Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Weatherman Was Smoking Crack!

What a crock! What a gyp! Fay was nothing more than a windy rainstorm. We get more severe weather in our daily, Florida afternoon thunderstorms! WTF?? I should have known something was up when it passed over Key West so quickly and didn't do anything but flood. After Fay passed over there and didn't obliterate anyone, the Weather guru's started screaming about it strengthening into a hurricane and doing damage to the west coast. "Run!", they advised. "Get thee to a shelter!", they admonished. "You are going to be flooded and besieged by winds and tornadoes!", they screamed. Know what happened? Do you really want to know???




It is raining, and there is a little wind. Other than that, we got nothing. I worried, and watched, and prepared for nothing. Yeah, it was a good dry run through should we have to get ready for something more potent, but as a storm itself.....Fay just didn't deliver like the forecasters said it would. And now that she hasn't obliterated us or the west coast, the jerks at the Weather Channel are screaming, "It's going to reemerge in the Atlantic and strengthen into a hurricane!" WHAT?? It's not enough that they were wrong the first time with Key West, and then wrong about the landing on the west coast and causing damage there, now they are trying to scare the bejeebies out of the east coast! It makes me want to say, "Give it up, crackheads! You were wrong before, you're wrong now, and you are most likely going to be wrong later on!" I mean, really.... don't they go to school for this? I am thinking that the forecasters were just bored and needed to justify their presence to the rest of the world. I guess that it gets tough to be taken seriously when you keep predicting terrible hurricane seasons every year and get bupkis actually happening.

So now, I am going to start thawing out my water jugs and get on with my normal everyday crap I do on Tuesdays. I hope that the forecasters know that there is only going to be so many times they can cry "wolf" before people stop taking them seriously.

Among the funnier things I have seen from this storm system going through, was the video snippet from Miami where a bunch of complete mental midgets decided it would be a good idea to go "Kite Surfing" yesterday! In tropical storm force winds. Yeah, that's what I said.....what a bunch of idiots! Well, the inevitable happened. A huge gust of wind caught one of the canopy's and took off with a guy before he could detach from his rig. The poor idiot was then slammed into the wet sand, picked back up, flown wildly over A1A and slammed into a building and parking lot! He is said to be in critical condition right now in a hospital somewhere. The thing that gets me about these guys is the cops had just issued a warning about doing crap like that on the public beaches, including surfing in the massive waves rolling up onto the shore. The other funny thing was my cat, Fluffy, escaped from the house. I had the windows in the kitchen open to vent some of the hot from cooking dinner and he pushed through one of the screens. Dumbass cat must have thought, "Oh shit! It's wet out here! I hate wet!" because when I went looking for him he came right to me! He was very glad he was back in the dry, and kept giving me dirty looks like I MADE him go outside! Silly kitty!

So, that was how it was. Nothing spectacular, just a windy rainstorm lasting all day. Typically, the eastern edge of a hurricane produces the most damage, as is evident on the east coast, and the west side just gets the rain. I hope this thing just blows itself out and doesn't strengthen like they are saying.

School's in for real tomorrow!


Christina LMT said...

I'm glad you're all okay, but it is kinda a let-down, isn't it, when you're expecting some spectacular weather and you get nuthin'!

kvegas911 said...

I'll bet there's not any bread or milk for miles....

Blondefabulous said...

CHRISTINA LMT: Yeah, but I'll take it. We really need to invest in a generator, so I was glad we didn't lose power.

KVEGAS911: Nah...that's only in places where it snows! Down here, you run out of water and spaghetti-o's. You know, the non perishable stuff!

Putz said...

isn't fay suppose to backlash on you??

Blondefabulous said...

PUTZ: Well, that's what they are saying.....but further north than where I am. Probably around the Jacksonville/Amelia Island area. They have been wrong about so much with this storm, I would be hard pressed to take what they are saying as truth.

The Troll said...

I predicted EXACTLY what Fay would do. In Troll County, it made the most pleasant day since June. But I still did all the prep stuff on the off-chance they were "right" and I was wrong.

Methinks that since New Orlean residents acted like dim children before, during and after Katrina, the Weather Gurus decided to begin treating EVERYONE like dim children and have exaggerated the probable effect of every storm since.

Blondefabulous said...

TROLL: I think you are right. Also, for Florida, Charley was the worst and no one took that hurricane seriously in the early stages and look how it impacted the state! I guess the forcasters are going to assume every storm is a bad one and hope that people prepare, but I think that it will create a "Crying Wolf" scenario where eventually people won't believe them any more, and that is dangerous!