Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Have Seen The Future.....

.... and it includes a Starbucks!

We took a drive over to the area we are going to be living in and OH. MY. GOD. It is beautiful. There was shopping, dining, personal services, everything I could ever ask for! We went to a Super Target, ate at Sonic, and saw the apartment. It's wonderful. New carpet goes down day after tomorrow, the new paint was already up, and my new washer and dryer was ready to go in. I am excited! The kids were excited too. They were picking out their rooms, looking out the windows, and talking about their new schools. We saw the ES and it truly is with in walking distance, closer than the BGES is to us right now! I am excited!

Right now, though, I can't see straight because I have the worlds worst sinus headache. I am sneezing, blowing my nose, and sniffling.....and man it hurts! Ugh. It came on last night before I went to sleep and it has just mushroomed into a monster of a thing! I am going to take some medicine and hope for feeling better, but it will probably put me to sleep. *sigh* So much for packing. I'll do it this afternoon.

The good news is that Gustave is not going to hit anywhere near us. I so did not want to move in the rain. It's a pain in the ass. I have been washing up the kids clothes and HHH's and my clothes, and trying to get a handle on all the crap in this house before I start packing. I don't want to pack and haul anything that is unnecessary. HHH cleaned out the kids closet last weekend. All the useless fast food toys, school papers from last year, and broken playthings went out to the round file. We don't have alot, but I'm not big on saving every darn thing.

If this sounds a little weird, I am writing this on Wednesday morning. Embarq is turning off my phone and Internet two day early (thanks again!), and I am going to have to go to the library to post after HHH gets home at night. If I have something already ready to publish, it will take less time. This week isn't going to have anything new and exciting in it besides the moving thing.

Oh man! Make this headache go away...... I need a frappuccino!
GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!(said in my best Professor Hubert Farnsworth voice) The Internet is still on, so maybe something got done and I got my stuff till Friday. One can only hope!


Christina LMT said...

Civilization! It is a great thing...

You and my daughter Silver can bond over frappucinos, she LOVES 'em.

Good luck with everything, by this time in a few days...:)

Finn said...

Vanilla Bean Frappucino! W00t!

There's something in the air; my allergies are the worst right now.

Feel better.

kapgar said...

Need a Frappuccino? And the addiction begins.

Blondefabulous said...

CHRISTINA LMT: I have only recently started liking coffee and coffee related products.

FINN: w00t is right! I like the Mocha ones myself. The pollen count out here right now is insane!

KAPGAR: Yeah, but it's better than ciggs or cocaine.

Bec said...

Frappuccino! Frappuccino! Frappuccino joy! Put me down for a Java Choc Chip... Need a 24hour Starbucks next door!