the teachers send home forms that say ...."yes, I will supervise my child's science project, yes I will make sure my child works according to guidelines set forth by the teacher, and yes, I will make sure my child completes all assignments on time." You actually have to sign this and send it back or your child will get a "0" for the grade. Yep, they even get a grade on whether or not they bring back the paper filled out and signed by the parents. Sheesh! I remember when I had to do all that stuff my self, with no Internet, uphill, 3 miles, in the blinding snow!!! OK, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but we did have to research the topics and do all that stuff ourselves. I never had to ask my mom to sign a paper saying she would babysit me through my science assignments. Is that what we have come to now a days? Do we have to babysit kids to make sure they get their education?? Hmmmmm....we, as a society, may be in trouble.

So, I have to go and get Rebecca some iodine and some bread. We are going to be testing white bread, whole wheat bread, South Beach diet bread, and gluten free bread. The prevailing hypothesis is that the diet bread will have less starch in it seeing as how it is low carb. We don't know....that is why it is called an experiment. I am hoping for a repeat of last year(well...this year...), where Rebecca got a first place in her school, and an honorable mention at county! Maybe if we tie in something cool, like Morgan's and my Gluten allergy to it we could get a more interesting angle and better attention to it? I don't know. What I do know, is that she and I are in this to win this. I signed a paper saying so.......so bring on the bread baby.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nya, Nanny Nya Nya!

OMG! I was yelling and annoying my neighbors yesterday during the UF vs.UT game! (I think they have all decided that I am incurably insane!) All the trash talking by UT couldn't save them from their mistakes and inability to control the ball during crunch time situations! This picture is one of the most amicable ones of Coach Fulmer from the night. The rest of the evening, he looked like he was chewing nails, and rightly so after what he had to witness from his team.

This was what most of the Tennessee fans were doing all game! Hands to their head in disbelief that the UT team had squandered yet another chance to score. I was Twittering all game, cheering, rubbing it in that the Gators were doing so good, and turning the screw even tighter with every score! I'm not a poor winner.....I just want everyone to know we won is all.

It's all good. Even my high school team blew out the team they played on Saturday. Okeechobee was predicted to lose to Sebring by a large margin by Rivals....but we blew them out of the water! Go Chobee!

What can I say, I am a football girl. You were warned.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Reasons to Buy the Insurance When Renting a Vehicle.

This is what is left of a Penske Truck that was rented by a company to haul steel beams. I hope they also got all the available extra insurance.


I need it. I want it. Most days I can't get it without several Tylenol PM's and extra physical exercise. Yesterday, in my desperation, I took the kids to the pool for an hour and at 10pm, I took 3 pills to ensure my sleepiness. It worked. I slept from 11pm until I had to pee at 5:28am! I was ecstatic! That also means I am writing my blog post here at 6:45am......so it may be less than stellar. Sorry about that.

The Great Pet Bed Battle was decided and.........they are sharing it! Yep, Fluffy and Toby are actually sharing the pet bed, sometimes they snuggle in it TOGETHER! Surprised the hell outta me. Mostly, though, they take turns with one sleeping in it at one time, and the other sleeping in it at another time. It was just sooooo funny when HHH first brought it home and they were literally fighting over it.

Once again, sorry for this post being crappy. I really needed the sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be better. What I really want to know is, why does my brain work better when I have no slumber? Most people's brains can't function on no sleep, but I get creative? How the heck does that happen? Eh.....well I am off to dress my monkeys and get them off to school. Perhaps I will write more later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Few Things....

.....For you to consider.

I have now been officially assimilated into the Walking Moms. A small group of moms who walk to the school to pick up their children. I fit in well, and we're all stay at home women.

We live in an apartment that is across from one of the dumpsters. This is good because I can send my kids out there to take out the trash, but bad because I get to hear the trash being picked up really well. It is also inevitable that, when the trash gets picked up twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday, the Tuesday pickup is at 10am, but the Saturday pick up will always be at 8am or earlier! Frickin' garbage truck!

There are recycling bins here at the apartments! This makes me happy. Everywhere else I lived recycled. Not Bowling Green though. They were bass ackwards when it came to saving the planet. Now I am able to recycle my cans, cardboard, and plastics with ease! Rebecca is excited about this as well.

