Monday, August 11, 2008

I Need A Post..... Oh Just Shoot Me!

Here we are..... Monday night, and I have been trying to keep up with my promise to myself that I would write and post the night before. don't have any fancy schmancy blog where I can bang out all my weeks posts and have them ready to automatically post for me.....I'm just not that prepared. I like to write in the moment and make my posts seem relevant to what goes on around me......but what if I don't have a subject the suitably moves me?? What if I can't find something to talk about? Well, then you get this.....

I am trying to find a reason not to go to the Gator Party I was so excited about. It's this Saturday, but I am having second thoughts about it. The people I would be seeing haven't seen me since I was in college. I am fat, out of shape, and, (by my standard), kind of pathetic. I mean..... my big sis and her husband own a restaurant for Christ's sake! I am just a stay at home mom with no job, no accomplishments, and I was actually pathetic enough to be homeless this year! WTF was I thinking? What the hell would I tell them, or any of the other people I went to college with when they ask me..."So, what have you been up to?" Heh, heh,..... yeah..... I don't see me going. Waste of gas bringing my butt to there. Moving on.....

I have been watching the Olympics with mild interest. Yes it is exciting, yes the Chinese are doing a bang up job, but I think that outside forces are trying to horn their way in to an event that is supposed to transcend political and diplomatic ties. The murder at the Drum Tower, the protesters trying to get attention, and the strangle hold that China has on media out of the country are all making it hard to realize that this is supposed to be about the athletes...... not the neo political mumbo jumbo the world dishes up on a daily basis. Still, Michael Phelps rules!

2008 is going to become known as the year the laughter and music died!! First George Carlin passed away, and now Bernie Mac has died! And to top that as well, Issac Hayes passed away this Sunday! Having lived in Memphis and working where I did, I got the opportunity to meet several celebs in my time..... Mr. Hayes being one of them. He was a gracious man who oozed cool no matter where he was, or who he was with! He was polite, well spoken, and amazing to watch as he spoke. Every eye was on him, every ear hung on his least little word. I was saddened beyond belief to hear he was gone. Made me want to say "Shut your mouth!" when they announced it on CNN.

I am not what you would call "Tech-savvy" I am a computer dork. Just so you know, I tanked our last laptop because I accidentally down loaded a virus like a nincompoop! It was never able to recover and thank GOD I send all my photo's to Flickr because I would really be pissed if I had tanked everything. That being said, it once again took me 3 dedicated tries to get the new version of woopra installed on here. I just couldn't do it. Didn't know what I was doing wrong. If you were looking at Twitter late last night, you would have seen my Tweet about finally getting it running on here. What I really want to know is why does it take till almost 12 am and me to be on pain/sleep pills for me to finally figure out how to install stuff? Because it just makes it hard since I can't remember a damn thing the next morning when I wake up as to how I did it!

I am in no way prepared for the kids to go back to school. Nope. I have no supplies, no clothes, no backpacks, nada! With HHH getting a new job, we have been trying to bridge the gap it created between ending the last job and beginning the new job. Now school has crept up on us and I have to do something about getting the things the kids need. I also have to find out if there is a bus going to the Junior High from here in Bowling Green. HHH has to leave before time we can drop her off at the school grounds...... I gotta find out about that. (My ex needs to catch up his child support....that would help a whole lot!)

I have decided that I want an iPod Touch. Yes I entered Avitable's Lazy Sunday contest for it, and no I did not win it. (I hate Bluepaintred!) But even before I found out I had not been lucky enough to win Avitable's contest, I had been perusing the Apple site and liked what I saw. I'm not that interested in getting an iPhone, I like the one I have now, but I do like the possibility of being wi-fi capable so if I see something that catches my fancy, I can blog it right then and there.... and if I want to listen to Justin Timberlake, (Whom I also met), I can do so with out bugging the rest of the family. Right now all we have is Rhapsody on the laptop and it just doesn't cut it. I like the possibility of getting music, movies, podcasts, and more from one little machine. I want it, I need it, I gotta get, time to save up!

So that's it for now.... nothing too spectacular, I know, but I just think that if you don't have a subject you can expound on for an entire post, a few subjects all tied together can do just as well. Now back to Olympic observation...... c'mon.... you know you're watching!


lady jaye said...

First of all - Go to the party. You'll regret not going. You may never get to see those folks again. You're beautiful, you have a wonderful familiy that you have to take care of and it doesn't matter if you're not rich or were homeless.

Second - Phelps has been incredible and last night's performance by the Men's gymnastics team was awesome as well. I just love the olympics!

Third - Woopra approved me but I'm so fonking stupid I have no idea how to install it.

Fourth - I LOVE my iPod Touch. I totally recommend getting one.

Lisa said...

Why worry about what people think about your "accomplishments" or if they are going to compare you to your sister? Go to the party and stand out on your own. Be your own person and be proud of what you've become. Just because you don't have some fancy schmancy title or career, doesn't mean that you aren't anyone or anything special.

Don't you have an antivirus program on your pc? I won't download or open anything that looks suspicious.

I have an iPhone that I got as a graduation present last year. I love it but I would never have spent that kind of money on it had it not been a gift. I never use it to write a blog post. I use it for my iPod and for quick internet surfing and some of the applications.

Putz said...

yes, i am wathching and proud of it....i like the efforts, and i like the excitment and i like the young people, and the what is not to like....the door bell rung and i am going to ignore it, cause it is probably a creditor or a mormon missionary, and i do not feel in the mood, i am supposed to write more on my church, but i much rather write about your cute kids or my cute kids, honestly blonde fab you have the sweetest i have ever seen anywhere

Blondefabulous said...

LADY JAYE: I know I should go, but I just keep seeing photos from back in the day, and I just can't muster the happy happy to go. It also took me forever to get woopra installed and working!

LISA: Yeah I know it shouldn't bother me, but it does. I wanted so much more for myself and it just never materialised. Oh well...
and yes we had antivirus, but it was disabled....I am a dumbass.

PUTZ: Yes they are cute aren't they!!