Sunday, August 31, 2008

We're Here!

OK......we made it!

This is going to be short. I have too much to do.
On a good note, There were fireworks at the Reds ballpark last night. I had the kids convinced that they were doing it to welcome us to the neighborhood! Ha ha ha!
As , you can see.... I have work to do.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Bye.

The time has come. We have to say good bye. Good bye to the countryside, good bye to the fresh air, good bye to the friends we have made. Bowling Green. I have often compared it to Mayberry, with it's one stop light, down home feel, and small town whimsy. I walked to the elementary school today for the last time. There were diabetic supplies to pick up and people to say good bye to. The ladies in the office were kind enough to make copies of the kids records for me and I bid them a fond farewell. It was hard to say goodbye to people who helped us so much when we really needed it.

As I was walking home from the school, I looked around at everything and decided that perhaps Bowling Green wasn't so bad. It was quiet, which made reflecting on my family and life much easier. The neighbors were friendly, quirky, and all together what I would like neighbors to be anywhere I live. The pace of life here was slow, almost molasses in January slow. The only thing that reminded me that this was a town that was moving forward was the satalite dishes perched across the tops of the houses dotting the streets. The siren song of the cicadeas humming in the trees will accompany me as I pack the boxes and place them in the truck. I'll remember the finches and their babies, the feral cats and the kittens they were having in the back yard, and oh yes, I will remember the flock of chickens. (Note I didn't say I'd miss them!)

So, here I am, house in a state of chaos, half packed, half unpacked.......and I am feeling like I will miss this place. It is where my little family healed after heartbreak. It is where we learned not everyone is out for themselves. It is where I learned that the simple life can be rewarding.... no Starbucks needed!

Just so you know....I may not have a post after today. Our internet and TV isnt going to be hooked up till next Friday. (FRICK!!!) I am going to try and get over to the clubhouse at the complex to take advantage of their Wi-Fi. So I am off to go pack the U-Haul.

Good bye Bowling Green. I think I will miss you.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's A Hanna, But Not Montana!

Holy crap! Ever feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard place? Yeah, that is what I feel like when I check the Weather Channel site and see the maps of Gustav and Hanna side by side. Yeesh. It looks like Florida is caught in a pincers movement! Thus is life in Florida.

The packing is going...not so well. The stupid ants have gotten into my boxes. I am not going to pack up anything else until Saturday morning. I am not bringing the scourge that is these ants to our new place!! There isn't that much to pack, just kitchen things, my desk, and my movies and nik naks. Other than that, the kids toys are already in bins, out stuff is staying in its drawers and such, so I really only have to pack up the dishes and pots, and miscellaneous stuff. We are leaving our couches here in hillbilly hell. The ants have gotten into them and once again,.....I am not taking the ants with me, but it's OK. It is hand me down pieces that I can do without. That just means I get to go furniture shopping! My desk is also going to be a casualty here. It hasn't held up very well through the moves and I think if we try to move it's just going to crumble. *sigh* Not that I have been sitting at it lately.

So soon, I will be in Sarasota. Nice place. Lots of growth. Lots of potential for new clients for cakes and catering! We are giving a house warming party next weekend after we get settled. I am going to showcase my talents there. I figure a full buffet of Kebabs(Chicken & Beef), Veggie display, Fruit display, Baked Potato Salad, and a Chocolate Fountain should do nicely. It should be awesome. I say the best way to advertise is to feed people. I'm a pretty cheap and all prices are negotiable! (hint, hint) I am hoping that HHH's bosses will be impressed. They all liked the suck up cake I made. HHH said it got divided and consumed rather quickly! I may make a cake as well for the house warming. Gotta go with what works!

I have been avoiding the headlines as of late. What with Caylee disappearing, bodies washing up in the Keys, politics running amok, and other's been just too depressing to write about. I figure that keeping up with the volatile weather in the tropics is enough for me. I do know one thing.....I never would have let that woman out of jail with out her producing a child or a body, the bodies washing up are probably idiots who thought they could tame Fay, and they better triple the guards on Obama because every freak, nut, and racist is gonna come out of the woodwork and cause trouble for him! *sigh* We're supposed to be a progressive nation, right? *SIGH*

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Have Seen The Future.....

.... and it includes a Starbucks!

We took a drive over to the area we are going to be living in and OH. MY. GOD. It is beautiful. There was shopping, dining, personal services, everything I could ever ask for! We went to a Super Target, ate at Sonic, and saw the apartment. It's wonderful. New carpet goes down day after tomorrow, the new paint was already up, and my new washer and dryer was ready to go in. I am excited! The kids were excited too. They were picking out their rooms, looking out the windows, and talking about their new schools. We saw the ES and it truly is with in walking distance, closer than the BGES is to us right now! I am excited!

Right now, though, I can't see straight because I have the worlds worst sinus headache. I am sneezing, blowing my nose, and sniffling.....and man it hurts! Ugh. It came on last night before I went to sleep and it has just mushroomed into a monster of a thing! I am going to take some medicine and hope for feeling better, but it will probably put me to sleep. *sigh* So much for packing. I'll do it this afternoon.

The good news is that Gustave is not going to hit anywhere near us. I so did not want to move in the rain. It's a pain in the ass. I have been washing up the kids clothes and HHH's and my clothes, and trying to get a handle on all the crap in this house before I start packing. I don't want to pack and haul anything that is unnecessary. HHH cleaned out the kids closet last weekend. All the useless fast food toys, school papers from last year, and broken playthings went out to the round file. We don't have alot, but I'm not big on saving every darn thing.

If this sounds a little weird, I am writing this on Wednesday morning. Embarq is turning off my phone and Internet two day early (thanks again!), and I am going to have to go to the library to post after HHH gets home at night. If I have something already ready to publish, it will take less time. This week isn't going to have anything new and exciting in it besides the moving thing.

Oh man! Make this headache go away...... I need a frappuccino!
GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!(said in my best Professor Hubert Farnsworth voice) The Internet is still on, so maybe something got done and I got my stuff till Friday. One can only hope!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bowling Green House- A Photo Journey.

Let's take a journey through the photo's I have taken over our stay in Bowling Green.....
Mowing with daddy.
Swinging in the front yard.
Easter Weekend.
Moving in with no furniture.

Strange new bugs here in Bowling Green.
Getting our stuff finally!
The crazy, half nekkid neighbors!
The weather.

Junior graduating kindergarten.
The plumbing that doesn't go anywhere.
The floor that was falling out of the house.
The beautiful rose out front of the house.
Me and the solar powered clothes dryer.

The cat deciding the new rug is "HIS".
Our laundry blowing in the wind.
Everything in the house.

Brendan.... just because I felt like it!

The ants I wish would just up and DIE!