I am playing the Wii at least 3 times a day. I play tennis in the morning, I play one sport of kids choice when they get home and finish their home work, and I play a game with HHH when he comes home for lunch! I am actually working up a sweat playing these games! This is awesome! Once I find a WiiFit, I'll be set! Hooray for video games that make you get up off your ass!

The dog and cat have settled in rather well. Fluffy waits until I make the bed in the morning and then plops in the middle, spread eagle and naps for about 3 hours. Toby likes going for walks in the complex. There are ducks and turtles to bark at in the lake, other dogs to sniff and be social with, and we have a screened in porch they can both go out on and enjoy some sunshine.

Today is Karl's birthday. You may know Karl, of Second Hand Tryptophan fame. Go and wish him a happy birthday. I know I will.

That's all I got for now. I took some medicine to try and get some quality sleep, but to no avail. I keep tossing and turning, flopping around in a futile attempt to get some much needed sleep. It ain't happening....Maybe this weekend. Oh, right. 8am Garbage truck wake up call.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Be A Parent, Not A Girlfriend, Damnit!

You'll have to excuse the language up there, I am a little pissed! I just found out that one of the girls my daughter has been hanging out with is putting makeup on her when she's at the bus stop waiting in the morning! WTF?? HHH was doing a work order in one of the Walking Mom's apartments and she let him in on that little tidbit. And this was AFTER I pulled for her to be able to keep hanging out with that same little girl when HHH had said he didn't want her to! Talk about a slap in the face. I am going to have a serious talk with Rebecca when she gets home. There will be repercussions!!

We had already talked about make up a few weeks ago when I was getting her registered in Booker MS. I had told her that make up is something I didn't start wearing until I was 16 and I didn't really need it anyway. I explained to her that, when the time came, I would take her to a professional make up counter and have a trained professional teach her how to make herself look beautiful. I didn't have that as a young woman. I just had my mother tell me, "Don't look like a clown.". I think a mother daughter day at a nice store with a professional make up consultant would make for a great bonding time, but that day is still 4 years and 3 months away! The little girl down stairs is only 11, like my daughter, yet she comes over wearing a full face of make up. Foundation, eye liner, shadow, mascara, blush, and lip gloss. I don't know what to make of it. I have met the girl's mother, however, and I think I see where this behavior is coming from. The mom isn't what one would call, very "Mom-ish". Kind of a stand off, not too friendly kind of woman who is apparently working all the time. This may be the only way the little girl get attention from her mother, by sharing make up! One day Rebecca came home and said the little girl was cooking dinner for herself since her mom doesn't come home until 7:30 pm. What? I thought you couldn't leave your kids alone unless they were at least 14!

Now I am going to have to sit down with Rebecca AGAIN and tell her that I know she is putting on make up in the morning's and washing it off before she comes home. I am going to have to think long and hard on whether I am going to let her hang out with that little girl anymore. When HHH had told Rebecca she wasn't allowed to see the little girl anymore the first time around, Rebecca broke down crying. Now I am going to have to ground her and cut off, or at least severely limit, her contact with MakeUp Girl. I am not going to have my 11 year old CHILD making herself up like a Ronald McDonald stand in.

What say you, all you parents out there? When do you think it is appropriate for a girl to begin wearing make up? When did all you other ladies begin to apply the paint? Should I let Rebecca hang out with MakeUp Girl anymore?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sickly Monday.

Well, my Monday that I had planned went all to heck in a hand basket. I had grand plans. Plans for steam cleaning my carpet, washing the dog, working out with my new friend in the building across the lake, perhaps a nice long walk with the dog down the linear park, oh, and playing the Wii. But, alas, it was not to be......

I got up this morning and got Rebecca off and running to her school. As I was sending her out the door, Junior gets up and settles on the couch to watch TV and eat his breakfast. I didn't notice he was a little sluggish, didn't see the "blah" eyes he had. I got Morgan up as well, and when she came out to check her blood sugar, she mentioned she had a headache and didn't feel so good. I felt her forehead and darn but if she didn't have a temperature! I look over to Junior and feel his forehead and he had a fever as well. Of course with the fever, their sugar #'s were up a little high, so school was out for them! I wasn't feeling too hot either, but I just chalked it up to a late night and too much Wii. Apparently I wasn't immune to the fever bug either, because I got into a hot shower and snuggled down into bed with Junior and we slept for another 4 hours! I feel OK now, but man that was weird. The kids are OK now too, but I will have to keep an eye on Morgan. Why, you ask? Let me tell you...

