Friday, August 15, 2008

And The Hits Keep On Coming....

Well, today was an exercise in fun and excitement! (<----sarcasm~!)

I went to my two youngest children's open house today. The school is only a mile from our house, so we had decided to walk there. Besides, HHH was going to be at work. He had taken off early for Rebecca's open house yesterday, and I wasn't going to ask him to miss most of a day for another open house. I want to know what genius decided it would be a good idea to have this open house in the middle of the day?? From 1 to 3pm??? On a Friday right before school???? Not very smart. Anyway, it started to MONSOON an hour before we were going to leave. Great. Just great. I get on TWC and see the storm is a fast moving cell that should be over by the time we get ready to leave. Nope. The rain slows to a sprinkle, but doesn't stop. Oooooookay then. I outfit the kids in jackets and umbrellas and off we go to the school.

We get there, and by that time I am sweating my ass off. I wore a pullover to keep the rain off of me and it was hot as hell. I was DYING! So we get there, and find the class lists, and then it is off to the nurses office! I had a bag full of supplies. Just the usual....insulin, needles, glucagon, test strips, keto-sticks, and sugar tablets! You know.... just the basics. I talked to Beth, the head nurse for the county, and gave her the new Doctor's Orders, for the school to keep on hand. Now that we had that done, it was time to head out and meet the teachers. We found both and I explained to them that we were probably only going to be here for a maximum of 2 weeks and then we were taking the transfer to Sarasota and HHH's new job. (I had weighed not starting the kids until we did get over to Sarasota, but it is easier to transfer than start late.) After meeting with both of the teachers, it was time to go and meet the new head of nutrition, ie..... the head lunch lady. The wonderful woman I had worked with last year had retired and the new wonderful woman was already expecting us. I introduced her to Morgan and Junior, explained to her what each child could and could not eat, and then filled out lunch forms and emergency notification forms. After that was done, it was back to the office to set up the bus for the kids. Since they are diabetic, they have to ride the medically needy bus, (read...short bus!). I got that set up and found out where Rebecca needs to go to catch her bus as well. Finally, we get out of the school and now it has stopped raining, and O. M. G. It is sweltering! It's hot. Like a heavy, oppressive kind of hot. The kind of hot that pulls at you like a hyperactive 2 year old with a sugar high from hell! yeah, and now we were going to walk a mile home in that! Fun!!!! We take the back roads so we can ind the bus stop for Rebecca and get home. I was dying by then. The pullover is drenched in sweat and rain and feels like it weighs 500 lbs. The kids, however, decided to go outside and play in that oppressive heat. Ugh! How do they do it?

So anyway, we are all set for school, and after I got changed and cooled off, I sat down with the laptop and started to read the comments I got so far for today's blog.....and there it was. Weirdness. Creepiness. Strange comment. I had seen this commenter before, but now the comments that started out innocuous and banal were starting to border on the creepy and stalker-esque! It definitely made me turn the comment moderation BACK on!!!! Please people, don't be creepy. I am glad you think I am hot and all, but try to keep the comments to the subject at hand. In other news, the cake went over very well. HHH's boss even called me to thank me for the cake. Also, I have been watching "Psych" every Friday night and it is absolutely hilarious! I laughed my ass off at the one tonight!

Well, that's all I got. Remember.....DON'T BE CREEPY!!!


lady jaye said...

This is me not being creepy:

I am glad that the open house went well even though y'all won't be there in a few weeks!

Putz said...

i love hearing about your kids and how they have to make adjustments to life, and i hope i am never creepy

Christina LMT said...

I lived in Florida (Satellite Beach) when I was a little kid, ages 4-9. I remember playing outside constantly, non-stop, all day long. I was aware of the heat, humidity, and bugs, but somehow it didn't bother me! Today it's a different story, and my kids are way wimpier than my brothers and I were.