So there it is....the 6 months we've been here in a nut shell. Comment away!
PS- Don't forget that I will be having my Internet and phone turned off tomorrow at noon. (Thanks again Embarq.) This is in anticipation of our move on Saturday! Whoo hoo, go me! I will be traveling to the library to pan off their Internet for Thursday and Friday's posts!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Gutentag Gustav!

I'm not going to buy into the hype of Gustav. It probably won't even come close to being a pain in the ass like Fay, but something tells me that it may crimp my moving plans. Not that it would be here by Saturday, but any cast off would and it would make it a pain in the ass to move the stuff up to our second floor apartment. Oh, and if you guys don't hear from me after Wednesday, Embarq has decided that since I am cancelling my service, (They don't service Sarasota apparently), they are going to cut it off for me on that day instead of Friday at midnight like I requested. Thanks Embarq......I appreciate you looking out for me. Sigh..... I got some more laundry done Monday. I also washed a bunch of stuff we were keeping out in the outbuilding. Coats, rain jackets, things like that. It got crappy out there in the outbuilding. I am glad there is a storage closet out on the balcony. I am also glad the balcony is screened in. No mosquitos or wasps! I have been bedeviled by wasps and horsefly's every time I hang clothes out on the line. I can't say I don't enjoy the wonderful smell of the clothes after they have dried on the line, but all the crap I have to put up with to dry my clothes out there is just torture! We are also getting a new washer and dryer with the apartment, so we are selling our set to my BIL and his wife. I'd be inclined to GIVE it to them, you know, except for all that tossing us out and letting his MIL and FIL treat us like crap thing. Yeah..... just not in the giving spirit for that. I will be giving his kids some toys and clothing that is really nice. I have some cute dresses from Tommy Hilfiger and other designers that Morgan doesn't fit into anymore. Since he has 3 daughters 5 and under....I figured he could use it. Also going to give them Junior's 4 wheeler. It's a power wheels version and all it needs is a battery. When we lived in Memphis, someone broke into our back yard and stole the one we had. We won't have room for it and Junior likes to ride his bike now, so time to move on and get rid of it. Tomorrow it's on to HHH's and my laundry and I'll start packing. Probably start with the desk stuff and the nik naks in the living room. MAN! I feel like I just got all this stuff unpacked. Oh wait.....I did! The kids are excited. They want to go now and HHH and I keep telling them...."Not till Saturday."

So now I am off to hopefully get some sleep tonight. I got basically two hours of sleep last night. I finally dozed off at 4 and had to get up at six am. I'll keep everyone updated on the goings on. Later gators!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ahhh....Let The Count Down Begin!

6. Six. Six lovely days until we are out of this .......hovel, and off to our new digs in Sarasota! I begin boxing up things today in anticipation! I kind of left it alone this weekend and just spent time with HHH and the kids, but I looked around the house and saw the ants, the holes in the floor, the crappy ass plumbing, etc etc etc....and.......

I. Am. So. Over. Living. Here.

Yep. Over it. Done. Finito. The negatives of this house have far outweighed the positives of living in this community. Let's look at the positives and negatives shall we?


Small Town /Small Town

Good Country Living /Chickens

A+ school (ES only) /D Middle School

Fresh Produce/ No Shopping

Medical Is Flakey

No Starbucks

See? I can get a better place to live, same good school, and more access to shopping, medical, and services in Sarasota. And then, there is the apartment. A 3 bedroom apartment. A great big 3 bedroom apartment with a balcony that is screened in. I know we were excited when we moved into this place, but in my heart, I knew this was only going to be a temporary place. It wasn't going to be somewhere we were going to settle down for a long period of time. There were no real jobs here. If you wanted to do any decent shopping, you had to go several towns over. This was Mayberry. Grovers Corners. Bedford Falls. It was hard to not like the cozy atmosphere, the church picnics, and all that. I could walk to the school, I could walk to the one store in town. As much as I would love to try and settle down here where school field days, turkey shoots, and town hall jamboree's are the usual, I just can't. I need Starbucks. I need to be able to go shopping without having to go 100 miles to get to a decent store. I want clothes that don't come from Wall to Wall Mart. I want to have more than one place to go to get a mani/pedi, (cause the one here just looks hinkey and I am NOT going in there!). I have to face the fact, I am a big city girl. As this week goes on, I will be wrapping up things here in Bowling Green and getting ready to move over to Sarasota and with that, I will be saying good bye to several things. Things like the rose bush outside the kitchen window which gave me the first sign that things were going to be OK by blooming in my favorite color. Things like painting the living room and kitchen in beautiful colors that made me feel like I was making the space my own. We put a lot of time into this house. We added things that the cheap ass land lord wouldn't. Mini blinds in all the rooms. A new, modern ceiling fan in the living room. New vinyl in the bathroom. And of course, all the painting we did. I bet the land lord tries to rent this place out for more than he did to us. I am still going to call the county code enforcement board the minute we are out of here. I don't want anyone else to have to deal with what we have had to deal with.

So, a piece of me will always be here in this little house where our family became no longer homeless, where we became no longer jobless, where we became tighter, stronger, and closer than ever before. Yes, as much as I hate the bugs, the shoddy construction, the sub par plumbing, and the ants, that are even now crawling up my leg, I am going to be a little sad to see this tiny cracker box in my rear view mirror.

Life has to change, right? And I hope it is for the better this time.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The "HHH Hogged The Computer, So This Is What I Got" Post.

I am watching the comedy Central roast of Bob Saget and reveling in the euphoria of the Jaguar's whipping the Buc's and waiting for my sleep meds to kick in and I just finally got on the computer! I try to let HHH have it as much as possible on the weekends because I pretty much get it exclusively on the week days. Since I did get it late in the game, I don't have a post ready to publish at midnight, so this is kind of what I have put together in, oh ....say 10 minutes. Here we go!

HHH and I have started going through boxes to get ready to move on Saturday the 30th. He got the oh so glorious job of taking everything out of the outbuilding, one box at a time, and emptying it out to look for critters. Spiders, palmetto bugs, and ants. {shudder} Yeah, I gave him that job. I, after sleeping in till 11 am, was trying to do laundry. I don't have a dryer, so when it is sunny outside, I gotta get while the gettin's good. Of course, my luck ran just like it always does, and in the span of one load going from start to finish it was blacker than hell outside and I had to rig my indoor clothes line up and it takes FOREVER for shit to dry inside! So the 6 loads I had planned turned into 2. (And the second load STILL hasn't finished drying!) HHH cleared out a lot of stuff. We put it out by the mailbox and with in 10 minutes, these old people were out at the box going through the stuff and took everything but two bowling balls! That was easy! Now to pack up the house this week and off we go to Sarasota!!