The school my kids go to has a policy that if your child just has a cold, sniffle, runny nose, or cough, go ahead and send them so they do not get behind. If your child has a fever, keep them at home. I can deal with this. At the Open House, I asked both Morgan's and Junior's teachers if they would please move my kids away from sick seat mates, seeing as how with the diabetes, they don't heal as fast as a normal, healthy child. I have noticed over the years that My kids(the diabetic's) will hang on to a cold or flu bug much longer that my normal kid(Rebecca). Something about the diabetes makes them more susceptible to catching little Johnny Seatmate's pestilence faster also! I asked politely, voiced my concerns, and the reasons why this was necessary. Each of the teachers nodded, and assured me that this was easily done. OK. I find out last week on Thursday that Morgan has been sitting next to a coughing, snot sputtering germ factory of a kid all week!! ALL WEEK!!! I was nice! I had asked politely! I gave sound, medical reasons why this was necessary! I WAS IGNORED!!!!! I wrote a pointed note in Morgan's planner about my earlier request for sitting her AWAY from the sniffly children. It must have worked, because Morgan came home saying she had been moved. Still, if you are going to have a policy that says send sick kids to school, why not have a seating arrangement for them so they do not infect the other kids in the class?? Why infect the whole class with that crap? And what about kids like mine who are more likely to catch the tiniest of cold germs?? I send germicidal hand gel, and tissues to school with them and I hope it gets used, but in the end, it is the teachers I have to rely on to help me out here....and I feel sometimes they are so overburdened with their tasks, that they get paid waaaaay too little for, that some of the small things get lost in the shuffle. I do have to say that my kids classrooms have 17 and 18 kids to a teacher respectively....so at least they aren't over crowded.... but still, I have to try and keep my kids as healthy as possible. Aside from sending them to school in Hazmat Suits, I gotta try to remind the teachers to help me out a little.

It's not too much to ask, right?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Reason Wii May Not Be Posting Regularly!

Oh yeah. Wii finally got one. These little buggers are harder to find than a pig to put lipstick on at a livestock sale! If I am remiss in my posting for the next few days.... I'm so sorry. We rented Mario Party 8 as soon as we got this and HHH and the kids and I have been playing ever since. Now all I need is WiiFit and I will be a-ok!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We Have Been Warmed!

The house warming was successful....if not very crowded. Between sickness, work, and distance, we didn't have a lot of takers. In fact one family came over, but it was Sherri, who did my hair the other day! She is awesome! She has fraternal twin boys Juniors age. They are so cute! Then when the 3 of them got together and started talking little boy talk.....it just made me go "Awwwwwww!" So now, Junior has some boys to play with and since Sherri and I have been to each other's homes, we know what to expect if either set of kids comes over to each others houses. I don't know about the other parents out there, but if I haven't been to the house that my kids are invited to, they don't get to go. The world is just too full of sick assholes, and filthy people. I have to watch mine like a hawk anyway!

So it went well. The chocolate fountain was a rousing success. Matt, the one twin, ate ALL the marshmallows! I have never seen a kid put away so many marshmallows! Toby was a pest, begging for pats and any food someone would happen to give him. The cat just went and hid. So that's it for our house warming. Sorry if you missed it. It was fun and there was tons of food! Yummy. Now, What do I do with all that leftover chocolate


Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Return Of Friday Photo Fun Fest!

It's bigger! It's badder! It's back, baby! The Friday photo fun fest is back in action. However.....I am offering a photo I did not take! It's the latest in caskets from Collegiate Memorials, and I can get it in......UF colors. Who gives a shit about Glidden and their college coordinated paint schemes, Fatheads and their wall stickers can kiss my grits, this is how I'd like to go out! It also comes in other school colors and logos, so don't be a hater. I am serious about wanting one of these for my own demise, whenever it should be.....oh and Honey? I know you're reading this......If you so much as even THINK of buying the University of Miami model and putting me in THAT for all eternity as payback for the Gators win over the Hurricanes this past Saturday, I will haunt you and every new wife you have until you go toes up and dick down! I mean that! I love you! Muah!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Not Going To Go All Political.

