Monday, August 25, 2008

Gutentag Gustav!

I'm not going to buy into the hype of Gustav. It probably won't even come close to being a pain in the ass like Fay, but something tells me that it may crimp my moving plans. Not that it would be here by Saturday, but any cast off would and it would make it a pain in the ass to move the stuff up to our second floor apartment. Oh, and if you guys don't hear from me after Wednesday, Embarq has decided that since I am cancelling my service, (They don't service Sarasota apparently), they are going to cut it off for me on that day instead of Friday at midnight like I requested. Thanks Embarq......I appreciate you looking out for me. Sigh..... I got some more laundry done Monday. I also washed a bunch of stuff we were keeping out in the outbuilding. Coats, rain jackets, things like that. It got crappy out there in the outbuilding. I am glad there is a storage closet out on the balcony. I am also glad the balcony is screened in. No mosquitos or wasps! I have been bedeviled by wasps and horsefly's every time I hang clothes out on the line. I can't say I don't enjoy the wonderful smell of the clothes after they have dried on the line, but all the crap I have to put up with to dry my clothes out there is just torture! We are also getting a new washer and dryer with the apartment, so we are selling our set to my BIL and his wife. I'd be inclined to GIVE it to them, you know, except for all that tossing us out and letting his MIL and FIL treat us like crap thing. Yeah..... just not in the giving spirit for that. I will be giving his kids some toys and clothing that is really nice. I have some cute dresses from Tommy Hilfiger and other designers that Morgan doesn't fit into anymore. Since he has 3 daughters 5 and under....I figured he could use it. Also going to give them Junior's 4 wheeler. It's a power wheels version and all it needs is a battery. When we lived in Memphis, someone broke into our back yard and stole the one we had. We won't have room for it and Junior likes to ride his bike now, so time to move on and get rid of it. Tomorrow it's on to HHH's and my laundry and I'll start packing. Probably start with the desk stuff and the nik naks in the living room. MAN! I feel like I just got all this stuff unpacked. Oh wait.....I did! The kids are excited. They want to go now and HHH and I keep telling them...."Not till Saturday."

So now I am off to hopefully get some sleep tonight. I got basically two hours of sleep last night. I finally dozed off at 4 and had to get up at six am. I'll keep everyone updated on the goings on. Later gators!


CP said...

Fay was a little bitch, wasn't she? I have been in Florida for 13 years now and have yet to see a year where the storms were as horrible as the news makes them sound...except maybe that year we got it with those three in a row.

I'm in Tampa! Nice to meet ya!


Finn said...

Don't get me started with Gustav. I hope this will not be yet another season of annoying fire drills that simply distrupt life for no apparent reason. I'm so not in the mood.

Putz said...

what kind of name is GUSTAV?????

Trukindog said...

Just be careful not to slip on the wet steps when your movin in darlin, the first six weeks in a new apt. with a cast on any part of your body would SUCK.

Why do ya think Woopra is ignoring me?

Blondefabulous said...

CP: We didn't really get any of Fay. It was windy and it rained for a day. That's it. Thanks for the welcome!

FINN: Yeah, me too! All this, "We're gonna blow away!" crap is getting old. Too many times, and eventually no one will listen!

PUTZ: German, I believe.

TRUKINDOG:HHH and his friends are doing the heavy lifting. I just have to pack the boxes! Woopra.... I dunno. It took a week for me to get approved.