Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's A Hanna, But Not Montana!

Holy crap! Ever feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard place? Yeah, that is what I feel like when I check the Weather Channel site and see the maps of Gustav and Hanna side by side. Yeesh. It looks like Florida is caught in a pincers movement! Thus is life in Florida.

The packing is going...not so well. The stupid ants have gotten into my boxes. I am not going to pack up anything else until Saturday morning. I am not bringing the scourge that is these ants to our new place!! There isn't that much to pack, just kitchen things, my desk, and my movies and nik naks. Other than that, the kids toys are already in bins, out stuff is staying in its drawers and such, so I really only have to pack up the dishes and pots, and miscellaneous stuff. We are leaving our couches here in hillbilly hell. The ants have gotten into them and once again,.....I am not taking the ants with me, but it's OK. It is hand me down pieces that I can do without. That just means I get to go furniture shopping! My desk is also going to be a casualty here. It hasn't held up very well through the moves and I think if we try to move it's just going to crumble. *sigh* Not that I have been sitting at it lately.

So soon, I will be in Sarasota. Nice place. Lots of growth. Lots of potential for new clients for cakes and catering! We are giving a house warming party next weekend after we get settled. I am going to showcase my talents there. I figure a full buffet of Kebabs(Chicken & Beef), Veggie display, Fruit display, Baked Potato Salad, and a Chocolate Fountain should do nicely. It should be awesome. I say the best way to advertise is to feed people. I'm a pretty cheap and all prices are negotiable! (hint, hint) I am hoping that HHH's bosses will be impressed. They all liked the suck up cake I made. HHH said it got divided and consumed rather quickly! I may make a cake as well for the house warming. Gotta go with what works!

I have been avoiding the headlines as of late. What with Caylee disappearing, bodies washing up in the Keys, politics running amok, and other's been just too depressing to write about. I figure that keeping up with the volatile weather in the tropics is enough for me. I do know one thing.....I never would have let that woman out of jail with out her producing a child or a body, the bodies washing up are probably idiots who thought they could tame Fay, and they better triple the guards on Obama because every freak, nut, and racist is gonna come out of the woodwork and cause trouble for him! *sigh* We're supposed to be a progressive nation, right? *SIGH*


Nicole said...

mmmm house warming party - yummies!! I have a karaoke machine! What's better than food and fun?!?!?

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: Ooooooo, how fun! I am hoping to wow HHH's bosses and maybe get their business for birthdays and celebrations there. HHH's main boss called me the day he took the cake and said she was probably going to ask me to make the company birthday cakes for their office. Plus, I just like to eat good food.

Florida Catering said...

Glad to see you can keep your humorous side, while thinking about some of the more unpleasant situations around us, thanks. Besides, if you relocate ants, will they now consider you their home nest?

Russ said...

You forgot to mention the beginning of football season!

All that focus on hurricanes, it's like you live in Florida. Oh, wait, you do. Your new digs have a central room with no windows, right?

Blondefabulous said...

FLORIDA CATERING: I'd have to laugh, I would cry if I thought about it too much. I just want those damn ant to DIE DIE DIE!

RUSS:I am unfortunately going to miss the opener for UF because of the move and the fact that my ESPN Gameday won't be hooked up until next Friday. Bah! Good news is I will have TV for the important game.....UF vs. UM. (HHH is a miami, I am a Gator) Let the madness ensue!

Oh and second floor no flooding for me!