Nope. Just can't do it. I know why it is important to vote, I know we as Americans need to get out there and do our civic duty by finding out where each candidate stands on the issues. I am doing that. I am looking at Obama's website and McCain's website and I see.........

Nothing that makes me want to run out to the polls. Everyone has their "Plans" and "Outlines". They have their projections and platforms. No one has said how they are going to get these things accomplished. Just how are you going to push universal health care past a congress that has their own agenda's? Can you convince a nation that is tired of your party predecessor that you really will be different? Can someone puh-lease discuss something besides this persons pregnant daughter and that persons dumb ass remark about stem cell research?

Oh, and don't get me started on the whiny, he said-they said crap that has been going on. Obama says something about lipstick on a pig and AUTOMATICALLY everyone assumes he is making a remark about Palin. OK, I have used that colorful description to describe Wauchula, FL before Palin was even picked. Does that mean I was insulting her too...even though she wasn't a VP nominee yet? Oh and I saw on CNN this morning that as of today, more men are leaning toward McCain/Palin than women. Really? Did we not see this happening? Of course men are going to vote with their penises! If that's what they are already thinking with, of course that is what they are going to vote with! It is all so sordid and dirty. With all of this sniping back and forth between the camps, it's hard to keep abreast of the issues at hand. I think all we are really caring about is not having four more years of the same hot mess we have been stuck in. People are homeless, joblessness is up, the economy is way down.....something has to give. I have experienced all of the afore mentioned issues first hand. With my family. THIS YEAR! That is what I am concerned with. Not Palin's preggo daughter, not McCain's war record, not Obama's senate record, not Biden's stem cell research faux pas. What are you politico's gonna do to keep good families off the streets? How are you going to stimulate this economy to help create jobs? Talk about that, not who said what to whom and now is demanding an apology for saying it.

I am as far from a political pundit as someone can get, I am not in any way trying to tell anyone else how they should vote,....but I am one of those annoying undecideds who are peppering the landscape of this election. I don't favor either one of the major candidates, and I do not have plans to vote for an independent. You want me? Come and get me.....just be prepared to tell me exactly HOW you're gonna do things. No frills, no chills......just good old facts and figures.

Oh look at that,............ I went all political anyway.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

They Walk Alike, They Talk Alike...

..... Sometimes they even dress alike! Yes, I am talking about my two mini munchkins who are in elementary school. The ES here wears uniforms. I am not "against" uniform per say, I just hate that it requires me to buy two sets of clothes every year. I hadn't ever run into uniforms until living in Memphis Tennessee. Up there, I could see that the uniforms were need, what with the gangs, violence, and kids dressing like thugs and hookers. I was OK with that. The required uniform was white or dark blue collared tops, and navy, black, or beige bottoms. Belts and shirt tucking was required. This made the children look like nice young ladies and gentlemen. I thought it was great! Yes it was expensive....but it was necessary, and we complied.

After moving to Florida, we ran into some schools that wore uniforms, and some that did not. I kept the uniforms just in case HHH got transferred to a job where the school system required them. We have never had any problems with uniforms... till now.

