Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Of Football, Friends, & Finding Happiness.

It's 10:54 pm, I am in my T.I. bathrobe I got on my wedding trip to Vegas, I am sipping a bottled Frappuccino, and watching America's Got Talent. I don't know why I am addicted to this show. I have watched it since it's inception and tonight I was trying hard not to bawl like a baby when a little 4 year old with perfect pitch sang "When You Wish Upon A Star". Maybe it's the fact that they audition everyone who thinks they have some sort of talent, or possibly because there are real people who have real talent that this show shines a spotlight on.... I don't know. Between that and the Brett Farve rumors.... I have been glued to the TV tonight. OMG FOOTBALL! I am salivating at the start of pre season right now. I am making plans to go and attend a Gator football kickoff party in Land O Lakes on the 16th. HHH said he wouldn't mind if I went..... I am more excited because I found out that my big sister in the sorority I pledged in college owns the place the kick off party will be at!

Back in the day, ( a looooooooong time ago!), I was in Tau Beta Sigma. That was the musical service sorority for the bands at UF and other fine schools across the country. My big sis was Shael Ashley. She was totally awesome! She was one of the only female snare drum players on FDL, she could rock F.L.A.P.S. like nobody's business, and she was the cool chick on the drumline! She was what I wanted to be, a guy's girl, the one they all liked, respected, and admired. She got me through my pledge period when there were several times I wanted to tell everyone to suck it, she and her boyfriend Jamie took me out for my first drink when I turned 21, and I went to her and Jamie's wedding a bit later.

Then as life is wont to do, we just lost touch.... I married and had kids, she was married and had children..... the last correspondence I had was a birth announcement for her and Jamie's first child. Now, after all these years, the GNN has come through for me, finding her again. I was looking at the announcements for the Gator Band alumni group, hoping to find info on our alumni game tickets and I saw a post about a gator kick off party in Pasco County. I am no where NEAR Pasco county, but I am a nosy individual so I clicked on it and read it. First it talked about the kick off date and times, and then the "special guest" caught my eye as a guy I had been in band with...Bob Redman. Bob was awesome too! We were on the equipment crew together along with a motley assortment of others. I thought, "Wow! I haven't heard from Bob in years!", then the announcement went on to say who owns the restaurant that the kickoff party was being held at, and it was Shael and Jamie, or rather he goes by James now. I am soooooo stoked! First thing I did was ask HHH if he was ok with going and he said he'd rather stay home with the kids so I could enjoy myself and actually get a word in edgewise with my long lost friends! Is my Hubby great or what! OMG!

So now I am now planning on going to this party up in Pasco county on the 16th. I am so excited for August 30th when UF takes on Hawaii. As it is, I will be making due with pre season NFL football. I have always been a football girl. That was one of the reasons I joined band..... free entrance into the football games! That and getting to go on away games. Either or, I am so totally excited to have found more people from my past that meant a lot to me. I let go of a whole lot during my first marriage,(photography, friends, etc...), and now I feel like finally I am getting some of that back. I am in a good place right now and with HHH by my side I feel like things are going to get even better as time goes by.

If I could just get rid of these damn ants life would be a-ok right now. 'Scuse me, I think Nirvana needs vacuuming again!


lady jaye said...

Pre-season NFL games just don't cut it do they?? I still totally dig you even if you're a Florida fan and even worse are a UF band alum!

Is there any chance you and HHH will go to Jacksonville for the Cocktail Party? I will actually be there this year and would LOVE to meet up!

Russ said...

Just so long as UF beat the ever living tar out of sc and ga, then I'll be a happy camper.

Putz said...

i hope you get some of those friends to come and blog with you, i wish i could have jerry bryan, dan gillesspie, lois arthur, sharron tate, linda nash, bob winchester, janet desimon, chad wilco, jeo theisman, ruth jonhson, margie fischer, all high school friends blog to me on a regular basis...blonde do you think we are STRANGE???that we ought to grow up when we spend so much time with pople on blogs????

Finn said...

This is so cool Hope you make it up there and have a wonderful time.

Go Gators!