I have been watching the Olympics, and was shocked and amazed at some of the moments that have gone on. Like the women's pole vault where the girl from the USA got faced by the Russian girl, or when the US didn't get either of the relay teams in the medaling race because both of them dropped the baton. Then there's the Tae Kwon Do match where the Cuban athlete got pissed and kicked a judge in the face. Or the Japanese synchronized swimmer who hyperventilated and had to be taken off the Water Cube on a stretcher. Oh and some guy named Michael Phelps won a few medals for something I can't remember...... YEAH RIGHT! I am even watching the obscure events like ping pong, oh excuse me, table tennis, and fencing. The only thing that has stuck in my craw (wtf is a craw and why do things get stuck in it?) has been the Chinese gymnasts. Who the hell does China think it is? They have been passing off little girls as 16 year olds and winning gold doing it! Then, faced with much evidence from the web and a guy who was brave enough to hack into a Chinese government website, the IOC has completely swept it under the rug. They took the Chinese government's word that the gymnast's passports were all on the up and up. OK, I just gotta say that when they Chinese girls stand next to the American can tell they are too young! They have no development like a 16 year old! They look like they're 11 or 12! WTF???? We got robbed. Majorly! Oh well, we are still kicking ass....

Nicole Daniels has been twittering back and forth to me and we spoke on the phone yesterday. She is giving the inside scoop of where everything is in Sarasota! Squeeeeee! I am going to have a blog buddy in close proximity!! (Karl is close to me now, but I am moving.) She told me about the schools, shopping, restaurants, everything! Thanks girl! Now I know who to call when I get lost driving around! Ha Ha! OK, I gotta wrap this up. The sleep meds are kicking in and I plan on sleeping in again. Yummy!

Join me in counting down...7 days to go!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank You, Lurkers And Commenters Alike!

I am a dork. A great big dork. I am inordinately pleased when I check woopra and see you all coming to visit me. I have only been blogging for a year and four months.....maybe more, but I'm not sure, but in that time I have experienced so much, and shared it with you all. At first, I wasn't sure about this blogging thing....I didn't know what to say, I wasn't sure how "personal" I wanted to get. I only typed a couple of sentences and stuck it together with a photo of what ever I had going on at the time. Then, little by little, blogging became a habit. My blogs got longer, more involved. They started having a purpose, a theme, sometimes they were even a rant on something that had pissed me off in society or the news. Oh Lord.....I was monologuing, or is that monoblogging? Either way, I was hooked, and because I was hooked, I started reading other people's blogs! I started with the GNN, where I found Finn and A Life Less Ordinary, and from there, I found a few others like Chocl8t from The Chocl8t Diaries, and Ribeye from The Raging Server. It seemed like every blog I read led me to another great blog, then another, then another. I found MyBlogLog, MySpace, and Flickr. I eventually out grew the Yahoo 360 blog I started out on, and with the help of several blog friends I had made, I went to Blogger and began Blondefabulocity and became Blondefabulous. I found Twitter. I had evolved. I had survived changes in computers, my husbands disdain for blogging (He USED to say to me, "What the hell do you DO that for anyway?), and several major family crisis.

Through all that, I started making friends. Jodi at Pink Tomato, Russ and Jasper at Dad's Who Mock The World, and the most wonderful thing of all started to leave me comments! Oh blessed day! Once I started the blogger site, I had people I didn't know commenting on things I had written, posts I had made about my kids and school, and photos I had put up of my latest culinary creation. It was awesome. Even if I got a comment I didn't agree with, it was still cool because I love to hear others points of view. (except the guy who tried to be a racist a-hole. I deleted those.) Which leads me to now.

I discovered Woopra from DutchBitch at the DutchFiles. It had a counter that could show me everyone that came to my site. I found Woopra on the web, and after a couple it installed and PRESTO! I could see everyone! OMG I couldn't believe it. And I could TALK to you! Well, some of you.....most people are content to be lurkers and deny the chat request. It was amazing to see the back links and see that some of you have me in your feed readers, or on your blogrolls! The thing that amazed me the most, is how much I care for the blog friends I have made. And you guys cared for me! When my family and I became homeless, you guys would come to the blog to check up on me and offer much needed words of encouragement! Now, we are getting ready to move again, to a better place where HHH works, and there is a blogging buddy who lives over where we are going to be located AND there is a Starbucks too!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! My life is complete!

I guess what I am trying to say is, I love you guys. I didn't know how much blogging was going to become to me, or how much the people I found through it would mean to me, but I can tell means a lot. A whole lot. I wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you..... the commenters and the lurkers alike, because you make this enjoyable for me. And so, today is officially going to become my Blog-o-versary, and I just wanted to say















































You guys totally rock.

Happy blog-o-versary to me!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Kind Of Cook Are You?

You Are an Excellent Cook
You're a top cook, but you weren't born that way. It's taken a lot of practice, a lot of experimenting, and a lot of learning.It's likely that you have what it takes to be a top chef, should you have the desire...
I took this quiz on a lark, and wouldn't ya know said I was an excellent cook! Go figure. If you want to take the quiz, just go to Blogthings.......
I guess I am still a little down from yesterday's conversation with my parents. That's the reason for this cop out post. I'm sure I'll fell better over the weekend. I'll have HHH home with me and it'll all be OK.
Now,.....did any of you doubt that I was a good cook?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family...What Ya Gonna Do?

I have always felt, deep in my heart, that your family is one of the most important things one can have in your life. The bonds between parent and child, sibling and sibling, and extended family is one of the things that keeps us sane. I have always said that I would do anything for my family, and in turn, my extended family through my husband.

Oh boy was I a complete idiot!

What I have learned so far in this life, is that we have progressed from a world where family was revered and respected, to a world where everyone is looking out for #1 and be damned with everyone else! I learned about that when we were living up north in Memphis with HHH's mother. Once there, she began to charge us exorbitant rent and electric fees for staying with her. Sometimes it was more than the bills amounted to! (We were also providing all the food for the house as well.) When she was tired of working, she would "call in sick" and we would have to pick up the tab. We weren't expecting a free ride, but dammit man.....where does the nickle and diming stop? Of course you all know about the BIL and his we were staying with them while we were homeless and gave him money, merchandise and food for such privilege, and then were subsequently thrown out on the street by the BIL's in-laws. That was another great family moment. BIL never spoke up, never gave us any money back, and never said he was sorry. Or how about my own mother and father, who verbally attacked my husband for getting fired from the Stuart job and told me they were done with me. Yeah....that one would have made a great Norman Rockwell print. Then there is my perpetually insane sister, who in her short life has been a drug addict, slut, prostitute, liar, and schemer to defraud the government. Yeah.....she married a Pakastani National to get him a green card and get him into the country a year before 9/11 happened. She did it for a lousy $20,000 and in my heart, I wonder if her "husband" was one of those who have been put on terror watch lists. Her "husband" disappeared, and she just got crazier. She also tried to tell me my dad raped her. Right after I had left my mom's and the awful confrontation she decided to lay on me, good old Sis calls me and proceeds to tell me that Mom and Dad are done with me and everything that went with me. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Don't call, don't write, just hit the road. I said ok and haven't called them since.