Now Tuttle ES uses uniforms. OK. I have uniforms my kids can wear. Tuttle sells school shirts that have the school logo on them. So did all the other schools we ever attended that had uniforms. However, Tuttle REQUIRES we buy the school's shirts from THEM at $11 a pop because any shirt that does not have the school logo is not permitted. WTF?? I have 2 students who attend there and at $11 a pop for 5 days that would be......$110.00!!! WTF??? Are you kidding me? I do have to insert in here that they gave my kids 3 shirts free each since we had moved in and were a little short on cash due to the moving, but damn man! What about some of these families that have 3 or 4 kids in elementary school here? I have seen them when I go to drop off and pick up the kids from school. I shudder to think what they are paying for this. As if that wasn't enough, now my daughter tells me that I have to purchase them school logo outer wear also, as they are not allowed to wear their regular windbreakers and hoodies. Once more, with feeling....WTF??? Now my kids also wear uniform approved outer wear as well. Navy colored, zip up hoodies, devoid of decoration and design. How the HELL do you tell a parent, after all the other money they have spent on shirts and school supplies, that they also have to spend money on sweatshirts and jackets from the school with the school logo on them? If the shirts are $11, I don't even want to know what the sweatshirts and jackets cost!!! Every other school district I have ever been in that has had uniforms has always given parents the option to buy plain colored, collared tops from a major retailer and use those as uniforms. This "Only buying uniforms from the school" thing smacks as a forced fund raiser to me. By making it a rule that you can only buy your school uniform from the school itself, it creates a monopoly and makes it harder for parents to spread the funds around for things such as after school activities, sports programs, or arts. In the end, the kids are going to lose. We're already being squeezed in the grocery store, by the electric company, and at the pump, but HEY! Let's add on a greedy school to the list. I guess bake sales and raffles aren't enough anymore.

Oh, and the reason most schools give for using uniforms..... you know, the gangs, violence, and crime they are supposed to deter? Yeah, those things usually begin in middle school. Guess what? The middle school my eldest daughter goes to doesn't have uniforms.

Makes a whole load of sense, doesn't it?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where Are The Words...

I just don't know. Or rather I do know and I just choose not to put them down, because doing that will make them more real than want to admit. Here is what I do know.....

I am SUPERMOM! Yep. Right here. I am the shizzle when it comes to Mom-type things. I have lunches for school, dinners planned, house cleaned, medical information taken care of, schools answered, forms filled out, you name it.....I got it! I can bake cookies, cakes, and pastries on a moments notice, and I can help out with homework, science projects, and after school activities. I am in charge of the household and in turn the whole family. And I am tired. Why is it that people expect the mom to do it all, yet we receive so little recognition in return? We don't get a paycheck, we don't get awards, bonuses, or certificates, we don't even get a thank you most of the time! This morning was a case in point for me. I have to get up at 6:15am to start getting the kids ready for school. Just me. Not HHH. I get everyone ready and going and about 7:30 or 7:45, I go in and wake HHH up. Now I could smack him on the ass, or just holler in "Get the F UP!" but I nicely stroke his hair until he stirs from slumber. What I get for my troubles is a mumbled good morning and not much else. I went and walked to the school with the kids and then back home. As I am watching the news and sitting on the couch, HHH comes in the door, shuffles off to the bathroom and then after he is done, shuffles back to the door and doesn't even pause to say anything! WTF?? Am I a fixture of the house, like the couch or the tables? I called attention to the fact that I at least warrant a kiss and a "hi honey""bye honey"!!! C'mon now. Throw me a bone!! I love HHH, but his job in the family isn't just the one who brings home the check. Yes that is a very important part of life, but it's the everyday kindness I value the most!

Wouldn't you know it. HHH just walked in and the above photo is what he gave to me. Yep. A breakfast order for two bacon, egg, & cheese sandwiches on toast with mayo! One for HHH and one for the other maintenance man who he works with. I am now McWetherington's. I guess I make it too easy for them to take advantage of my good nature. I let it happen. Last month when I was sick....I was bedridden for a day or two, and when I got back on my feet...it looked like a tornado had gone through the house. The general consensus was, "Oh Mom will get that when she's better." Yeah. I sure will. Maybe that should change. Maybe mom needs to get a hobby, or something to do that will take me out of the house for a while. Jobs are out because I need to be available to the schools at a moments notice in case something happens to the diabetics(The school usually calls at least 3 to 5 times a day.) Maybe a Pilate's class, or a pottery class, something enjoyable that I can later blog for you all. Either or....HHH did say he was grateful that I made him breakfast and he thanked me profusely for the sandwiches, so that was a change. Maybe he is just trying to settle in now that we are here, living at his job. I don't know. I am probably just obsessing about nothing, but there are days when I feel like a maid and a cook and not a wife and a mom!!!

