Sunday, August 10, 2008

But How Will I Know What To Do?

This is what my son said to me tonight. He was already in bed, but about 20 minutes later he got up, wandered into my bedroom, and plopped down next to HHH. He had a worried look on his small face and his little brow was furrowed in heavy thought.

"But what if I don't know anything?" Now the eyes are looking cloudy.

"But baby, that is why you go to school, to learn about things you don't know." I give him my best reassuring mom voice.

"Yeah, but I have never been in first grade. What if I don't remember anything?" The concern in his tiny voice has grown a bit more.

"Honey, I will help you with everything. You bring home any work from school, and Mommy will always help you learn it! I promise!" HHH is nodding in approval and seconding everything I am saying.

Then we get to the crux of the situation.......

"But Mom, what if there is no recess in first grade?"

My little man, my curly, little, fluffy headed man........ was worried that there was no playgrounds or recess in first grade. My heart melted as I looked into his eyes and saw he was really serious. Then I remembered how I felt when I was small and starting a new school year. The nervousness, the trepidation, the wonder about who was going to be in my class, what we were going to learn and who was going to be my teacher. It all came flooding back as I looked in my little boys eyes and saw that he was really anxious about it all.
So what do you do when your six year old looks up into your eyes and tells you he's worried about the new school year? Well, if you're me, you gather him up in your arms, hug him really tight, and kiss him on the head while promising him that if he needs you, you will be right there in a heartbeat at the school, after school with homework, and any other time he needs me. Just have the school call and I'll be there in a flash! Now that he was suitably satisfied that the school year would be OK and that there WOULD be recess, he carried on back to bed and drifted off to dreamland.
And this was all because I told my eldest daughter that school started a week from tomorrow. I guess I should save my "OMG, the kids are back in school" dance for when they can't see me, huh? !
Remember babies..... Mommy loves you!


Christina LMT said...

Silver starts band camp tomorrow, and school starts in two weeks; she's a senior now, but the same apprehension is there! Some things never change :).

lady jaye said...

Awww that's so sweet. I remember all of those fears. Nothing really changed much for me in college either. I was always nervous when a new semester started. Wondering what college boys would be like, hoping the professors would be nice, etc. You're a great mom!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I remember the anxiety of no longer getting recess! Such a cute story! (And a cute kid!)

Kim Hays said...

Amazingly enough, many schools here in Florida DON'T have recess in elementary school!

Nice post!

metalmom said...

My son had those fears about graduation, leaving home and going to boot camp. He sat next to me and cried it out.

So I said "Suck it up!"

*And then I cried behind his back...

Putz said...

I HAD NO IDEA THAT KIDS THOUGHT THAT MUCH, much less about school, but you can tell from his concerns that he will do well with all aspects of the schooling experience...i so enjoy hearing about your three kids so much....they are little pixels that win your heart with their every act{except with those concerning their health} hey i like looking over to my right on your blog and seeing hello putz, gives me a real welcome feeling

Blondefabulous said...

CHRISTINA LMT:Yep... it never changes. I remember band camp.... but it wasn't anything like the American Pie band camps.

LADY JAYE: Yeah.... I try to be as supportive as possible when it comes to school. As it is, I am usually there quite a bit with the youngest two having diabetes.

MS. FLORIDA TRANSPLANT: Junior read your compliment about being cute and was quite pleased! "She thinks I am cute!"

KIM HAYS:Thank you very much. I thought the Florida legislature passed the "30 minutes of activity" bill or something like that. Recess seems like a way to accomplish that and guve the kids a break too!

METALMOM: I'd cry too, if I wasn't going to be at the school for the first week to orientate all the teachers, staff, and cafeteria employees about my one child who is diabetic and my other child who is diabetic AND has Celiac's disease. le sigh......

PUTZ: Next time click on that box and you can talk directly to me. It's a woopra thing!