Saturday, August 23, 2008

The "HHH Hogged The Computer, So This Is What I Got" Post.

I am watching the comedy Central roast of Bob Saget and reveling in the euphoria of the Jaguar's whipping the Buc's and waiting for my sleep meds to kick in and I just finally got on the computer! I try to let HHH have it as much as possible on the weekends because I pretty much get it exclusively on the week days. Since I did get it late in the game, I don't have a post ready to publish at midnight, so this is kind of what I have put together in, oh ....say 10 minutes. Here we go!

HHH and I have started going through boxes to get ready to move on Saturday the 30th. He got the oh so glorious job of taking everything out of the outbuilding, one box at a time, and emptying it out to look for critters. Spiders, palmetto bugs, and ants. {shudder} Yeah, I gave him that job. I, after sleeping in till 11 am, was trying to do laundry. I don't have a dryer, so when it is sunny outside, I gotta get while the gettin's good. Of course, my luck ran just like it always does, and in the span of one load going from start to finish it was blacker than hell outside and I had to rig my indoor clothes line up and it takes FOREVER for shit to dry inside! So the 6 loads I had planned turned into 2. (And the second load STILL hasn't finished drying!) HHH cleared out a lot of stuff. We put it out by the mailbox and with in 10 minutes, these old people were out at the box going through the stuff and took everything but two bowling balls! That was easy! Now to pack up the house this week and off we go to Sarasota!!

I have been watching the Olympics, and was shocked and amazed at some of the moments that have gone on. Like the women's pole vault where the girl from the USA got faced by the Russian girl, or when the US didn't get either of the relay teams in the medaling race because both of them dropped the baton. Then there's the Tae Kwon Do match where the Cuban athlete got pissed and kicked a judge in the face. Or the Japanese synchronized swimmer who hyperventilated and had to be taken off the Water Cube on a stretcher. Oh and some guy named Michael Phelps won a few medals for something I can't remember...... YEAH RIGHT! I am even watching the obscure events like ping pong, oh excuse me, table tennis, and fencing. The only thing that has stuck in my craw (wtf is a craw and why do things get stuck in it?) has been the Chinese gymnasts. Who the hell does China think it is? They have been passing off little girls as 16 year olds and winning gold doing it! Then, faced with much evidence from the web and a guy who was brave enough to hack into a Chinese government website, the IOC has completely swept it under the rug. They took the Chinese government's word that the gymnast's passports were all on the up and up. OK, I just gotta say that when they Chinese girls stand next to the American can tell they are too young! They have no development like a 16 year old! They look like they're 11 or 12! WTF???? We got robbed. Majorly! Oh well, we are still kicking ass....

Nicole Daniels has been twittering back and forth to me and we spoke on the phone yesterday. She is giving the inside scoop of where everything is in Sarasota! Squeeeeee! I am going to have a blog buddy in close proximity!! (Karl is close to me now, but I am moving.) She told me about the schools, shopping, restaurants, everything! Thanks girl! Now I know who to call when I get lost driving around! Ha Ha! OK, I gotta wrap this up. The sleep meds are kicking in and I plan on sleeping in again. Yummy!

Join me in counting down...7 days to go!


Putz said...

just for your information, i can beat everybody at ping pong, and resent you giving the sport such a bad is good as schulls

Putz said...

honestly sleeping is my favorite thing, all this blogging is worse than sex, it wears me completely out, so sleep is my favorite thing in the world

Christina LMT said...

It'll be here before you know it!

Good luck on your move!