Junior decided to show his ass today. He had a major melt down the WHOLE way home from the school in front of all the mom's I had just made friends with. Nice impression to leave with them, right?? I do not know what has gotten into that boy. I thought he was settling in well, but all of the sudden he has been having these temper tantrums. Dang kid was lucky I didn't back hand him right then and there! I just took him home, (still screaming at the top of his lungs), put him in his room to cool off, made him do his homework, and took away all of his privileges. The Game cube is history, his TV is going next after HHH gets home, and he isn't going to the pool for at least 2 weeks. We have to nip this in the bud now, before he becomes a problem. As far as I can tell, he pays attention at school.....just when he gets home is he a jerk. We'll have to see.

So remember, come to my house warming people! Also, I am putting up a poll for the Great Pet Bed Rumble. Go Vote!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Tired, But I'm Gonna Blog Anyway!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am tired. It is 9:21 pm at night, and I am trying like hell to keep my eyes open so I can watch a little TV and blog a bit. I guess I have settled into the back to school sleep routine. The kids have a bedtime of 9pm, and I usually follow after them by about 10pm. I almost didn't make it through the whole UF vs. UM football game last night! Glad I did though....wait, wait.....I said I wasn't going to go there after yesterday. Sorry honey! So, like I was saying, I am back into the back to school loop. I am getting up at 6:15am to get Rebecca up for her bus. It stops at 6:58am. Then it's time to get the two little ones up for school at 7:15am and get them ready to walk to the school. They are settling in well. Making friends and having fun. Rebecca is definitely in the gifted and advanced Team at BMS. I'm pretty stoked about that. I even met some of the mom's from around here. We have been walking to and from the school together. It seems like life here is pretty nice. We shall see......

HHH bought the dog a new pet bed. It's just a little pillowy thing. He took to it right away. Unfortunately for the dog....so did the cat. As soon as Toby the Yorkie got up from the bed, Fluffy the cat decided to take over and sprawl across the whole thing! Looks like I'll be buying another $5.99 pet bed from CVS. Photos are here... http://tinyurl.com/5onxfh

I am going to try the House Warming again this Saturday. It wasn't working out for last Saturday, and besides I wasn't really unpacked all the way. I still am not unpacked. I have the same two boxes that were in my living room last week. Yep. They're still there. I don't know why, but I am just not unpacking them. They are filled with dishes. Nothing weird about dishes, right? Aside from the fact I have no where to put them, I just haven't been motivated to get them taken care of. Maybe I am just harbouring a secret fear that if I unpack all the boxes, I'll just have to move again and have to pack up all over again. I don't know. Maybe I'll just get what I need from the boxes and put them in the storage closet. So anyway, the house warming is going to actually be this Saturday and it doesn't look like Ike is going to be a factor.v I was keeping a pretty close eye on Ike. It looked like it was going to slam right into us for a while there. Looks like Cuba is going to get it though. I feel for those people. They have been getting hammered all summer! And they don't have the building codes we do here in the good ole US of A! So now that Ike isn't going to screw up my house warming, let me once again, invite you all to come on over to the house and partake of some good eats and my finest box of wine! Har har....just kidding. I am going to put on a yummy buffet and have a chocolate fountain, so just DM me at nicolewetherington1972@yahoo.com and I'll be glad to shoot you the latest e-vite!

And for now, that's pretty much it. I am going to try to get back into blogging early and having it ready to post at midnight, but it is more likely I'll post the next days blog around 10pm since I am getting tired around then. Remember...

1. Email me about the house warming.
2. Come to the house warming.
3. Drink wine and eat chocolate!
4. Place your bets on who will prevail in the "Battle For The Pet Bed"! I'm giving odds of 2:1 in favor of Fluffy!

That is all.

Ahem....... We Won.

That is all I am saying. Now, out of respect for HHH, I will move on to a new subject.


That is all.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Football, Family, And A Short Note To HHH.

