Sunday, August 17, 2008

And So, It Begins!

My Monkeys are going back to school! Back to school I say! I am doing a happy tap dance as I write this. It's not that I don't love my kids, but they have approached that point where all that comes out of their mouths is....."Mom! I'm bored!" or "Mom, I'm hungry!" or "MOOOOOOOOM! Make my brother/sister stop bothering me!!!" Yeah. You get the picture. Well, as of tomorrow, they are back in school for the duration. Of course that is with the exception of Tuesday, when we will be weathering a hurricane. Oh yeah baby! Hurricane Fay is on the way. You saw me lamenting about it in my last post, well I am still lamenting about it. Nothing will jack up a new year at school like a hurricane blowing in and screwing crap up! Today I was washing up clothes and getting them hung out on the line to dry. Tomorrow I have to unrig my washer set up so I can close the window that the hoses come in at. I also have to nail the cover over the out building door to try and keep out the rain as much as possible. It doesn't have a door, so the cover has to suffice. (We don't have a Home Depot or Lowes no wood.) I also am going to secure HHH's grill inside in the kitchen. Don't want that blowing away! If we lose power for a few days, that's how we're going to be cooking! Our water is all set, and I froze half of the water jugs so it will help keep everything cool. We got this! Still, sucky timing!

Well, if I was getting prepared for the hurricane, my neighbors sure weren't! I got the one neighbor to the west, you know....the redneck construction crew....yeah them. They have crap strewn all over that yard! They have flat bottom boats, plastic play houses, sheet metal, old fencing, etc..... all over that yard. Basically, if the winds pick up really good, that shit is going to go flying! Then there are my neighbors to the east. The spanish ones with the daughter that plays with my kids all the time. Oh yeah, they weren't even aware there was a hurricane coming!! WTF??? I asked Anna, the daughter if they were ready for the storm to come and she asked me, "What storm?" What storm? WHAT STORM???? OMG,does Univision not have a weather channel on it? Seriously, how do they not know there is a hurricane coming? Anyway, they have a porch that has a multitude of crap that can blow around, lawn furniture that can launch in the air, and oh Lordy..... don't forget the damn chickens!! I have no idea what the chickens are going to do Tuesday when the winds pick up! I don't think they have a proper coop, so they may end up in the next county! Like in the movie "Twister" when they were going..."There's a cow! Another cow!", we'll be saying...."There's a chicken! Oooo another chicken!" Then there is the RV park across the street. Lord knows what is going to happen there! I hope those things are tied down good or there will be RV's everywhere. Hmmmm..... maybe I am not so worried about us as I am about everyone else!

So we are ready for school......and ready for Hurricane Fay........ next we are going to get ready to move! I feel like we are always getting ready for something.

But is school and Fay ready for us???? Watch out! here comes the Wetheringtons!!!!


lady jaye said...

Stay safe! Don't blow away!

Putz said...

what hurricane?????????????

Finn said...

Good thing you don't own that house because all that shit is going to be flying at YOU, not them. Because that's the way it usually works.

Stay safe!

Blondefabulous said...

LADY JAYE: We will. I have everything planned.

PUTZ: Where have you been for the last 3 blog posts?? I have been posting on the hurricane that's headed for us. Check the weather channel on line for more info.

FINN: You stay safe as well. I see the rain bands are already hitting you.
And you're right, I am glad we don't own this house..... because all that crap in my neighbors yards is gonna come right at us!

Catch said...

WOW, you are one busy lady! I hope you and your family stay safe in the storm and I hope all your neighbors crap doesnt come flying in your yard! I can see them all lining up at your door b/c your the only one who took precautions! lol

Blondefabulous said...

CATCH: Yeah...I do keep busy. I am hoping that we are going to just get rain, but all the modles show that joker passing just to the right od us, which means my neighbor's lawn furniture, boats, and chickens will be hitting the house!

cathy said...

Wow! Sounds like you're an old hand at preparing for hurricanes! We had one here in Ontario like 54 years ago, Hurricane Hazel, before my time but did a ton of damage. Can't even imagine it. Stay safe!

Blondefabulous said...

CATHY: Yeah, I was born and raised in Florida, so this is old hat. I was lucky enough to be living in Tennessee when the big ones rolled through here two years ago. This looks like it will be alot of wind and rain, nothing too serious thank goodness.