Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Bye.

The time has come. We have to say good bye. Good bye to the countryside, good bye to the fresh air, good bye to the friends we have made. Bowling Green. I have often compared it to Mayberry, with it's one stop light, down home feel, and small town whimsy. I walked to the elementary school today for the last time. There were diabetic supplies to pick up and people to say good bye to. The ladies in the office were kind enough to make copies of the kids records for me and I bid them a fond farewell. It was hard to say goodbye to people who helped us so much when we really needed it.

As I was walking home from the school, I looked around at everything and decided that perhaps Bowling Green wasn't so bad. It was quiet, which made reflecting on my family and life much easier. The neighbors were friendly, quirky, and all together what I would like neighbors to be anywhere I live. The pace of life here was slow, almost molasses in January slow. The only thing that reminded me that this was a town that was moving forward was the satalite dishes perched across the tops of the houses dotting the streets. The siren song of the cicadeas humming in the trees will accompany me as I pack the boxes and place them in the truck. I'll remember the finches and their babies, the feral cats and the kittens they were having in the back yard, and oh yes, I will remember the flock of chickens. (Note I didn't say I'd miss them!)

So, here I am, house in a state of chaos, half packed, half unpacked.......and I am feeling like I will miss this place. It is where my little family healed after heartbreak. It is where we learned not everyone is out for themselves. It is where I learned that the simple life can be rewarding.... no Starbucks needed!

Just so you know....I may not have a post after today. Our internet and TV isnt going to be hooked up till next Friday. (FRICK!!!) I am going to try and get over to the clubhouse at the complex to take advantage of their Wi-Fi. So I am off to go pack the U-Haul.

Good bye Bowling Green. I think I will miss you.


Lisa said...

Good luck with the move. Let us know how it goes as soon as you can.

Putz said...

so theeeerrre...i knew i would be RIGGHTT...i am so sad, bowling green, for what????sarasota, it sounds like a soft drink....who cares about a starbucks, i will be moving to bowling green and then you will be sad you don't have me as a neighbor, yes you will

Putz said...

utah beat michigan in michigan 25 to 23.....go coach whathisname from florida who coached utah to national champions...sorry about you for real hurricane...i blog to so many on the coasts of texas, florida, carolinas...if this hits, i will miss a lot of bloggers, all at the bottom of the sea