There are going to be those who do not agree with this, and that's OK. I am just fine with people having their own opinions. It is a part of life. It happens, but let me tell you about what we believe in this family. We believe in ......FOOTBALL! Yes ladies and gentlemen, football. Since I was a little girl, I was raised on football. I was a pee wee cheerleader back in elementary school, in Junior High, I joined marching band because we got to go to all the games free and they took the band on road trips. I watched NFL, NCAA, and FHSSA games with a religious fervor! I thought weekends were made for football and football alone! Pep rallies, fight songs, and cheers give me chill bumps! I have always known every word to every school song from every school I have ever attended from Junior High on up! One could say I am a football fanatic, but that would be going too far since I am not so nutty that I can quote stats and scores off the top of my head. I am just a football fan. Not everyone can be a football fan. People who say, "Well, only soccer is true football." make me want to puke on them! Soccer is soccer, 11 guys ramming a brown, oblong ball down your throat is football. A sea of your school colors, all cheering on their favorite Alma Mater is football. Running out onto a field on a bright Autumn day and hearing a crowd of 85,000 people start screaming is football. I remember the days in college at UF. I remember marching down to the stadium, crowds following, I remember being asked for autographs. I remember players getting behind us because we were behind them 100%. We gave them our all, they gave us theirs. It was a great relationship. Now I have the chance to teach that to my children. I can teach them about good sportsmanship, supporting your team, teamwork in general, and loyalty even in the face of defeat. I can show them addition, subtraction, percentages and physics as it pertains to football. We can get together as a family and watch the games and I can show them that even though Daddy's team is going to get it's fanny beaten, Mommy won't make fun of him. (until they are out of earshot!) I can show them that there is an ebb and flow to everything in life, even football. What goes up, must come down and then, eventually, go back up again. I have waited since February for football to begin anew, and tonight is my night. Not Hell or high water, or even Direct TV screwing up my order is going to keep me off of ESPN and the couch tonight, because I am watching UF pummel the Hurricanes. They can say that Ike is coming to watch UM defeat the Gators all they like, but it ain't gonna happen!

I love you honey. You're gonna lose. Deal. With. It.

Your Gator alumni wife,


PS- Maybe I'll do something to soothe your shattered ego later. Muah!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I Think We May Be Settled....

..... but don't quote me on that. I have finally gotten all the kids successfully enrolled in school here. Rebecca was the last one. It took longer to get her in because Hardee JHS wouldn't copy her records so I could give them to the school here in Sarasota. I was floored at that, but the woman in the records department said that they fax school records the same day that the new school requests them.... so it wouldn't be a problem. OK. I get it. So when we showed up at Booker MS, I gave the admissions woman Rebecca's birth certificate, FCAT's, and last report card so they could fax over to HJHS and get her full record. The admissions woman here at BMS said that by law, HJHS should have given me the records when I requested them. I assured her that the records department over at HJHS would fax the needed information immediately. They didn't. The records weren't faxed until yesterday, and to top it all off....they faxed the wrong file! They faxed over a file for Jessica Howell, not Rebecca Howell. What made that even more annoying was the fact Jessica Howell is a "special needs" student. I had the admissions woman at Booker MS asking me about speech therapy, slower classes and short buses when just the day before we were discussing gifted programs and accelerated learning!! Finally we discovered the mistake and the woman said she would call over to HJHS and make them aware that my child's files were missing and they violated the privacy of another child by not paying enough attention to what they were doing. I'm sure HJHS will get it right. Lucky for them I am not a litigious person.
I also signed a form yesterday for Morgan to try out for Ballet. It seems there is a program for kids who need a confidence boost and a nudge in the self esteem department. I am hoping she gets picked. With the diabetes and now the Celiac's, she gets singled out a lot for simple things. Like when a kid in her class has a birthday and that kid's parents bring cupcakes, cookies or brownies, she can't have them. She ends up sitting at her desk looking sad. Not fun. Then, with the diabetes, she has to leave class to go check her sugar, and sometimes misses fun stuff. Once again, no fun. Then sometimes the kids make fun of her for not being able to eat candy and cake like them. This makes for a Morgan who isn't quite as outgoing as she could be. If they accepted her into this ballet program, I bet she'd come out of her shell! Plus, she is my tiny princess. It was funny, when I was registering her for school, she was standing next to her brother and since both of them are the same height, everyone in the office thought they were twins! I laughed! Twins 3 years apart is a funny thing.

Well, update on the House Warming...... it's going to be on for next Saturday. Everyone we know id busy this weekend, so I guess I am going to be relaxing on Saturday and watching my ESPN Game Plan. This is the weekend of the UF vs. UM game. I am a certified Gator, HHH is Hurricane fan. This should make for an interesting game here at the old homestead. The line is the Gators by 21.5 points. I love you, honey..... BUT YOU'RE GOING DOWN BEE-YOTCH!!!!!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008


I've decided not to have the house warming party Saturday. No one I know can come and seeing as how I don't know HHH's bosses and co-workers, I probably wouldn't have as good a time. Maybe later...