Well, that was until yesterday, when Fay went over and pounded Okeechobee, FL a lot harder than the weather forecasters said it would. I had that stupid ass nagging voice in the back of my head saying, "C'mon. You gotta at least call and see if they are ok!" I ignored that voice for a while. Told it to STFU and did other things. Played Mobsters on MySpace, checked Twitter on and off, and cleaned up a little outside. I told myself, "Self, they were so over you and your family. They didn't want to help you then, so you shouldn't give a damn now!" But there was that voice in there. Annoying, squeaky, constantly repeating the mantra that I have since adopted in my life...... "YOU ARE A BETTER PERSON. BE THE BETTER PERSON."

When my MIL was sick, I still worked and handed over my paychecks because I hoped the good Karma would come back to us. One of the last things I remember doing for her was making her wedding cake at the last minute because the RELATIVE who had offered to do it for her decided to charge her $300 a week before the wedding! (See? More nickle and diming relatives!) I did her cake and catered her wedding. I hoped that the Karma would come back to me. MIL ended up trying to hold the title of a car we bought from her for more money instead. Still grubbing for money........

The BIL and his family have moved out from under his in-laws and into a house that doesn't include them at all. He is struggling to pay bills and to care for his 4 kids because he never finished high school, just got a GED and there isn't a lot to do here in this neck of the woods. We take him grocery shopping every once in a while because I care for those children. It's not their fault the parents are fallen on hard times. Everyone needs to eat. I take him shopping in the hopes that the good Karma will come back to me.

I called my parents number. I was nervous. Would I get hung up on? Would I be greeted with "What do you want!"? It rang. It rang again. Then my mom's voice came over the line, gravely from cigarette smoking, tired from a night battling Fay. I asked if she was OK. I asked about Dad. She didn't know it was me. She thought it was my sister. I explained that it was me and I wasn't going to bother her, I just wanted to know if she and Dad were OK. She seemed ok with me talking to her. We chatted about the weather, about how they were without power for the moment, how she was disappointed that she was unable to send me or the kids a birthday card. I was confused. Didn't she have my sister call me and basically tell me to fuck off?? No, apparently that was just a task my sister had taken upon herself. I apologized. I explained that I was misled by my sister into believing that they were no longer wanting to be in contact. We chatted some more, I explained that I was still upset over her attacks on my husband, and to her credit, Mom wouldn't back down from her opinion. I figure I'll just agree to disagree and leave it at that. She said to call her when we get settled in Sarasota and perhaps set up a time they can come visit. I'm not going to hold my breath. They are in their 70's and can hardly drive, let alone attempt a trip like that. I am not comfortable going over there either. I cannot forget the merciless verbal hacking she gave to me about HHH. I will have to think about it.

That damn voice won't stop though.



I guess I'll be making a trip out to Mom and Dad's soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Weatherman Was Smoking Crack!

What a crock! What a gyp! Fay was nothing more than a windy rainstorm. We get more severe weather in our daily, Florida afternoon thunderstorms! WTF?? I should have known something was up when it passed over Key West so quickly and didn't do anything but flood. After Fay passed over there and didn't obliterate anyone, the Weather guru's started screaming about it strengthening into a hurricane and doing damage to the west coast. "Run!", they advised. "Get thee to a shelter!", they admonished. "You are going to be flooded and besieged by winds and tornadoes!", they screamed. Know what happened? Do you really want to know???




It is raining, and there is a little wind. Other than that, we got nothing. I worried, and watched, and prepared for nothing. Yeah, it was a good dry run through should we have to get ready for something more potent, but as a storm itself.....Fay just didn't deliver like the forecasters said it would. And now that she hasn't obliterated us or the west coast, the jerks at the Weather Channel are screaming, "It's going to reemerge in the Atlantic and strengthen into a hurricane!" WHAT?? It's not enough that they were wrong the first time with Key West, and then wrong about the landing on the west coast and causing damage there, now they are trying to scare the bejeebies out of the east coast! It makes me want to say, "Give it up, crackheads! You were wrong before, you're wrong now, and you are most likely going to be wrong later on!" I mean, really.... don't they go to school for this? I am thinking that the forecasters were just bored and needed to justify their presence to the rest of the world. I guess that it gets tough to be taken seriously when you keep predicting terrible hurricane seasons every year and get bupkis actually happening.

So now, I am going to start thawing out my water jugs and get on with my normal everyday crap I do on Tuesdays. I hope that the forecasters know that there is only going to be so many times they can cry "wolf" before people stop taking them seriously.

Among the funnier things I have seen from this storm system going through, was the video snippet from Miami where a bunch of complete mental midgets decided it would be a good idea to go "Kite Surfing" yesterday! In tropical storm force winds. Yeah, that's what I said.....what a bunch of idiots! Well, the inevitable happened. A huge gust of wind caught one of the canopy's and took off with a guy before he could detach from his rig. The poor idiot was then slammed into the wet sand, picked back up, flown wildly over A1A and slammed into a building and parking lot! He is said to be in critical condition right now in a hospital somewhere. The thing that gets me about these guys is the cops had just issued a warning about doing crap like that on the public beaches, including surfing in the massive waves rolling up onto the shore. The other funny thing was my cat, Fluffy, escaped from the house. I had the windows in the kitchen open to vent some of the hot from cooking dinner and he pushed through one of the screens. Dumbass cat must have thought, "Oh shit! It's wet out here! I hate wet!" because when I went looking for him he came right to me! He was very glad he was back in the dry, and kept giving me dirty looks like I MADE him go outside! Silly kitty!

So, that was how it was. Nothing spectacular, just a windy rainstorm lasting all day. Typically, the eastern edge of a hurricane produces the most damage, as is evident on the east coast, and the west side just gets the rain. I hope this thing just blows itself out and doesn't strengthen like they are saying.

School's in for real tomorrow!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hurricane Woes, And Tuesday Photo's.

I saw this when I was walking to the school yesterday morning. It seemed like the best representation of the start of school.....and empty tire swing, still and abandoned, waiting to be flung skyward once more to the lyrical music of children's laughter!
Yeah.....sometimes I can be deep like that.
I'll update you on the weather in my neck of the woods as it happens. Even if the power goes out, I still have text to Twitter!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

And So, It Begins!

