Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bowling Green House- A Photo Journey.

Let's take a journey through the photo's I have taken over our stay in Bowling Green.....
Mowing with daddy.
Swinging in the front yard.
Easter Weekend.
Moving in with no furniture.

Strange new bugs here in Bowling Green.
Getting our stuff finally!
The crazy, half nekkid neighbors!
The weather.

Junior graduating kindergarten.
The plumbing that doesn't go anywhere.
The floor that was falling out of the house.
The beautiful rose out front of the house.
Me and the solar powered clothes dryer.

The cat deciding the new rug is "HIS".
Our laundry blowing in the wind.
Everything in the house.

Brendan.... just because I felt like it!

The ants I wish would just up and DIE!

So there it is....the 6 months we've been here in a nut shell. Comment away!
PS- Don't forget that I will be having my Internet and phone turned off tomorrow at noon. (Thanks again Embarq.) This is in anticipation of our move on Saturday! Whoo hoo, go me! I will be traveling to the library to pan off their Internet for Thursday and Friday's posts!


Avitable said...

Have a safe move!

Chris Wood said...

Oh hey, love the plumbing.

Christina LMT said...

It seems like a long, long time to me, but it really went by quickly, too. Does that make sense?
Have you ever seen the movie "This is Spinal Tap"?
Your "house" reminds me of that song:
Livin' in a Hellhole!

Here's the youtube link:

Putz said...

oh, god, am i going to miss the old place..i can't believe it is really happenening....those workmen, blondefab, how can you move away from them????the bugs, they so make life interesting and happy, how can you give them up/????your kids look so at home...the mowing, the the the the

Putz said...

oh damned, i just now noticed the picture of brenden...i am so mortified...aren't you embarassed in putting a picture of him on your blog????

Blondefabulous said...

AVITABLE: Thanks! :-)

CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, ain't great?

CHRISTINA LMT: It is a hell hole, but faced with the choice of a hell hole of living on the street, we took the hell hole. Now that we have some place better to go, we are getting the heck outta dodge!

PUTZ: I am sure I will find more fun for you to bond with, and yes I put Brendan on here!