How Many People Does It Take.....

....to get a lawn mower out of the lake? Ha ha ha! Someone wasn't paying attention when they were mowing next to the pond today. I thought it was funny. As it is, I am almost done unpacking. I have two more boxes left to do and those are going to be hard to find places for since it is more dishes and cooking supplies. I am a pack rat when it comes to cooking gadgets. I have extra plates, pots, pans, utensils,.....you name it. I have tons of it! People know that when a holiday or my birthday rolls around, some sort of kitchen thing will make me happier than a pig in slop! I'm weird that way. Diamonds are OK, and shoes will do, but get me a new Kitchenaid Mixer with the planetary motion whisk and I will love you for the rest of your life! After I find homes for the last of my dishes and things, I have to go shopping for Saturday's shin dig. I am not expecting a lot of folks to show up. The e-vites I sent out are all coming back no's. I should have gotten them out sooner, but with schetchy Internet, I was at a loss most of the time. We'll probably just have HHH's work friends. That's OK, because then HHH's boss can see my buffet handiwork. I make a nice presentation for buffet. I did my MIL's wedding way back when, (2006) and that got lots of good compliments. Maybe HHH's boss will use me for her resident parties and such. After seeing the cake HHH brought up here last month, she already said she would like me to make the company birthday cakes.
I have gotten all my children into school finally. Rebecca is going to start at Booker Middle tomorrow. She is being placed in the advanced and gifted program. The two little ones are doing OK as well. They are settling into their school and getting down to working. Speaking of the munchkins..... I have to run and go pick them up from the school. They get out later and I can just walk over there and pick them up. It's a nice walk too. There is a walking, linear park with a wide sidewalk and no cars for us to meander down. Gotta run.....and

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


OK, party people! Here's the deal...... I am having a house warming party on Saturday, September 5th! There will be food, drinks, wine, (BYOB for beer and liquor) and ESPN Game Plan so you don't miss any of your favorite college games! I a even going to have a chocolate fountain! Come on by and party with us this Saturday. Direct mail me at nicolewetherington1972@yahoo.com and I will shoot you the e-vite with the time, place, address, and all that! Hope you all can come!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yes, Yes,....I Am Getting Around To Posting.

I know, I know.... I haven't been posting like normal. The chaos that is my new apartment is getting in the way. I have quite a bit unpacked, but still there is more. The cat and dog are settling in well. Toby is excited he con go outside again more often. In BG, I didn't let him go outside as much because there were fleas everywhere! The chickens were covered in fleas, the stray dogs were covered in fleas, the feral cats were covered in fleas! It was crazy! I'd take him outside totally flea free, and come back to being covered in them, and that was with flea medicine on him!

The housewarming is still on for Saturday. I am going shopping Thursday for the food and may start doing prep work for it Friday night.

OK...... took a break and went down to the school to get the kids registered. They are going to start tomorrow. Luckily for me the school is a block from the house, so if there are any problems I can just jog over and take care of it. The phone is on now, I am waiting on the modem for the Internet, and the TV gets hooked up on Friday. *sigh* I think we are getting somewhere here. Yes this is another short, broken up post, but when we get settled I will be back on a regular schedule. I promise!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Still Unpacking....Please Enjoy This Quiz.

What Your Fridge Says About You
You don't need a lot of stuff to be happy. There isn't a greedy bone in your body.

You are a very thrifty person. You don't like to waste money... or food.

You don't tend to be a very adventurous person, but you do surprise everyone now and then. You have a bit of a wild side.

You are responsible, together, and mature. You act like an adult, even when you don't feel like it.

You are likely single - and a workaholic.
http://www.blogger.com/%3Ca%20href= Do the Contents of Your Refrigerator Say About You?
Um......yeah. Still busy unpacking, still trying to fit everything into here....there's lots of room, I just have to adjust a little here and there. HHH needs to hang my pot rack and that would help alot! I guess we'll settle in..... Gotta run, more boxes are calling!