My Monkeys are going back to school! Back to school I say! I am doing a happy tap dance as I write this. It's not that I don't love my kids, but they have approached that point where all that comes out of their mouths is....."Mom! I'm bored!" or "Mom, I'm hungry!" or "MOOOOOOOOM! Make my brother/sister stop bothering me!!!" Yeah. You get the picture. Well, as of tomorrow, they are back in school for the duration. Of course that is with the exception of Tuesday, when we will be weathering a hurricane. Oh yeah baby! Hurricane Fay is on the way. You saw me lamenting about it in my last post, well I am still lamenting about it. Nothing will jack up a new year at school like a hurricane blowing in and screwing crap up! Today I was washing up clothes and getting them hung out on the line to dry. Tomorrow I have to unrig my washer set up so I can close the window that the hoses come in at. I also have to nail the cover over the out building door to try and keep out the rain as much as possible. It doesn't have a door, so the cover has to suffice. (We don't have a Home Depot or Lowes no wood.) I also am going to secure HHH's grill inside in the kitchen. Don't want that blowing away! If we lose power for a few days, that's how we're going to be cooking! Our water is all set, and I froze half of the water jugs so it will help keep everything cool. We got this! Still, sucky timing!

Well, if I was getting prepared for the hurricane, my neighbors sure weren't! I got the one neighbor to the west, you know....the redneck construction crew....yeah them. They have crap strewn all over that yard! They have flat bottom boats, plastic play houses, sheet metal, old fencing, etc..... all over that yard. Basically, if the winds pick up really good, that shit is going to go flying! Then there are my neighbors to the east. The spanish ones with the daughter that plays with my kids all the time. Oh yeah, they weren't even aware there was a hurricane coming!! WTF??? I asked Anna, the daughter if they were ready for the storm to come and she asked me, "What storm?" What storm? WHAT STORM???? OMG,does Univision not have a weather channel on it? Seriously, how do they not know there is a hurricane coming? Anyway, they have a porch that has a multitude of crap that can blow around, lawn furniture that can launch in the air, and oh Lordy..... don't forget the damn chickens!! I have no idea what the chickens are going to do Tuesday when the winds pick up! I don't think they have a proper coop, so they may end up in the next county! Like in the movie "Twister" when they were going..."There's a cow! Another cow!", we'll be saying...."There's a chicken! Oooo another chicken!" Then there is the RV park across the street. Lord knows what is going to happen there! I hope those things are tied down good or there will be RV's everywhere. Hmmmm..... maybe I am not so worried about us as I am about everyone else!

So we are ready for school......and ready for Hurricane Fay........ next we are going to get ready to move! I feel like we are always getting ready for something.

But is school and Fay ready for us???? Watch out! here comes the Wetheringtons!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

All The Way Fay.....

Why? Just why?
I have been asking that all day. As I have been filling our reusable water containers, I have been asking that. As I have been cataloging and packing up the kids insulin's and medical supplies, I have been asking that. As I have been packing my children's back packs for the first day of school on Monday, I have been asking that. A hurricane! A hurricane that is predicted to hit on the second day of school! A hurricane that is going to impact the complex that HHH works for and that we are going to move to! HHH may be staying the night at the complex so he doesn't have to drive in the fury of the storm come Monday night/Tuesday morning. If this was any other time during hurricane season, I wouldn't be worrying, but I have one child who has to walk a quarter mile to a bus stop, two other ones who have to ride a bus to school, and a hubby who has to drive for an hour and a half to and from his job! Sheesh. AND,......... school starts Monday. It was funny as hell to see people loading up carts at the Wall to Wall Mart with school supplies and hurricane supplies at the same time! (I think I tweeted that yesterday.)
As a parent of two medically needy children, I am always prepared on June 1st if not before! I have several bottles of each insulin, 3 boxes of syringes, 3 boxes of test strips, many glucagons, etc, etc, etc..... We have nonperishable food, a can opener, and a gas grill with a side burner! I am a born and raised Floridian, I have survived hurricane season from my first which was called Hurricane David, to now Fay. (I missed the crapfest which happened two years ago due to being up north in Tennessee.) I can do this and see my family through's just the timing that is pissing me off! My eldest daughter, who is starting Junior High on Monday, is worried she won't be able to go to school on Tuesday. My youngest, two who are in elementary school, are hoping they don't have to go to school. I am hoping HHH doesn't have to drive through a shitty weather situation. I even tanked on going to the kick off party, not because I was chickening out, but because we needed to conserve gas in the car. We filled up on Thursday, and when we went back into town to pick up school supplies, the lines for gas were out to the street! I'm not going to tempt fate, I'll just go to the restaurant and see my big sis another day, or go to another party,.... you know..... when there isn't a hurricane bearing down on us!
So, I am going to clear out the chest freezer tomorrow, freeze about4 or 5 of out reusable water containers so I have fresh water and ice available, and I am going to start cleaning up the yard and getting all the kids toys, various yard ornaments, and other crap put away. Nothing like being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best!
What can I say....I am a Floridian Mom!

Friday, August 15, 2008

And The Hits Keep On Coming....

Well, today was an exercise in fun and excitement! (<----sarcasm~!)

I went to my two youngest children's open house today. The school is only a mile from our house, so we had decided to walk there. Besides, HHH was going to be at work. He had taken off early for Rebecca's open house yesterday, and I wasn't going to ask him to miss most of a day for another open house. I want to know what genius decided it would be a good idea to have this open house in the middle of the day?? From 1 to 3pm??? On a Friday right before school???? Not very smart. Anyway, it started to MONSOON an hour before we were going to leave. Great. Just great. I get on TWC and see the storm is a fast moving cell that should be over by the time we get ready to leave. Nope. The rain slows to a sprinkle, but doesn't stop. Oooooookay then. I outfit the kids in jackets and umbrellas and off we go to the school.

We get there, and by that time I am sweating my ass off. I wore a pullover to keep the rain off of me and it was hot as hell. I was DYING! So we get there, and find the class lists, and then it is off to the nurses office! I had a bag full of supplies. Just the usual....insulin, needles, glucagon, test strips, keto-sticks, and sugar tablets! You know.... just the basics. I talked to Beth, the head nurse for the county, and gave her the new Doctor's Orders, for the school to keep on hand. Now that we had that done, it was time to head out and meet the teachers. We found both and I explained to them that we were probably only going to be here for a maximum of 2 weeks and then we were taking the transfer to Sarasota and HHH's new job. (I had weighed not starting the kids until we did get over to Sarasota, but it is easier to transfer than start late.) After meeting with both of the teachers, it was time to go and meet the new head of nutrition, ie..... the head lunch lady. The wonderful woman I had worked with last year had retired and the new wonderful woman was already expecting us. I introduced her to Morgan and Junior, explained to her what each child could and could not eat, and then filled out lunch forms and emergency notification forms. After that was done, it was back to the office to set up the bus for the kids. Since they are diabetic, they have to ride the medically needy bus, (read...short bus!). I got that set up and found out where Rebecca needs to go to catch her bus as well. Finally, we get out of the school and now it has stopped raining, and O. M. G. It is sweltering! It's hot. Like a heavy, oppressive kind of hot. The kind of hot that pulls at you like a hyperactive 2 year old with a sugar high from hell! yeah, and now we were going to walk a mile home in that! Fun!!!! We take the back roads so we can ind the bus stop for Rebecca and get home. I was dying by then. The pullover is drenched in sweat and rain and feels like it weighs 500 lbs. The kids, however, decided to go outside and play in that oppressive heat. Ugh! How do they do it?

