Monday, August 4, 2008

I Am Back, But Not In Black.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am back. I have finally emerged from my sickly state better, stronger, and healthier. How was this possible, you ask? Well, I got my ass out from in front of the computer for one. Yes it is a font of information, what with CNN and Twitter, endless searches for things obscure, and all that jazz, but when you are ill, is it really a good idea to cough into your kleenex, hand, or whatever then touch your keyboard, thus putting the germs on it and infecting you and your family over and over?? Nah..... not a good idea. I think that was how I ended up with this crap twice. I disinfected the computer and left it alone, getting much needed sleep and rest to make me better! Yay, right? Well anyway, Then my PMS turned into just plain MS and that took care of the Boob-ular problem. That left just one little detail to take care of......... the Celiac's flare up. Yep. I had been eating baaaaaad stuff for me. Bread, crackers, croutons, all the things that make my life a joy to live and that I am not supposed to be consuming anymore. Hey, I was sick, OK? I needed a comfort food to keep me content. I took care of that little detail tonight when we went grocery shopping. I bought all the good stuff. Chicken for grilling, steak, crisp veggies, salad mixes, summer squash to bake, and NO BREADS FOR MORGAN OR MYSELF! We have corn and rice cereals for breakfasts, 6 dozen eggs, bacon and sausage for when I feel like cooking, plenty of salad and meats for grilling for lunch and dinner and a 5 lb. bag of rice! I was a little disappointed that Wall to Wall Mart is discontinuing their Gluten free pasta line. They are going to make me spend a fortune at a health food store to get pasta Mo and I can eat. I didn't look to see that they were getting rid of all their gluten free products. Hopefully it is only here in Wauchula, and I can just go over a town or two and get the gluten free stuff somewhere else! Food is already costing me an arm and a leg, I don't need it to get worse!

So I am feeling better, school is about to start, and HHH has a good job! I am praying to every deity that I know of that this continues!

SO from here on out.......I'm Back!


lady jaye said...

Wooooohooooo! I'm so glad that you're feeling better. Here's to you and your healthy, happy family!

Finn said...

Glad you're back on your feet!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Wal-Mart has a gluten free pasta line?? I had no idea! I know Publix carries a great selection of gluten-free stuff, too.