Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ahhh....Let The Count Down Begin!

6. Six. Six lovely days until we are out of this .......hovel, and off to our new digs in Sarasota! I begin boxing up things today in anticipation! I kind of left it alone this weekend and just spent time with HHH and the kids, but I looked around the house and saw the ants, the holes in the floor, the crappy ass plumbing, etc etc etc....and.......

I. Am. So. Over. Living. Here.

Yep. Over it. Done. Finito. The negatives of this house have far outweighed the positives of living in this community. Let's look at the positives and negatives shall we?


Small Town /Small Town

Good Country Living /Chickens

A+ school (ES only) /D Middle School

Fresh Produce/ No Shopping

Medical Is Flakey

No Starbucks

See? I can get a better place to live, same good school, and more access to shopping, medical, and services in Sarasota. And then, there is the apartment. A 3 bedroom apartment. A great big 3 bedroom apartment with a balcony that is screened in. I know we were excited when we moved into this place, but in my heart, I knew this was only going to be a temporary place. It wasn't going to be somewhere we were going to settle down for a long period of time. There were no real jobs here. If you wanted to do any decent shopping, you had to go several towns over. This was Mayberry. Grovers Corners. Bedford Falls. It was hard to not like the cozy atmosphere, the church picnics, and all that. I could walk to the school, I could walk to the one store in town. As much as I would love to try and settle down here where school field days, turkey shoots, and town hall jamboree's are the usual, I just can't. I need Starbucks. I need to be able to go shopping without having to go 100 miles to get to a decent store. I want clothes that don't come from Wall to Wall Mart. I want to have more than one place to go to get a mani/pedi, (cause the one here just looks hinkey and I am NOT going in there!). I have to face the fact, I am a big city girl. As this week goes on, I will be wrapping up things here in Bowling Green and getting ready to move over to Sarasota and with that, I will be saying good bye to several things. Things like the rose bush outside the kitchen window which gave me the first sign that things were going to be OK by blooming in my favorite color. Things like painting the living room and kitchen in beautiful colors that made me feel like I was making the space my own. We put a lot of time into this house. We added things that the cheap ass land lord wouldn't. Mini blinds in all the rooms. A new, modern ceiling fan in the living room. New vinyl in the bathroom. And of course, all the painting we did. I bet the land lord tries to rent this place out for more than he did to us. I am still going to call the county code enforcement board the minute we are out of here. I don't want anyone else to have to deal with what we have had to deal with.

So, a piece of me will always be here in this little house where our family became no longer homeless, where we became no longer jobless, where we became tighter, stronger, and closer than ever before. Yes, as much as I hate the bugs, the shoddy construction, the sub par plumbing, and the ants, that are even now crawling up my leg, I am going to be a little sad to see this tiny cracker box in my rear view mirror.

Life has to change, right? And I hope it is for the better this time.


cathy said...

I'm sure it will be better and hopefully with a landlord who cares enough to keep the place up! Have fun living in the "big" city again!

metalmom said...

We moved out of place much like this. In the basement there was a gaping hole in the sewer line. You could watch what was flushed zoom by! When we moved, we called the health department and filed a complaint and got back our deposit and two months rent!

Good luck to you! And much happiness in the new place!

Putz said...

OH, GOD, I AM SO GOING TO MISS bowling green, THOSE RENECK WORKMEN, YOUR ONE TRAFFIC LIGHT, YOU LIVING IN A TOWN SO MUCH LIKE MY EPHRAIM UTAH, i am going to move there...stay there and we can be neighbors..please,please, please

Blondefabulous said...

CATHY: Thank you. I am very sure it will be better sincxe it is the complex HHH is working for.

METALMOM:Even if we do not get any money, I don't want someone else to be tricked into living here and find out about all the bad things later. We actually didn't pay this months rent in protest of all the things wrong in here.

PUTZ: I know you liked it here.....but I have to get somewhere more, shall we say, inhabitable. If this house hadn't turned out so poorly, we may have considered staying.

Finn said...

Yeah for change!

Oh, is there a washer and dryer in your new place?

Blondefabulous said...

FINN: Yes, there is a washer and dryer there at the apartment. We are selling ours to my BIL. I'd give it to them, but after the toosing us out on our ass fiasco, I think they need to give me money for my trouble! >:-)

CP said...

Well let me welcome you to sarasota then...I'm 20 minutes away, in Tampa!

I hope your move brings you the stuff dreams are made of.