So anyway, we are all set for school, and after I got changed and cooled off, I sat down with the laptop and started to read the comments I got so far for today's blog.....and there it was. Weirdness. Creepiness. Strange comment. I had seen this commenter before, but now the comments that started out innocuous and banal were starting to border on the creepy and stalker-esque! It definitely made me turn the comment moderation BACK on!!!! Please people, don't be creepy. I am glad you think I am hot and all, but try to keep the comments to the subject at hand. In other news, the cake went over very well. HHH's boss even called me to thank me for the cake. Also, I have been watching "Psych" every Friday night and it is absolutely hilarious! I laughed my ass off at the one tonight!

Well, that's all I got. Remember.....DON'T BE CREEPY!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Need To Sleep, But....

I am riding on a sugar high! Yes, I made a cake for HHH to bring to his new bosses and you all know I don't do "can" frosting. I made tasty fresh butter cream frosting and totally covered the cake in it! I also made pretty yellow roses for it and put vining all around the outside with rosebuds. It could have looked better, but for just a 3 hour job, it's not that bad. Of course, with the baking and making goes the tasting! Now I am wired, and not at all sleepy! I am so happy HHH got the permanent position with this new company! The move will solve quite a few problems for us, like commuting, gas expenses, and time I get to spend with HHH. We haven't gotten to spend as much time with each other as we had been and I miss him. It seems like I just get to see him for a few hours and then he is off to bed so he can get up at the crack of dawn! It will work itself out. It always does.....

Another thing is we are starting the kids in school here, but moving about a week and a half later! Yeah that was fun to explain to all of Rebecca's teachers tonight at the open house. That open house was a trip! We get there and instead of parking in the parking lots, people are parked on the sides of the entrance drive way all the way in. A few of these individuals didn't get all the way off of the driveway and as a result, you couldn't get to the actual parking lots to park your car! WTF? Who taught these people to drive? Did they receive their license from a cracker jack box? I got pissed, HHH was trying to calm me down, and finally I got fed up and parked the car got out and screamed at him to drive. Ugh! This must be why I quit driving in the first place! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!!!!!!! We eventually got into the place, got Rebecca her class list and set about meeting all her teachers and telling them about our move. I sure do wish I could get us to move before school starts, but I'll take this. Tomorrow we are walking up to the elementary school here in Bowling Green and I am going to do all this for my two little ones. At least there will only be two teachers to tell about our move then. We saw the kids school nurse tonight at the Jr High open house and told her about the move as well. I also told her I was going to be bringing the kids diabetic supplies up to the school too. Man, where did the summer go? It feels like the kids just got out of school!
So for now, I guess I will start re packing stuff. I can't wait to get the hell out of these ants and bugs. You guys saw the photos..... you know what is wrong with this place. There is no word for it but slum and our slumlord of a landlord just doesn't care. I bet he will care when after we leave this place I call in to the county code inspectors and report the water and bug problems to them, not to mention the structural problems with the place! HHH laughed at my "Goonies" reference in yesterday's blog post. Hey, blast from the past and all. I am going to go watch some more Olympics now. The swimming is awesome, and I want to see what happens with the women's gymnastic all arounds. I am soooo pissed that the IOC is allowing China to pass off those children as 16+ year olds, but that is another story for another day.......

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good News! Get Your Good News Right Here!

Hey there party people! I am blonde....I am fabulous..... and I may be moving. In fact I am sure I am moving! Yes ladies and gentlemen, HHH was offered a permanent position at the company he has been working for!The Manager LOVES him and he has more certifications than anyone there! They talked to him today and we should know if we are moving sometime next week! I am just sooooo over living here in Bowling Green. It's a nice small town and all, but the ants and the bugs, the house that is falling apart around us and the slum lord who refuses to fix anything have just worn me thin! You all know about our ant problems from what I have written on the blog, but here are a few things you may not know about......

The first photo is of the pipes that go to nowhere. Yep, they are attached to nothing and empty out into the yard. All the water from the shower, sinks, etc just dumps out in the back yard and absorbs down into the ground. I count my blessings that the sewer pipe IS hooked up to something. If that emptied out into the yard, I'd be really upset. The second photo is of our backdoor and the HOLE in the floor. Slumlord just had the workers he employs cover over the crappy floor with vinyl and didn't bother to fix the multitude of holes in there. To safely get out the back door you have to step over the soft spot or you may fall through! sucks. The third photo is of nirvana, a.k.a. my bathroom and the ants that come there to die. Yeah, they come up into the bathroom, run around for a bit, and then keel over and die! That photo is after a day and a half. I have to vacuum at least every day, if I want to keep my bathroom in semi-decent condition.

Then there is the big HOLE in the kitchen floor. I don't know what is down there, I don't want to know what is down there...... for all I know Sloth is down there with Chunk and the Fratelli's will be back at any moment to steal One Eyed Willie's treasure! Either way, it's a shitty cover job and I don't have a Baby Ruth! The last photo is of the living room carpet. I think I mentioned the hole in there before, but up until a little while ago, I couldn't figure out what the hole was shaped like. I finally saw it when HHH said, "Just's the same shape as an iron." He was right! he idiot former tenants must have laid a hot iron down on the carpet. Either way, I have a rug that covers it up for now.
And that is just a start on the things that are wrong with this place. There's more.....lot's more. Like the entire side of our bedroom that is falling in. You can't walk over there or you may fall through. The hole in the closet wall that you can see daylight in. The termites. The washer that I have rigged because the washer/dryer connections do not work. I could go on and on....... but I won't. The only reason we took this place was because we were homeless, and my BIL's in laws had just kicked us out of his house. When you're desperate, you'll take anything, but now that we have a choice... we are going to move to Sarasota the first chance we get! HHH says they are talking about offering him a free 3 bedroom apartment for us to come live in and that sounds good to me. The elementary school is within walking distance and the neighborhood is quiet. And Lordy, Lordy.....THERE IS A STARBUCKS A MILE FROM THE HOUSE! Score!!! In an area that big, I should be able to find lots of gluten free foods, shop at somewhere larger and classier that Wall to Wall Mart, and we will be 1 mile from the beach again. I am also quite certain there will NOT be a "live bait" machine outside of the Wall to Wall Mart they have there!
So I am waiting patiently, counting the days, and crossing my fingers and toes, hoping that come the 30th......we will no longer be here in Podunkville USA, but in Sarasota, where Bux, Beaches, and 3 Bedrooms abound.
Wish us luck!
PS- don't forget to vote in the poll on whether I should go to the Gator Kick Off party or not. I have promised to abide by what ever gets decided and you have until Saturday morning to vote. Do I go and make an ass out of myself, or do I chicken out and stay home? YOU DECIDE!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hi! Long Time No See!

