Monday, August 4, 2008

I Got A Plan!

So as everyone knows, I haven't been in the best of shape lately. Right now I think it is all having to do with "Aunt Flo" and the pestilence left from HHH. The kids are doing fine now. Junior shows no signs of his Emapenc y visit having done him wrong and the girls are doing OK as well. I now have a plan to make me better.

I haven't been eating what I should lately. I have been indulging in Gluten laden foods that are playing havoc with my internal organs......and probably making me feel like crap! So I have to go grocery shopping tonight and I am going all healthy! Yep No breads (for me and Morgan), lots of fresh veggies, Lean protiens, and rice! I bet if I got my Gut back in order I'd feel tons better! (Plus I bet it would trim off a little bit of gut as well!)

So I am still here! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! I appreciate it. I am hoping that HHH will be able to get a post in for Thursday. He had worked his booty off at his new job last week. He has to commute 1 and a half hours there and back, but it's a JOB! A real job that pays real money! I am so psyched for him. He has pep in his step, his head is a little higher, and he seems so much more happier! It only took us 8 months to find a real job for him..... and that is just because the economy is so shitty! Too many people, not enough jobs! Now to catch up all the bills and concentrate on getting the kids ready for school! I got a Junior High student this year! Ah.... the tween years, I fear what they may hold for me and HHH.

I'm going to go..... I got a grocery list to make!

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Anonymous said...

Yay for the healthy stuff and feeling better! I am right there with you, sistah...practically holding your hand!