Hello all! yes it is another bright and shiny day here at Casa de Blondefabulocity! Well, it's a day anyway. I am watching the Olympics again, watching Phelps kick major ass, and I saw his little back story that they run on the racers between races. It got me to thinking.... what's my back story? You all know that I am debating about whether or not to go to the Kick Off Party in Land O Lakes because I just don't know if I want to tell my back story to anyone. Yeah I can be myself....that's not the problem. It's the inevitable, "So what have you been doing since college?" question that I am dreading most.
What have I been doing? Hmmm..... well I was a dumbass and got pregnant, then married the daddy when I knew in my heart that it wasn't right.(That's what I get for listening to my mother!) I got several menial jobs because my husband at that time was convinced that AMWAY was the way to invest any of our hard earned money we had extra. I basically supported our family and eventually had two more "birth control babies". I divorced #1 and started dating HHH who was patient enough to wait 4 years until I was ready to marry again, and in those years had not one but two children be diagnosed with type one diabetes, learned to be a cook and chef, and dealt with living in a state I came to despise! During all of this my health, both mental and physical, had been constantly up and down, till finally I found out I had Celiac's as well as my daughter having Celiac's. That took out entire food groups for us! I am a bread eater! A lovely roasted garlic loaf tempts me more than a dessert! Nope. Gotta give it up now. Bah! And then that leads me to moving back to Florida, HHH losing his job because of a trifling bitch, and us becoming homeless. Oh yeah....I so want to share that!

I want to take a moment to say, as I am watching the Women's Gymnastics Finals, that the Chinese girls they have there look like they are 10 years old! WTF??? I thought that you had to be at least 16 to compete? Is China cheating? I don't know.....

OK, back to the matter at hand.....where was I? Oh yeah, my back story. Anyway, there is no way I can go there and tell these people that. OK, yeah you all are saying, "Well, just don't tell them the cruddy parts!" But then there would be HUGE holes in my, I don't know. Maybe it is the thing about going out on my own and interacting with people that is getting to me. I don't have friends. Due to the nature of HHH's jobs, (apartment community maintenance) we move quite a bit compared to most people. You have to go where the jobs are, and with the kids constantly needing me at school or at home, I never really made friends. I read all the blogs and envy those that say, "Oh I went out with the girls last night!" or "Went to see a movie with my friend." Yeah, I don't get that. I pack my entire existence into my family. Sitters are few and hard to come by and expensive as hell if I can't get family to sit for me. (two diabetics require someone who is schooled in needles and care.) This party would be me, on my own, no HHH or kids to direct the conversation to. And we only have 1 car that HHH takes to work every morning and doesn't get home with until 6:30 at night. Am I interesting enough to keep up a conversation with? Can I hold my own with other people? I just don't know. HHH says I can. He was kind of angry with me Tuesday after he read my post. He was saying, "Hell, you watch CNN, surf the web, and talk with people on the net all the damn time! Of course you can make good conversation." Le sigh........ I am still up in the air, which is why I have put a poll on my blog. Vote me on or off the island, so to speak. So far everyone is telling me to go, go, go! Someone even voted for the "Lie your ass off!" choice! Ha ha, don't think I will be doing that, but I have till Saturday to figure out what to do. How the hell am I nervous to go and meet up with people I have known before, but was a-okay with going to meet Brendan??? Bah... whatever....just go and vote for what ever you think I should do. Maybe I should go just for the blog fodder it would give me. But I have decided I will abide with whatever is voted on, so go and vote away! I am at your mercy!

Damn those Chinese girls look underage! They just showed the Chinese women's team next to the American Women's team and the difference was startling!

So that's where I am. Debating parties, looking for open house dates for school, and getting sleepy because it is 11:15 pm Tuesday night and I am trying to keep to my "Write your post the night before" promise I made to myself. Oh, and if you get the chance, check out and see what he has going on for his Halloween party!

And Nirvana STILL needs vacuuming. I hate ants.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Need A Post..... Oh Just Shoot Me!

Here we are..... Monday night, and I have been trying to keep up with my promise to myself that I would write and post the night before. don't have any fancy schmancy blog where I can bang out all my weeks posts and have them ready to automatically post for me.....I'm just not that prepared. I like to write in the moment and make my posts seem relevant to what goes on around me......but what if I don't have a subject the suitably moves me?? What if I can't find something to talk about? Well, then you get this.....

I am trying to find a reason not to go to the Gator Party I was so excited about. It's this Saturday, but I am having second thoughts about it. The people I would be seeing haven't seen me since I was in college. I am fat, out of shape, and, (by my standard), kind of pathetic. I mean..... my big sis and her husband own a restaurant for Christ's sake! I am just a stay at home mom with no job, no accomplishments, and I was actually pathetic enough to be homeless this year! WTF was I thinking? What the hell would I tell them, or any of the other people I went to college with when they ask me..."So, what have you been up to?" Heh, heh,..... yeah..... I don't see me going. Waste of gas bringing my butt to there. Moving on.....

I have been watching the Olympics with mild interest. Yes it is exciting, yes the Chinese are doing a bang up job, but I think that outside forces are trying to horn their way in to an event that is supposed to transcend political and diplomatic ties. The murder at the Drum Tower, the protesters trying to get attention, and the strangle hold that China has on media out of the country are all making it hard to realize that this is supposed to be about the athletes...... not the neo political mumbo jumbo the world dishes up on a daily basis. Still, Michael Phelps rules!

2008 is going to become known as the year the laughter and music died!! First George Carlin passed away, and now Bernie Mac has died! And to top that as well, Issac Hayes passed away this Sunday! Having lived in Memphis and working where I did, I got the opportunity to meet several celebs in my time..... Mr. Hayes being one of them. He was a gracious man who oozed cool no matter where he was, or who he was with! He was polite, well spoken, and amazing to watch as he spoke. Every eye was on him, every ear hung on his least little word. I was saddened beyond belief to hear he was gone. Made me want to say "Shut your mouth!" when they announced it on CNN.

I am not what you would call "Tech-savvy" I am a computer dork. Just so you know, I tanked our last laptop because I accidentally down loaded a virus like a nincompoop! It was never able to recover and thank GOD I send all my photo's to Flickr because I would really be pissed if I had tanked everything. That being said, it once again took me 3 dedicated tries to get the new version of woopra installed on here. I just couldn't do it. Didn't know what I was doing wrong. If you were looking at Twitter late last night, you would have seen my Tweet about finally getting it running on here. What I really want to know is why does it take till almost 12 am and me to be on pain/sleep pills for me to finally figure out how to install stuff? Because it just makes it hard since I can't remember a damn thing the next morning when I wake up as to how I did it!

I am in no way prepared for the kids to go back to school. Nope. I have no supplies, no clothes, no backpacks, nada! With HHH getting a new job, we have been trying to bridge the gap it created between ending the last job and beginning the new job. Now school has crept up on us and I have to do something about getting the things the kids need. I also have to find out if there is a bus going to the Junior High from here in Bowling Green. HHH has to leave before time we can drop her off at the school grounds...... I gotta find out about that. (My ex needs to catch up his child support....that would help a whole lot!)

I have decided that I want an iPod Touch. Yes I entered Avitable's Lazy Sunday contest for it, and no I did not win it. (I hate Bluepaintred!) But even before I found out I had not been lucky enough to win Avitable's contest, I had been perusing the Apple site and liked what I saw. I'm not that interested in getting an iPhone, I like the one I have now, but I do like the possibility of being wi-fi capable so if I see something that catches my fancy, I can blog it right then and there.... and if I want to listen to Justin Timberlake, (Whom I also met), I can do so with out bugging the rest of the family. Right now all we have is Rhapsody on the laptop and it just doesn't cut it. I like the possibility of getting music, movies, podcasts, and more from one little machine. I want it, I need it, I gotta get, time to save up!

So that's it for now.... nothing too spectacular, I know, but I just think that if you don't have a subject you can expound on for an entire post, a few subjects all tied together can do just as well. Now back to Olympic observation...... c'mon.... you know you're watching!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

But How Will I Know What To Do?

This is what my son said to me tonight. He was already in bed, but about 20 minutes later he got up, wandered into my bedroom, and plopped down next to HHH. He had a worried look on his small face and his little brow was furrowed in heavy thought.

"But what if I don't know anything?" Now the eyes are looking cloudy.

"But baby, that is why you go to school, to learn about things you don't know." I give him my best reassuring mom voice.

"Yeah, but I have never been in first grade. What if I don't remember anything?" The concern in his tiny voice has grown a bit more.

"Honey, I will help you with everything. You bring home any work from school, and Mommy will always help you learn it! I promise!" HHH is nodding in approval and seconding everything I am saying.

Then we get to the crux of the situation.......

"But Mom, what if there is no recess in first grade?"

My little man, my curly, little, fluffy headed man........ was worried that there was no playgrounds or recess in first grade. My heart melted as I looked into his eyes and saw he was really serious. Then I remembered how I felt when I was small and starting a new school year. The nervousness, the trepidation, the wonder about who was going to be in my class, what we were going to learn and who was going to be my teacher. It all came flooding back as I looked in my little boys eyes and saw that he was really anxious about it all.
So what do you do when your six year old looks up into your eyes and tells you he's worried about the new school year? Well, if you're me, you gather him up in your arms, hug him really tight, and kiss him on the head while promising him that if he needs you, you will be right there in a heartbeat at the school, after school with homework, and any other time he needs me. Just have the school call and I'll be there in a flash! Now that he was suitably satisfied that the school year would be OK and that there WOULD be recess, he carried on back to bed and drifted off to dreamland.
And this was all because I told my eldest daughter that school started a week from tomorrow. I guess I should save my "OMG, the kids are back in school" dance for when they can't see me, huh? !
Remember babies..... Mommy loves you!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunday is the New Thursday!!! HHH to the third power!

Well Hello loyal blog readers! I know you all have been salivating as to what new escapades I have been up to lately. Well the short version is working my ass off, but that's not enough for my followers. So here it goes. I have been working from sun up to sun down literally. I wake every morning at 6am and get dressed and stumble out the door about 615. I put in my long 8 hours and head home and depending on traffic I stumble back in the door around 645-7pm. Sounds fun huh? On a happy note I have been getting raped every night I walk in. I don't know what it is but Blondie has been all over me. Last night was particularly exciting. I had stayed after work til about 630 helping out with the pool party they had set up (had to earn me some brownie points with the new was easier when I was working for Blondie) So anyway back to last night, I walk in the door and dinner is ready for me as usual. Gotta love that. I finish dinner and I get this loving look from this really hot Blondie lady sitting next to me on the couch and I'm like " What baby?" She just smiles and says " Wanna do it?" Well duh of course I do. So we put on some cartoons for the kids and head off to sexland aka the bedroom... woohoo!! I slide out of my jeans as she sits on the bed I walk over and the runs her hands up and down my throbbing member. I lay her down and....wait wait wait what am I doing y'all don't wanna hear all the dirty sweaty naughty details do you? I can't be giving away all the yummy goodness. Although I will say that was the hottest 2 hours 45 minutes of my life. I put her hip out and we had to take a trip to Walmart so she could attempt to walk some feeling back in her legs. I guess I'm gonna bounce, it's time to head off to sexland again. Damn I am one lucky man. Any of you ladies out there care to sample the wares just set up an appointment with Blondie. LMAO!! I'm outta here hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Is There A Sign On My Head?

And does it say "Hit Me!"?

I swear to God I must have! Tonight we were going to the Wall to Wall Mart again to pick up some snacks for the weekend. As I am carefully rolling down one of the parking aisles, I see headlights whipping through in between two parked cars! I freak, slam on my brakes, and honk my horn to let the other driver know where I am, AND IT WAS A COP! Yep. One of Bowling Green's finest was cutting through the parked cars, trying to get a close spot because it was raining and he didn't want to get wet. And once again, even thought I was in the right, and the guy scared the holy crap outta me, he still fussed back at me like I was the one who was wrong. Ah.... America.

Now for the meme that Lady Jaye tagged me with......

Attached or Single? Wonderfully attached to HHH!
Best Friend? HHH
Cake or Pie? Cake, of which I make really excellent ones at a huge discount!
Day of Choice? The day I married my best friend!
Essential Item? My laptop.
Favorite Color? Red!
Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears....all the way!
Hometown? Okeechobee, Florida.
Indulgence? Starbucks Venti Mocha Frappuccino.
January or July? July baby..... it's my birth month!
Kids? 3. Rebecca, Morgan, and Junior.
Life isn't complete without..... my family.
Marriage Date? June 16th, 2004.
Number of Siblings? 1, a sister who is 42.
Oranges or Apples? Oranges...... I grew up around Groves.
Phobias? Spiders!
Quote? "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we have 1/2 a tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it!"
Reason to Smile? HHH and the kids, my dog and cat, and my blogging friends!
Season of Choice? Gator Football Season!
Tag Someone! Christina LMT, Putz, Dads Who Mock, KVegas, I gotta get more friends....
Unknown Fact? In high school, I wanted to be a writer, but went to school for Music ed.
Vegetable? Summer Squash.
Worst Habit? I get frustrated really easily.
Xray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound because that was how I first saw my children.
Your Favorite Food? White chocolate raspberry cheesecake!
Zodiac? Cancer..... no wonder I am so crabby!

and there we go! All about me from A to Z!!! I would have done it yesterday, but I had to write about the crazy driving lady. Now on to eating my pita chips, drinking my Frappuccino, and watch Harold & Kumar Go To Guantanamo Bay! Go NPH!!!!